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The IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things 2015 is an event devoted to worldwide  researchers, scientists, engineers, and practitioners in which to present and discuss the latest research results, findings, ideas, Proof of Concepts, applications, implementations and deployments in the several problem domains of the Internet of Things. The conference will host keynote speakers of global relevance as well as invited presentation of well-known experts in the fields of IoT. The WF-IoT solicits new timely contributions in all fields relevant to IoT.

Pradyut Roy: Sixth-sensors: The future of the Internet of Things and the connected business

An IT admin walks in to his cabin and instantly knows something is wrong. He does not even have to look at his dashboard to identify the problem. Instead, he heads straight to the server room to fix the server which is overheating because of a failed fan.

The IT admin does not have a sixth-sense. He is alerted to the problem by an internet-enabled thermostat in the server room which sensed the rise in temperature and automatically changed the lighting to alert the admin, through an internet-enabled lightbulb and his smart watch.

Ram Mohan: The Internet of Things: When Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

First it was the fridge — it didn't feel as cold. Then the oven was taking a long time to heat up. Then the air conditioning, the washer, the dryer… even the microwave — they all seemed a little off. Not much — but a proud and dedicated homeowner like myself could definitely feel it. Then my phone rang. It was John, my neighbor.

IoT Solutions World Congress to showcase three testbeds of applications of the industrial internet, September 16th to 18th, 2015

Tackling the challenges that industries are facing in the near future to become smarter and more competitive will require a combination of knowledge and hands-on experience to enable companies to take a step further. The Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions World Congress will showcase three testbeds on its first edition to show attendees practical examples of how the industrial internet will transform information and data into a competitive edge through enhanced productivity.

Michael Mimoso: BLEKey Device Breaks RFID Physical Access Control

LAS VEGAS – A device the size of a quarter that can be installed in 60 seconds on a proximity card reader could potentially be used to break physical access controls in 80 percent of deployments.

The device, dubbed BLEKey, is used to read cleartext data sent from card readers to door controllers to either clone cards or feed that data to a mobile application that can be used to unlock doors at any number of installations.

Ben Rossi: Competition for the Internet of Things home gateway hots up – Gartner

'There will need to be an integrated device, whereby the gateway is also the hub, or integrated hub, and gateway solutions will be needed'

The battle for the Internet of Things (IoT) gateway in the connected home is hotting up, according to analyst firm Gartner.

The ability to monitor and control the home as a holistic platform of devices and appliances has emerged as they have increased in smartness and cellular and cable connections have improved, while prices continue to decline.

Darren Pauli: Researchers make SHODAN of the skies to probe internet-of-things

A clan of security geeks are flying a ZigBee-sniffing drone to map online internet-of-things things universe in what they hope will be the SHODAN of electronic junk.

The project run by a team at the Texas-based firm Praetorian is being conducted in researchers' free time and hopes to explore the functionality and security integrity of internet-of-things devices operating on the popular ZigBee communications protocol.

Mohana Ravindranath: Postals service”s futuristic vision for the internet of things

The U.S. Postal Service is betting a new device will soon enter hi-tech homes, alongside the self-adjusting thermostats, text-enabled washing machines, and fridges notifying owners when groceries run out: the smart mailbox.

It's the future of mail delivery, according to USPS’ Office of the Inspector General: a mailbox, equipped with tiny sensors that can collect data on mail delivery and pick up time, or outside temperature. The owners might control the box's internal temperature and locking mechanism through a smartphone app.

Eric A. Taubaug: Diving Headfirst Into the Internet of Things

Just because you can do something, does it mean you should?

That question may come to mind when considering the Internet of Things — the idea that one day, products of virtually all kinds will be connected to the Internet and integrated.
Many of us now take for granted simple things that Internet-connected devices can do, like starting a car from inside the house, turning off air-conditioning with a smartphone app and automatically sending our blood pressure readings to our doctors.

Ayush Sharma: Smart Big data for the internet of things (IoT)

Many organizations now have an interest in using real time analytics and algorithms to grab the opportunities that flow in the Internet of Things (IoT) while concurrently minimizing risks.

Joining Internet of Analytics and analytics which will become "Thingalytics".

Is that really Interesting. In accordance with Wang, the digital split of now functions as a forerunner to the effect of Thingalytics.

"Thingalytics symbolizes this next development of digital dislocation. Informed leaders should be aware how to interrupt first or confront dislocation."

Rebecca Blumenstein: Hugo Barra Outlines Xiaomi’s Ambitious Plans

MS. BLUMENSTEIN: Your business model is obviously very different than Apple’s and Samsung’s. Your MiPhone is half the cost of an iPhone. You do viral marketing. You have a fan base. You engage them in design. You now have some imitators who are trying to copy you. How is the business model evolving in China and beyond?

V. Raghavendra: A smart city is more than just technology

At a time when cities in India are competing to earn the distinction of being smart, the concept of a ‘smart city’ has to cover more than smart mobility and governance; in fact, other factors of wellness have to be factored in while drawing up plans for smart cities, says D. Ramakrishna, managing director of Vijayawada-based Efftronics Systems Private Limited, which is currently working on microchip-based smart solutions.


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