The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision. It is being built today. The stakeholders are known, the debate has yet to start. In hundreds of years our real needs have not changed. We want to be loved, feel safe, have fun, be relevant in work and friendship, be able to support our families and somehow play a role - however small - in the larger scheme of things. So what will really happen when things, homes and cities become smart? The result will probably be an tsunami of what at first looks like very small steps, small changes. The purpose of Council is to follow and  forecast what will happen when smart objects surround us in smart homes, offices, streets, and cities.

Marcus Wohlsen: Why Copyrighted Coffee May Cripple the Internet of Things

Source: „With its single-serving coffee pods, Green Mountain Coffee has transformed the business of brew. Pop a capsule into one of the company’s Keurig machines, and the machine will instantly churn out your daily caffeine dose.
But Green Mountain doesn’t want copycats taking the business it pioneered away. That’s why CEO Brian Kelley says its new coffee makers will include technology that prevents people from using pods from other companies. The approach has been compared to DRM restrictions that limit the sharing of digital music and video online. 

EPCA; Internet of Things and the Petrochemical industry

Source: "The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision that has been developed over the last decade. Building in components that provide for an internet-like connectivity in every physical object will create a completely new level of controllability, traceability and smart collaboration. There is still much research to be done on the technology, architecture, standards and governance. However, based on evidence from a number of major industrial corporations, it appears that there is accelerating importance and acceptance, as well as small standalone applications and augmented reality solutions being developed Read more about EPCA; Internet of Things and the Petrochemical industry

IoT-A at the IoT Forum in June, London; an interview with Francois Carrez

Council: For who is IoT-A intended? Who understands it at first glance?
FC: "IoT-A results should be reused by any team of architects willing to design an IoT System as it proposes a complete grounding for such an activity. However understanding and applying IoT-A results requires some work and definitely some patience. Still the methodology provided by IoT-A is comprehensive and all steps clearly explained. In the past we have provided many tutorials world-wide about the ARM (see here after) and one more will be provided during the IoT Week 2014 in London (part of the Interoperability session organised by the IoT Forum WG#2)"

Lorna Goulden: Internet of Things: Business development workshop

Eindhoven, March 28: During this one-day workshop a team of business, design and technology practitioners will guide participants through an advanced introduction to the WHAT, WHY, HOW and WHO of one of the most rapidly growing areas of business innovation and development: the Internet of Things.
  • What does the Internet of Things mean for my business?
  • What are the main opportunities we should be considering?
  • How do we get started with the Internet of Things?

Elly Brown: Every people like to use Internet of Things (IoT) in their day-to-day life and it is the most common media all over the world.

Every people like to use Internet of Things (IoT) in their day-to-day life and it is the most common media all over the world. So day by day internet is growing more and more with the increasing of population and now every access of internet is much easier than before. In any smart devices like laptops, smart mobile phones, tablets, ipad etc. one can easily access internet through broadband wireless setting & modem. Some persons are using to make their daily official work Read more about Elly Brown: Every people like to use Internet of Things (IoT) in their day-to-day life and it is the most common media all over the world.

Patrick Thibodeau: Open source challenges a proprietary Internet of Things

Source: „The only limit to the Internet of Things isn't imagination or technology. It's the vendors. Will your Whirlpool, Maytag or GE washer be able to communicate with your Samsung TV or Apple iPhone, Sears' oven or any other device? Without interoperability, consumer devices, electronic appliances and sensor-equipped wearables won't recognize each other and communicate. It will make scenarios, such as this one, difficult: You walk in the door of your house from a five-mile run and biometric sensors

George Takach: “One takeaway thought is people who buy cars now will really have to read those contracts to understand their rights.”

Internet of Things has potential but raises security, privacy issues, by James Armstrong: There are some who call the “internet of things” the next industrial revolution.  But it raises important legal and ethical questions that experts say will have to be answered.
The label is used to describe a world similar to the Jetsons where devices and appliances silently watch you and speak to each other to – it would seem – make your life easier.

How the Internet of Things May Save Our World

Source: "The Internet of things is becoming a reality. With this being said, the Internet of things can also battle something that is very realistic in our reality right now. Climate change.
Machine to machine communication, or the Internet, is on the verge of taking the world over a smartphone, computer, toothbrush, doorknob, and basketball jersey at a time.
Regardless of how you feel about climate change, we can agree on one thing: less carbon being spread into our atmosphere is a good thing right now, especially if it's done without crippling our economic growth.

Michael Svilar: The Internet of Things and real-time analytics

Source: „Joseph Schumpeter, one of my favorite economists, coined the term "creative destruction" to describe the way in which innovation disrupts how things are done, and in the process, gives rise to new companies and new ways of operating. What's been called the Internet of Things -- the rapidly proliferating connection of all devices, sensors, machines and people -- is set to create disruption on a huge scale. This ups the ante significantly for analytics and real-time computing.
The driverless car is an excellent example as a disruptive innovation that impacts both consumers and businesses. For instance, when driverless cars become common

Sam Schechner: Web-Enabled Toothbrushes Join the Internet of Things

Source: „The giant Procter & Gamble Co. last week demonstrated what it calls the “World’s First Available Interactive Electric Toothbrush.” It links with a smartphone and records brushing habits, while an app gives mouth-care tips alongside news headlines.
A French startup bristles at that claim. Paris-based Kolibree also last week touted the “World’s First Connected Electric Toothbrush.” The 12-person company says it was first because it showed its device, which also records dental data via smartphone, in January.
Kolibree Chief Executive Thomas Serval last week trekked to the yearly Mobile World Congress here to show off his brush a few minutes

Iain McDonald added: "My take is over the next 10 years, we're going to see an explosion of connected things, it's the internet of things movement.

Source: "Technology guru Iain McDonald, of Razorfish Australia, said recent acquisitions in artificial intelligence (AI) such as Deep Mind, could see Google really refine its search offering.
"AI could take into account the semantics of you as a person and give a more contextually relevant response to your query and able to interpret our own needs as individuals," he said. So, think Siri on acid and then some. Google Ventures and Google Capital have been specifically designed

Pontus Noren: „The Internet of Things' set to dominate 2014”

Source: "The ‘Internet of Things’ is set to dominate the tech agenda in 2014. On the one level, we’re going to be hearing about the consumer tech prototypes that will shape the futuristic, robotic utopia that is so often depicted in sci-fi classics. Many of these sorts of connected devices were shown for the first time at CES last month, including Samsung’s ‘smart home’ and smart beds that prevent snoring.
 On the other hand, the internet of things isn’t really about these ultramodern gadgets at all – it’s more about the mass consumption and analysis of huge volumes of data in a smart and efficient way. We are moving towards an entirely connected world, and as such the ever-increasing volume, veracity

The Annual Global Internet of Things Day will take place this year on April 9th.

Going on its 4th year (2013,12,11) the day is designed as an open invitation to the #IoT Community to join a Meetup, host a hackathon, or just share a beer or coffee with a friend or fellow collaborator focused around the Internet of Things and its implications. Last year, events were held in more than 18 Countries and demonstrated the explosive growth and interest in the topic from both the DIY and business worlds alike. The time is now to start having the important conversations on the technologies, security, data privacy, and enormous potential that an "Internet of Things" is capable of. The IoT Day is brought to you by Postscapes and Council.

Pablo Valerio: Internet of Things: 50 Billion Is Only the Beginning

Source: „When people talk about the Internet-connected devices -- the Internet of Things -- they do not only mean devices connected to “The Internet,” but to a mix of networks, waveforms, and fixed-line infrastructures.
This continuing development of what IoT means and what it can become was at the forefront of discussion at the last day of the 2014 Mobile World Congress here that included executives from the likes of leading Internet of Things purveyors as Huawei, ZTE, ARM, Sierra Wireless, Ubuntu, and Freescale.”

Open invitation to contribute to the IoT Week London 16th-20th June 2014

The IoT Week 2014 in London is just around the corner. The IoT Week originated in European IoT Research Cluster to become the pre-eminent event attracting industry and academia from around the world. Building on the successes of Helsinki, Venice and Barcelona, the IoT Week London continues the journey by
bringing focus to the emerging opportunities,
connecting the global business and research communities innovating at the boundaries of IoT, and
promoting international collaboration and addressing societal and market issues.
The IoT Forum invites you to join the IoT Week


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