Ben van Lier: Schumpeter and the Second Machine Age

Source: „The Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) is seen as the founding father of economic theory about innovation. Schumpeter defines innovation as a fundamental change in an existing economic cycle, made possible by combining new technology with for instance new or existing production methods. These new combinations are introduced into the economic cycle by entrepreneurs who are aiming to obtain a position within existing markets by using these new combinations

Oort on Kickstarter

Source: "We’re used to tapping our phones and instantly getting the results that we want – whether we’re looking for a new restaurant, finding movie times or just checking our email. But when we get home, the process is still pretty primitive. We turn on lights individually, flip on the television and fiddle with the air conditioner.
But what if you could make your phone a remote control for all of those appliances? In the morning, you could tap a button and turn on the coffee machine. As you leave, you could make sure all of the lights are off. And, when you’re coming

Internet of Things Inspires a Marriage Between OT and IT

Source: „The global trend lab VINT, set up by Sogeti to explore the impact of new technologies, is launching its third report in a four-part series on Internet of Things. In this report VINT gives insight into the Fourth Industrial Revolution; the marriage between factory automation, aka Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT), in which the industry is taking the lead. This marriage is realized by Internet of Things; the evolution making everything and everyone connected to the internet.

Arthur Goldstuck: Media Future: Inside the Internet of Things

Source: „We heard much about the Internet of Things and Big Data, but now it’s getting practical. If the Internet of Things and Big Data sound like impersonal approaches to high-tech, listen again. Increasingly, the two are being put together with mobility and social networking to allow companies to respond with unprecedented speed to customer demands.
Take the Red Robin restaurant chain in the United States. A while ago

Rebecca Tugus-Dubrow: Can the “Playable City” Make Smart City Critics Smile?

"Such urban whimsy would constitute a “playable city,” according to the UK-based organization Watershed. All of the above concepts were either winners or finalists in Watershed’s Playable City Award, now in its second year. (This year’s winner, the shadow project, was announced earlier this month.) The goal of the award is to encourage use of technology to foster an engaging and playful urban environment.

Andrew Tyrer: Can Britain lead the Internet of Things?

Source: „London was buzzing with activity last few days to mark the inaugural “London Technology Week”. Among the events was the annual convening of the Internet of Things Forum, where Andrew Tyrer, the digital lead specialist at the Technology Strategy Board (TSB), the UK’s innovation agency that is sponsored and funded by the Department of Business Innovation and Skills, was one of the speakers. He writes here about the UK’s Internet of Things (IoT) industry, the opportunities in the sector, and about TSB’s latest

Mary K. Pratt: The Internet of Things figures into this IT leader's five-year plan

"What's the biggest pain point in your IT operations right now? Like most companies, you buy systems and live with them for a long time. There are a couple of things we'd like to move away from. [For example,] we have an older work-order system that we use for key parts of the business. It's on a mainframe, and we want to move away from that system and move it into other systems we have that are more modern. It's a lot of business architecture work

Howard Solomon: Can a post office leverage the Internet of Things?

Source: „The rise of the Internet has been bad news for post offices around the world, who are trying to fight back in various way. Canada Post, for example, bought Purolator and has decided to cut back on home delivery. The U.S Postal Service is trying another angle: The Internet of Things. Last week it posted a brief notice looking for a company with ideas on how the post office the IoT, data strategy and analytics.

Dr. Nafeez Ahmed : The open source revolution is coming and it will conquer the 1% - ex CIA spy

"We are at the end of a five-thousand-year-plus historical process during which human society grew in scale while it abandoned the early indigenous wisdom councils and communal decision-making," he writes in The Open Source Everything Manifesto. "Power was centralised in the hands of increasingly specialised 'elites' and 'experts' who not only failed to achieve

Roger Strukhoff: The IoT and 2040

Source: „The Internet of Things has taken on a traction this year the likes of which I've not seen during my 25+ years in the global IT industry. Even the birth of the PC and of the Worldwide Web didn't generate the instantaneous momentum I've seen regarding the IoT so far this year.
I realize that many people have been working on and analyzing the IoT for several years, so it may appear as if I'm seeing something late in the game and mistaking a long-rolling snowball for a rocket launch.

Mark Roberti: It's All Coming Together

Source: „As we read daily newspapers, news websites and alerts delivered to our phone, it often seems that news happens randomly and events are unrelated. Then, once in a while, you read something that makes you think that even random news events are part of a larger trend. I had this experience the other day when Rich Handley, RFID Journal's managing editor, sent me a news story titled "New Type Of Computer Capable Of Calculating 640TBs Of Data In One Billionth Of A Second, Could Revolutionize Computing."

Dan Kaufman: DARPA Working to Secure Internet of Things

Source: „Dan Kaufman, DARPA‘s Information Innovation Office director, has revealed that the agency is looking into technology that will help secure the emerging Internet of Things, Gigaom reported Thursday.
David Meyer writes Kaufman discussed such potential developments at the recent Gigaom Structure event in San Francisco attended by several technology industry leaders.”

Mark Chillingworth: Internet of Things will be a Moral Challenge for CIOs

Source: „The Internet of Things will not only transform the business processes of organisations, it will transform the way organisations behave in society, says CIO Ian Cohen of broking financial services provider JLT Group. The Internet of Things will not only transform the business processes of organisations, it will transform the way organisations behave in society, says CIO Ian Cohen of broking financial services provider JLT Group.

Brian Robinson: Tools to tighten the Internet of Things

Source: „The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming, and there’s no doubting its potential. Government IT managers don’t care that your fridge can tell your smartphone what you need to buy next, but they do appreciate that advances in connectivity and data collection will enable major improvements to services that government provides citizens.
Those improvements will come from linking the embedded computing systems that drive much of the country’s infrastructure

Noel Young: Internet of Things: Google buys camera firm that can look into your home from anywhere in the world

Source: „A firm that makes in-home cameras allowing users to check their homes by smartphone from anywhere in the world is being bought by Google's Nest Labs for $555 million.
The deal for Dropcam will be in cash, Nest said in a statement, adding that the deal will broaden Nest's product lineup into home security. Nest already sells digital thermostats


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