Lorna Goulden: “I expect to see an increasing implementation of Internet of Things in major cities"

Lorna Goulden (Founder Creative Innovation Works) is inspired by creative technology, game changing business and sustainable futures. But what about the future of Internet of Things? Read her thoughts about IoT and Who inspires her most about this.

“I believe that the Internet of Things does risk moving rather rapidly towards the “trough of disillusionment” on Gartner’s emerging technologies Hype Cycle”

To what extent can the Netherlands come along with the acceleration in innovation that is taking place right now?”

The extent to which businesses in the Netherlands can compete with current innovation acceleration will be greatly influenced by an ability to step beyond a technical capabilities perspective towards a broader qualitative ecosystem viewpoint. Considering the convergence of mobile, cloud, data science and machine learning with the Internet of Things and shifting attention from “what” and “how” to “why” will be critical – adopting a more value driven perspective. In this context business model innovation will be just as relevant if not more than technology innovation; while bringing these together successfully will be the key to building a more competitive IoT innovation position.