Roger Strukhoff: Follow The IoT 2040 Project

Source: „We are formally announcing the IoT Project Framework at @ThingsExpo Nov 4-6 in Santa Clara, CA.
it will feature four overriding goals for the IoT in the year 2040:
1. To reduce poverty & disease
2. To eliminate violence as a way of settling disputes
3. To spur beneficial economic development in all corners of the world
4. To produce political and societal leaders who will maintain progress

Daniel Kline: Can Entrepreneurs and Inventors Save RadioShack?

Source: „RadioShack  (NYSE: RSH  ) has struggled to find a new identity after it was rendered largely irrelevant by a potent combination of the Internet, department stores, and big-box electronics retailers such as Best Buy.
The company is well aware that it needs to change -- it mocked its outdated image in a Super Bowl ad that featured 1980s icons including Hulk Hogan and ALF ripping stores apart for a supposed makeover. But while RadioShack identified

Joe McKendrick: Thing 1, Thing 2... Internet of Things starts to gain a developer following

Source: „The Frankensteinian creature many refer to as the Internet of Things is starting to gain a foothold in the developer community, suggesting that we'll be seeing more applications headed our way. That's the conclusion of a new survey from Evans Data Corporation, which finds that 17 percent of 1,400 developers participating in its latest survey said they were "working on applications for connected devices

Zeynep Tufekci: and now machines, we are told, are coming for care-giving.

Of course we have enough human caregivers for the elderly. The country –and the world— is awash in underemployment and unemployment, and many people find caregiving to be a fulfilling and desirable profession. The only problem is that we –as a society— don’t want to pay caregivers well and don’t value their labor. Slightly redistributive policies that would slightly decrease the existing concentration of wealth to provide subsidies for childcare or elder care are,

Internet of Things Explained: What People Can Expect from Samsung, Google and Apple

Source: "The technology industry will most likely be talking about the Internet of things in the coming days. Google, Apple and Samsung have reportedly been making great strides in this sector. The innovation in recent technology has shied away from mobile devices and computers, and has moved towards appliances and wearable devices like watches that have hardware and software that will make them more interactive than ever before.

Cromwell Schubarth: Latest accelerator from Plug and Play focuses on Internet of Things

Source: „Plug and Play Tech Center is jumping on growing interest in the Internet of Things, launching a new accelerator program backed by State Farm and Robert Bosch Venture Capital GmbH.
They are offering between $25,000 and $100,000 in funding for startups that are developing products and services that apply the data network in a wide range of areas, from wearable computing, augmented reality and robotics to

Alessandro Bassi: Meet IoT at the Rome Innovation Week

This event will be one of the events of the "Rome Innovation Week" (Sept 28 - Oct 5th). Italy being the EU president in the second semester 2014, Meet IoT will also have an European endorsement, being one of the prime events for what concerns Internet of Things in Italy during that semester. Meet IoT will be part of the Maker Faire, the biggest event on innovation in the world. The Fair focuses on innovation, creativity and genius, and it’s a celebration of the Makers movement. Location will be the Auditorium, designed by Renzo Piano.

DZone Releases 2014 Guide to Internet of Things

DZone Research is proud to launch the 2014 Guide to Internet of Things. This research guide offers free, unbiased industry insight into IoT top trends, ideas, and vendors. The Guide to Internet of Things gives developers and tech professionals the information they need to conquer this emerging, trillion-dollar industry.
The 2014 Guide to Internet of Things features:
In-depth articles written by industry experts
Key findings from our survey of over 2,000 developers

Giordano Poloni: Tech Giants Begin Recruiting for the Next Big Platform Wars

Source: „The Internet of Things is still young, but it’s real. There are already dozens of internet-connected devices available, ranging from home-automation tools to wearable fitness trackers. And it’s about to start growing at an even faster pace.
According a new survey by market research firm Evans Data, 17 percent of the world’s software developers are already working on Internet of Things projects.

Steven Scheck: How Connected Devices in The Internet of Things Are About to Change the World

Source: „Tech companies have been talking about connected homes for years – The Internet of Things – where appliances and accessories will be connected to the Internet. Have you thought about how a world with connected devices surrounding us would be? Have you imagined a home where household appliances and systems can automatically take action without your input? Because the connected home is no longer a vision – it is fast becoming a reality.

TSB: Driverless Cars Challenge

Source: "The Department for Transport and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, working in partnership with the Technology Strategy Board, are to invest up to £10m in collaborative R&D projects to research further how driverless cars can be integrated into everyday life in the UK.
A briefing event, combining networking and consortia-building activities, will be held in London on 30th July. 
Almost a year since the government previewed

Workshop: Sensing with Arduino and Electric Paint

Capacitive Sensing Workshop: Our friends at Codasign are running this great workshop using our Electric Paint.
Learn how to control sounds or light just through the wave of your hand in this capacitive sensing workshop with Arduino and Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint.
We’ll be teaching you how to utilise the capacitive sensing library for Arduino, so that pins on the board can detect electrical capacitance of the human body through a sensor that uses conductive paint.

Extended Call for Papers: CeDEM Asia 2014 (August 10 2014)

City University of Hong Kong, Danube University Krems, Nam Center for Korean Studies (University of Michigan), and Singapore Internet Research Centre (Nanyang Technological University) jointly organize the International Conference on e-Democracy and Open Government (CeDEM) Asia 2014, with an aim of bringing together researchers, policy-makers, industry professionals, and civil society activists to discuss the role of social and mobile media in the future of citizenship and governance,

Workshop by IDC and TXT on behalf of DG Connect

European Commission BU25 03/198
25 Avenue de Beaulieu B-1049
Brussels, Belgium
Time: 10.00-16.30
Source: „A convergence of rapidly maturing technologies and markets is driving the development of the Internet of Things, which is finally moving from the “visionary” phase to real applications and services. According to IDC, the number of IoT connections within the EU will increase from approximately 1.8 million in 2013 to almost 6 billion in 2020, with revenues over 1,100 €billion at the same date.

We Are What We Do: Digital games to help improve young people's mental health

Source: "One in four people will be affected by a mental health disorder at some point in their lives, half of which start by the age of 14.
We Are What We Do will develop digital game technology to help young people strengthen their emotional resilience and manage stress, with the ultimate result of increasing their well-being and reducing the incidence of mental health problems.


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