Jiri Vermeulen

Jiri is a strategic designer and researcher at Claro Partners. He has a strong interest in the intersection of societal trends, technology and new business models. He has worked at the Istanbul-based design studio, DesignUM, and has created an award-winning green wall product. Jiri holds an MSc in Product Development from the University College of Antwerp and a Master of Global Management from the Antwerp Management School.

Claro Partners has built a strong perspective on the Internet of Things through recent extensive research and analysis. As a starting point for this strategic work, Claro mapped out the Internet of Things business landscape in a dynamic online tool that shows the vastness, variety and scope of the space, with a focus on new initiatives and emerging startups. It maps out 400+ different services and identifies hotspots, areas of growth and opportunity spaces across industries.

Claro uses this and other unique tools, frameworks and workshops to work with entrepreneurs, startups and corporations who are looking to define their role in the space or develop and commercialise valuable IoT-enabled services and experiences.

Claro Partners is currently looking for mentors, investors and corporate partners for the Data & IoT accelerator program Claro has recently launched. This program will transform teams into high-performance startups in the rapidly-growing opportunity spaces of Smart Data and the Internet of Things.