Jörg von Brandis

Jörg von Brandis is founder and director of Networkservice. He started as a distributor of Deutsche Telekom, vodafone, o2 Telefonica, former WorldCom, Teleglobe, Global Termination and more. Now he equips businesses (.com | .gov | .org) to go mobile; > borderless > provider neutral > direct. His global heartbeat comes through extensive stays in more than 50 countries and regions over the last twenty years working with an international society for understanding among peoples. Jörg is both: A consulting strategist and, with his company, an innovation provider as well.
The Networkservice team started in 2003, invented the international open use of existing networks and designed SIM cards with specific m2m-features. In early 2013 Jörg started the Global-Connect initiative to the LBS, M2M, SM business community. Today Networkservice empowers IoT & IoP providers to deliver their services plus connectivity as an one-stop application.