Nancy Gohring: Predictive data, the real workhorse behind the Internet of Things

Source: „The market for connected devices like fitness wearables, smart watches and smart glasses, not to mention remote sensing devices that track the health of equipment, is expected to soar in the coming years. By 2020, Gartner expects, 26 billion units will make up the Internet of Things, and that excludes PCs, tablets and smartphones.
With so many sensors collecting

The Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation Grand Challenge

Source: „The Cisco Internet of Things (IoT) Innovation Grand Challenge aims to recognize and support up-and-coming innovators, entrepreneurs and early-stage startup businesses that are capturing IoT opportunities. The focus of the Challenge is to spearhead an industry-wide initiative to accelerate the adoption of breakthrough technologies and products that will contribute to the growth and evolution of the Internet of Things.”

Ken Hess: Preparing for the Internet of Things

Source: „What are you doing to prepare for the Internet of Things in your company? How are you going to handle connectivity of the new internet-enabled "things"? How will you handle the new bandwidth requirements from network-hungry devices? Are you prepared for the amount of storage required to maintain those devices? What about security concerns for new devices? And, how will you handle the significant amount of device and user management that's coming your way?

Claudia Buck: Microchips in our passports and credit cards: Are they safe?

Source: „* Addressing consumer fears, security officials offer ways to prevent data thieves from 'skimming' the tiny devices U.S. passports have them. And these days, many more U.S. credit cards are starting to carry them, too. The tiny plastic chips embedded in passports and credit cards are primarily designed to thwart fraud and counterfeiting. But they also make many credit card users and travelers uneasy about the potential for someone

Tech giants scramble for lead on 'Internet of Things

Source: „It's not just smartphones and tablets anymore. The world's tech giants are now battling over a wider array of connected devices, from refrigerators to cars to wristwatches.

Announcements in recent days from Apple and Samsung made clear they are staking their claim to the "Internet of Things" following Google's announcement earlier this year that it was creating a new Android platform for wearable electronics.

"The Internet of Things

Lyons George: Will the Internet of Things Save BlackBerry Ltd.?

Source: „It's no secret that BlackBerry (NASDAQ: BBRY  ) has been having a rough couple of years. And if a recent report from market research firm IDC is any indication, the lumps may well keep coming for the ailing Canadian tech giant. By 2018, the report indicates, the company's share of the global smartphone market could fall as low as 0.3%.
Of course, BlackBerry insiders and investors alike are accustomed to this brand

Mark Wilson: A closer look at the Internet of Things: A new industrial revolution

Source: "The Internet of Things is just the latest buzzword that is being used to push all manner of products. Let's cut to the chase - it's just about "stuff" (other than obvious things like computers and phones) connecting to the Internet. Nothing more than that. But this dismissive sounding definition is not meant to undermine the importance or the significance of the IoT. We've spent the last 20 years or so getting used

Patrick Thibodeau: Will Apple's Internet of Things vision hurt a beautiful idea?

Source: „Ah, the connected world. You wake up in the morning, and give iPhone's Siri a pleasant command: "Good morning." In response, lights turn on, music starts playing and the coffee maker begins brewing just as your day begins.
Apple's just announced approach to home automation and the Internet of Things is via its new Homekit, a framework and network protocol for controlling devices in the home.

9th Summer School on IoT and Applications: senZations'14, August 31 - September 6, 2014, Biograd na moru, Croatia

The senZations summer school has become an annual event on the agenda of young researchers in Europe. Covering a range of novel topics from wireless sensor networks to M2M to Internet of Things and their applications with support of excellent lecturers

CAPS - Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation

CAPS - Collective Awareness Platforms for Sustainability and Social Innovation, is an initiative of the European Commission DG CONNECT to support new bottom-up ideas exploiting ICT networks to enable new forms of societal cooperation and collaboration, to increase participation in collective actions and to pioneer new cooperative solutions to sustainability issues. It appeals to civil society organisations

Klint Finley: The Internet of Things Could Drown Our Environment in Gadgets

Source: „The pitch is that the Internet of Things will make our world a greener place. Environmental sensors can detect pollution, the voices say. Smart thermostats can help us save money on our electric bills. A new breed of agriculture tech can save water by giving crops exactly the amount they need and no more.
But this vast network of new online devices

Mirko Ross: The Intranet of Things

Source: "No doubt, with the Internet of Things we will slip into a new age. It’s a world, where Sensors are collecting mass of data in order to deliver services that assist or take care of us.
Today we are aware of the space around as. Within more than a trillion web connected sensors space will be aware of us.
It will be comfortable world. Living in that world become more easy.

Arthur Goldstuck: Inside the internet of things

Source: „If the internet of things and big data sound like impersonal approaches to high-tech, listen again. Increasingly, the two are being put together with mobility and social networking to allow companies to respond with unprecedented speed to customer demands.
Take the Red Robin restaurant chain in the United States. A while ago, they tested a new hamburger across the chain and gave

Tom Collins: Are you interested in building your own personal Internet of Things? This might be what you've been looking for.

We're inviting you to join our Beta Program for Makers, where your ideas for home automation projects, connected solutions and IoT related gadgetry, will be built over an 8 week program with support from our developers and early access to the SmartLiving Platform.

Pedro Maló: And, just like that,with a set of kits, Apple solves the two main problems of the Internet-of-Things

Meet the “Kits” - Apple HomeKit and Apple CloudKit (and also Apple Health and HealthKit):

And, just like that, in a move of magic, with a set of kits, Apple solves the two main problems of the Internet-of-Things hindering adoption and massification:

Interoperability and Cloud integration!


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