Juergen Wege

Jürgen Wege is an entrepreneur and independent consultant in IT-Technology and founder of the AALIOT project. Jürgen's background ranges from creating and developing hardware and software all the way to company management, including the IPO process and serving as the CEO of a multi-national public company. Since 2006,

Jürgen is engaged in the home automation sector which resulted in founding AALIOT, an open source, open hardware project. AALIOT aims to utilize IOT/M2M technologies for creating a home automation system that is 100% non-proprietary, infrastructure independent (i.e. uses "anycable") and is truly affordable for everyone by targeting sensor and actuators to be available for below 20 EUR end user price.

Jürgen's Vision is that in the year 2020 home automation is an easy-to-install, easy-to-use commodity product and will be used by millions of people of all income ranges and around the globe to make homes more secure, comfortable and give people the means to manage their homes at any time, no matter where they are.