Gareth Jones: Closing Keynote: Improving Future Cars – The Trends

The fourth Wearable Technology Show takes place 7-8 March at ExCeL

Please sum up your conference session in one sentence.
Welcome to the world of augmented reality driving

Who needs to hear what you’ve got to say?
Anyone who drives a car and is tempted to lay their hands on a smartphone.  

What is the biggest challenge facing the IoT and smart tech market this year and why
How to grab the attention of a consuming public overwhelmed by new products and technologies?

And what is the biggest opportunity for the industry and why?
Virtual and augmented reality innovations will make the immersion of the user into the altered realities incredibly addictive.

Where do you see wearables in five years’ time?  
Unified under a common OS and smaller, with power sources that are kinetic. Medically approved/ accurate and used to monitor the hosts for the purposes of insurance, fitness and security.