Joanne Frearson: Government champions Internet of things with new legislation

Source: „The UK government is beginning to step up its game when it comes to the IoT. A new Digital Government Review – Digital Britain 2015 – plans to look at how technology can improve both the effectiveness and efficiency of people-powered public services.
Chi Onwurah, Labour’s shadow Cabinet Office minister who is leading the review, explains

Mathieu Carrere: Can France Catch Up With Internet of Things World Leader China?

Source: „Like online social networks, the Internet of Things is permanently and fundamentally revolutionizing our consumption habits.
First, what is The Internet of Things ? In layman's terms, it is the connectivity of devices, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications (M2M) and covers a variety of applications. For instance

Daniel Price: Surveillance And The Internet Of Things

Source: „The internet has been used for surveillance ever since its widespread adoption two decades ago. Hundreds of companies make huge profits by monitoring, recording and collating all our information, before either selling it to governments who want to pry on citizen’s lives or corporations who want to learn about everything from the effectiveness of their latest advertising campaigns to the demographic that are most interested in their products.

Jat Singh and Julia Powles : The internet of things - the next big challenge to our privacy

Source: „Privacy is a hot-button issue in the tech world. How will it fare in the age of pervasive computing – a world of billions of connected devices, systems, and services exchanging personal data?
Get yourself connected: a webcam in the living room will be able to text you when the cat’s been sick on the sofa. Photograph: Peter Menzel/The Human Face of Big Data

Sunita Narain: How smart is a smart city?

Source: Smart is as smart does. The government's proposal to build 100 "smart" cities will work only if it can reinvent the very idea of urban growth in a country such as India. Smart thinking will require the government to not only copy the model cities of the already developed Western world, but also find a new measure of liveability that will work for Indian situation, where the cost of growth is unaffordable for most. The advantage is that there is no agreed definition of "smart city".

Ira Kalb: Here’s How The Internet Of Things Will Power Greater Marketing Success

Source: „If you ask 10 people the question, “What is the Internet of Things? ”, you are likely to get at least 10 different answers – varying from blank stares to long-winded pontifications. To be useful, the Internet of Things (IoT) should be easy for everyone to understand. It can be boiled down to the following three main elements: 1. Smart and sensor-embedded devices and software 2. Users of the information (people and/or machines). 3. All connected through the Internet.”

Yeshim Deniz: Internet of Things Power Panel @ThingsExpo

Brendan O’Brien: I have to say I’ve never seen so much buzz about anything
Source: „In this @ThingsExpo Power Panel, on June 9 at our New York City studio, @ThingsExpo conference chair Roger Strukhoff led a discussion with panelists Mac Devine, Distinguished Engineer at IBM; Jonas Jacobi, Co-Founder & President of Kaazing; Chad Jones, Vice President, Product Strategy for LogMeIn's Xively IoT Platform; Nick Landry, a Senior Technical Evangelist at Microsoft

David Luckham: Manufacturing Revolution takes hold as the Internet of things extends to shop-floor

Source: „It’s good to be recognised for pioneering technology. Frost and Sullivan, the US business growth consultants, have acknowledged the productivity potential and disruptive power of Forcam’s Smart Factory technology with the ‘New Product Innovation Leadership Award’ for 2014. Forcam has more than 50,000 processes and machine tools networked via its Factory Framework

Roger Strukhoff: Follow The IoT 2040 Project

Source: „We are formally announcing the IoT Project Framework at @ThingsExpo Nov 4-6 in Santa Clara, CA.
it will feature four overriding goals for the IoT in the year 2040:
1. To reduce poverty & disease
2. To eliminate violence as a way of settling disputes
3. To spur beneficial economic development in all corners of the world
4. To produce political and societal leaders who will maintain progress

Daniel Kline: Can Entrepreneurs and Inventors Save RadioShack?

Source: „RadioShack  (NYSE: RSH  ) has struggled to find a new identity after it was rendered largely irrelevant by a potent combination of the Internet, department stores, and big-box electronics retailers such as Best Buy.
The company is well aware that it needs to change -- it mocked its outdated image in a Super Bowl ad that featured 1980s icons including Hulk Hogan and ALF ripping stores apart for a supposed makeover. But while RadioShack identified

Joe McKendrick: Thing 1, Thing 2... Internet of Things starts to gain a developer following

Source: „The Frankensteinian creature many refer to as the Internet of Things is starting to gain a foothold in the developer community, suggesting that we'll be seeing more applications headed our way. That's the conclusion of a new survey from Evans Data Corporation, which finds that 17 percent of 1,400 developers participating in its latest survey said they were "working on applications for connected devices

Zeynep Tufekci: and now machines, we are told, are coming for care-giving.

Of course we have enough human caregivers for the elderly. The country –and the world— is awash in underemployment and unemployment, and many people find caregiving to be a fulfilling and desirable profession. The only problem is that we –as a society— don’t want to pay caregivers well and don’t value their labor. Slightly redistributive policies that would slightly decrease the existing concentration of wealth to provide subsidies for childcare or elder care are,

Internet of Things Explained: What People Can Expect from Samsung, Google and Apple

Source: "The technology industry will most likely be talking about the Internet of things in the coming days. Google, Apple and Samsung have reportedly been making great strides in this sector. The innovation in recent technology has shied away from mobile devices and computers, and has moved towards appliances and wearable devices like watches that have hardware and software that will make them more interactive than ever before.

Cromwell Schubarth: Latest accelerator from Plug and Play focuses on Internet of Things

Source: „Plug and Play Tech Center is jumping on growing interest in the Internet of Things, launching a new accelerator program backed by State Farm and Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH.
They are offering between $25,000 and $100,000 in funding for startups that are developing products and services that apply the data network in a wide range of areas, from wearable computing, augmented reality and robotics to

Alessandro Bassi: Meet IoT at the Rome Innovation Week

This event will be one of the events of the "Rome Innovation Week" (Sept 28 - Oct 5th). Italy being the EU president in the second semester 2014, Meet IoT will also have an European endorsement, being one of the prime events for what concerns Internet of Things in Italy during that semester. Meet IoT will be part of the Maker Faire, the biggest event on innovation in the world. The Fair focuses on innovation, creativity and genius, and it’s a celebration of the Makers movement. Location will be the Auditorium, designed by Renzo Piano.


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