Nihau Kashinath: IoT Bangalore is looking to add more IoT enthusiasts to our team

As we scale up our programs and projects, we are looking to add more IoT enthusiasts to our team. We are looking to bring on board people in both full-time and part-time capacities, and for tech as well as ecosystem development. Please see the open positions here: and if they appeal to you, send your CV to nihal.kashinath at Please also help spread the word, as we are looking to recruit for these positions asap.

Franco Aquino: MATRIX - The World's First App Store for the Connected Home

MATRIX is a beautifully designed device that allows you to create and download home and business apps — giving you a gadget that can be used in many different ways at once. You control the MATRIX by speech, gesture, or its mobile app, and the MATRIX controls all your smart home and other IoT devices, like a hub. Possible uses for the MATRIX are only limited by the curiosity of global developers who use our sensors and libraries to reimagine how we interact with the physical world.

After a successful and sold out event last year, the IoT Stars startup pitching event for Internet of Things startups is coming back at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

On Monday, February 22, 2016 at the amazing Antiga Fàbrica Estrella Damm, 10 startups will be pitching in front of a top-notch jury and our audience. It's a unique opportunity to meet and network with C-level industry leaders, entrepreneurs, designers, developers, investors, press & media working in the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

The IoT Stars 2015 edition received more than 80 IoT startup applications from 22 countries. We are looking forward to this new edition of the IoT Stars 2016.

Julia Elvidge: Is The Internet Of Things (IoT) Really New Or Simply Recycled?

There is a lot of hype around the Internet of Things (IoT) yet many, if not most, are confused by what IoT really is and what it means for their IP and their business. In fact, some people claim that the IoT is simply a matter of applying existing technology to new applications. Many companies new to the IoT market may have strong and expansive portfolio positions for assertion.

Scot Petersen: Internet of Things Needs a Reality Check on Benefits, Privacy

The IT industry throws around amazing numbers about the Internet of Things' growth and revenue potential. But there is less talk about real applications or their benefits to industry and society as a whole.

By now, we have seen all the big numbers. Market research estimates claim 50 to 75 billion—or more—devices will be connected to the Internet by the year 2025, generating $11 trillion in potential value to the global economy.

Sue Gee: Internet of Things MOOC Starts Today

A free online course that looks at how the IoT works and the possibilities and threats it offers is just starting. It comes from King's College London and is on the Future Learn platform.

 Over the course of 4 weeks, with an estimated requirement of two hours per week, Professor Mischa Dohler, aims to to equip you with business insights to help you become an Internet of Things wizard.

Jim Walsh: Why IoT hasn’t already happened

It can get frustrating to look at a technology that's so ripe to change the world and not see anything major appear to happen. Many of us are in this situation with IoT. We know, without a doubt, that integrated networks of sensors coupled with actuators, data federation, big-data analytics, and fast autonomous decision-making will change the world. So why hasn't it already happened when all the pieces are present and ready to go?

Michael Moore: Fujitsu Lays Out Its Plan For The IoT

The world is becoming a smarter and more connected place, with thousands of items all around us being tapped in to the Internet of Things (IoT) each day.

Manufacturers are flocking to be the next to offer the widest range of products, services or platforms for the IoT, and Fujitsu is one of the biggest, supporting a multitude of developments across the whole technological spectrum.

Rachel Hube: Black Friday Weekend 2015, November 27-29, Phlint Inc. will be hosting the SmartHome SF Pop Up Shop in the Westfield San Francisco Centre

Black Friday Weekend 2015, November 27-29, Phlint Inc. will be hosting the SmartHome SF Pop Up Shop in the Westfield San Francisco Centre, located on the 4th floor outside of Bloomingdales. A number of IoT products will be on display for customers to interact with and purchase.

The featured products will include the Scout Alarm, Ario Smart Lamp, and Nespresso. Scout Alarm is a self-installed, wireless home security system, great for renters and homeowners alike.

Chuck Martin: 53% Unaware of Internet of Things, 72% Find it Confusing

For a business to tap into the potential of The Internet of Things is going to require some buy-in from those at the top.

Of course, a CEO or CMO has to see the benefits to their customers and business, which means they need to be somewhat up to speed on what IoT is all about.

If a new study of one group of business leaders is any indication of the IoT state of adoption, some have a ways to go.

It turns out that the majority of top execs in Canada are not even aware of The Internet of Things.


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