Eric A. Taubaug: Diving Headfirst Into the Internet of Things

Just because you can do something, does it mean you should?

That question may come to mind when considering the Internet of Things — the idea that one day, products of virtually all kinds will be connected to the Internet and integrated.
Many of us now take for granted simple things that Internet-connected devices can do, like starting a car from inside the house, turning off air-conditioning with a smartphone app and automatically sending our blood pressure readings to our doctors.

Ayush Sharma: Smart Big data for the internet of things (IoT)

Many organizations now have an interest in using real time analytics and algorithms to grab the opportunities that flow in the Internet of Things (IoT) while concurrently minimizing risks.

Joining Internet of Analytics and analytics which will become "Thingalytics".

Is that really Interesting. In accordance with Wang, the digital split of now functions as a forerunner to the effect of Thingalytics.

"Thingalytics symbolizes this next development of digital dislocation. Informed leaders should be aware how to interrupt first or confront dislocation."

Rebecca Blumenstein: Hugo Barra Outlines Xiaomi’s Ambitious Plans

MS. BLUMENSTEIN: Your business model is obviously very different than Apple’s and Samsung’s. Your MiPhone is half the cost of an iPhone. You do viral marketing. You have a fan base. You engage them in design. You now have some imitators who are trying to copy you. How is the business model evolving in China and beyond?

V. Raghavendra: A smart city is more than just technology

At a time when cities in India are competing to earn the distinction of being smart, the concept of a ‘smart city’ has to cover more than smart mobility and governance; in fact, other factors of wellness have to be factored in while drawing up plans for smart cities, says D. Ramakrishna, managing director of Vijayawada-based Efftronics Systems Private Limited, which is currently working on microchip-based smart solutions.

Gina Longoria: How The Internet Of Things Will Shape The Datacenter Of The Future

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things (IoT) and developing a strategy to go after this market. There is a significant amount of focus by many companies to create more “things”—smart devices, wearables, and intelligent industrial endpoints. However, IoT also creates a large opportunity for datacenter infrastructure providers to help their customers move, store, process, and analyze the data generated by the “things” and turn that data into relevant business insights.

Joab Jackson: IBM applies some engineering rigor to the Internet of Things

Bringing some old-fashioned engineering discipline to the emerging Internet of Things, IBM has updated its design tools to allow IoT component builders to keep track of their work though a widely used technique called product line engineering (PLE).

"Everyone is trying to create products, devices and components that are applicable across a wide variety of industries and yet are customizable to any particular product domain," said Greg Gorman, IBM director of product management of Internet of Things platform.

Hiawatha Bray: After car hack, Internet of Things looks riskier

Last month’s revelation that hackers could remotely seize control of over a million Chrysler automobiles has delivered a stark warning that life in an ultra-networked world could be very dangerous, indeed.

“I think it is a seminal moment,” said Paddy Srinivasan, vice president at LogMeIn Inc., a Boston company in the forefront of building the “Internet of Things,” the ongoing effort to tie household appliances and nearly everything else to the Web. “These new devices need a fresh approach and a new way of thinking about security, and that is the missing piece.”

James Henderson: Internet of Things set to “transcend” the industry sectors

Cloud computing and mobility has “significantly changed” the information and communication technologies (ICT) industry.

According to Frost & Sullivan findings across the region, cloud computing, big data, mobility and low cost sensors are driving the IoT, and the IoT is forcing disruption, transformation and innovation across connectivity and convergence of people and industries.

The analyst firms defines IoT spending as revenue from hardware, software and professional services that are directly attributable to the IoT solutions and services.

KP Saikiran: Police order RFID tags from non-existent firm

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: Kerala police seems to have been conned by a Bengaluru-based firm on a Rs 1.87 crore order for the supply of hardware and software to set up an electronic beat system in police stations across the state.

Details accessed by TOI through an RTI query, shows that the police placed an order with Wifinity Technologies Limited on December 13, 2012 and the full payment (Rs 1,87,81,607) was released on March 25, 2013.

The courageous name of Data Analytics is IoT

  • As businesses scramble to adjust to the new and unpredictable data reality, as they relate to not only having the ability to deal together with the quantity of the data but also having the ability to turn the info into info, they're also starting to see growing challenges in meeting requirements in the business enterprise.
  • Supply ad hoc and pre-planned analytics enabling users to efficiently manage multiple batch kind workloads, in addition to supply interactive analytics that are powerful against big data sets.

1st International Workshop on Ambient Assisted Living and eHealth (AALEH 2016) January 9, 2016 – Las Vegas, NV, USA

The advances in computing, communications and sensing technologies have allowed the development of eHealth and Ambient Assisted Living (AAL) services to mainly benefit the elderly and individuals with disabilities. These services are a helpful tool to address the inherent problems of the ageing societies. Among the enabling technologies of eHealth and AAL services, we have wireless sensor networks, the Internet of Things, ambient intelligence, and cyber-physical systems, just to name a few.


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