Insight Vector: Visions of IoT are evolving past the “Rorschach test,” an interview with Mario Finocchiaro – Part 1

Innovation and market perspectives from leading IOT innovators

In this first part of our interview with Mario Finocchiaro, he talks about how the term "IoT" feels like a Rorschach ink blot – technology providers have naturally viewed IoT through the lens of their own expertise whether it be hardware, networking or software.  In his view, the maturing of software platforms has enabled the market to evolve past the DIY phase – and the connected home industry which disappointed aggressive expectations early on may be poised to take off. 

Mario Finocchiaro 
Vice President of Business Development, LogMeIn

Mario Finocchiaro is a founding member of Xively's leadership team since its inception in 2013 and serves as Vice President of Business Development for IoT, Customer Engagement, and Support at LogMeIn. He is an experienced executive and entrepreneurial leader with a track record of driving global customer success in the IoT, SaaS, enterprise software, telecommunications, computer networking, semiconductor, and connected home industries while holding senior-level business development, sales, marketing, and management positions in the United States and Europe.