Jacob Siegal: Wolfram’s latest: A database of every connected device in the world

Source: "Nearly everything at CES 2014 connects to the Internet. It can be an overwhelming prospect to imagine all of your devices interacting with one another, which is why Stephen Wolfram’s next major initiative will attempt to catalog each and every electronic device and household appliance on the planet that makes up the Internet of Things. The Wolfram Connected Device Project just launched on Monday, but already contains thousands of navigation systems, watches, vacuum cleaners and even a set of forks. Every single device also has its own information with data regarding the product’s battery life, form factor, price range, storage size and much more.
All of this structured information will be usable in Wolfram Alpha as well. If you want to compare several different fitness bands, just search for them in Wolfram Alpha and a chart will appear containing all of the relevant statistics. The next step will allow users to make even more complex inquiries to find exactly what they are looking for."