Ghislaine Boddington

Ghislaine is a specialist in body responsive technologies, recognised internationally as a thought leader and a global pioneer in full body telepresence. She has created live links between thousands of participants/audiences across the world for educational, performing arts and creative industries usage since the mid-nineties.

Her work extends natural interface techniques, advocating the use of the entire body as an interaction canvas. With body>data>space she conceives and produces convergence projects between telepresence, motion capture, sense/gesture tech, social medias and virtual worlds, focusing on the blend between the virtual and the physical. She directs the process of collaborative teams of digital experts worldwide in the creation of innovative user experiences.  

Ghislaine has chaired and keynoted events and conferences in over 30 countries worldwide and is regularly featured on tv, radio and in the press talking to a diverse range of audiences about the use of connectivity in the virtual/physical environments of the future world of work and play. She is an author for IntelligentHQ, a co-director of the Creative Guild, a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and she holds a Research Associateship at Middlesex University since 1999.