Mark Melin: Goldman Projects “Internet of Things” To Become Biggest Mega Trend Yet

Source: „The third stage of internet development could connect more people and things than ever before, but security is a concern. The Internet of Things is emerging as a third and potentially the biggest trend yet in the development of the Internet, says Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE:GS) in a new report on the topic.
The investment bank looks at the development of the Internet in three stages: the fix Internet of the 1990s, using primarily desktop computers; the mobile internet of the 2000s, utilizing smart phones and tablets; and now the Internet of Things, which includes connecting wearables, cars homes cites and industrial concerns.  The first and second phase connected up to 2 billion people while the Internet of Things is expected to connect over 28 billion people and appliances, highlighting what is said to be the most explosive and important trend yet.”