Justin McKeown

Dr Justin McKeown is senior lecturer in Fine Art at York St John University, UK. His research critically explores the political applications of creativity through artworks, critical writing, curatorial projects, publishing and teaching. 

Justin's understanding of politics, social theory and history combined with his expansive knowledge of art has led him to conceive a multifaceted, cross disciplinary creative practice that has led him to participate in many international exhibitions, conferences, meetings, publications and dialogues in various countries including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Serbia, Hungary, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, America, Canada and Taiwan. Justin's current work both as a lecturer and creative professional engages the creative potential of emerging technologies and their impact upon art, politics, aesthetics and ontology.  
Research interests: Contextual fine art practices encompassing lens-based, new media and computation; installation art; site-specific practices; mail art and drawing; as informed in particular by issues of politics; aesthetics; ontology; phenomenology; military theory; statecraft; spatial practices; hermeticism; play and histories and theories of the classical and neo-avant-garde.