Joao Lima: “We will lead the IOT movement”, a force awakens, IBM’s GM for Internet of Things says its Watson platform gives it an edge

C-level briefing: Harriet Green, newly appointed GM of IoT at IBM says Watson based cognition computing will see it lead in IOT

IBM opened its Watson IoT headquarters in Munich in December.

Having recently joined IBM to lead its new IoT division Harriet Green told CBR how the company is applying cognitive computing to the Internet of Things.

CBR: How will IBM Watson IoT headquarters in Munich protect Europe's leadership in the IoT space?

HG: For us is not 'versus', it is a global movement. We will have IoT centres in Beijing, Boeblingen, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Tokyo, Massachusetts and Texas. This truly is a global movement. The only thing that differentiates the region is what their indigenous industries are.