Colm Gorey: IoT Day: A timeline of how IoT is changing the world (infographic)

To mark Internet of Things Day (IoT Day), RS Components takes a look at how it envisions IoT will change people’s lives for the better.

IoT Day has been around since 2011 as a worldwide event bringing together makers, entrepreneurs, industry leaders, and citizens to discuss, design and develop the emerging IoT, but even in the five years since, an awful lot has changed in the industry.

MIT Professional Education: MIT Professional Education announces new online course on the Internet of Things

MIT Professional Education has announced the introduction of a new online course, Internet of Things: Roadmap to a Connected World. Making its debut on April 12, this first-of-its-kind digital course will teach key IoT concepts including identification, sensors, localization, wireless protocols, data storage, and security. Designed for technical professionals across all industries, the innovative, six-week course examines new IoT research, architectures, and applications.

Robert Metzger, Robert Joseph O'Donnell: Internet of Things: When cyberattacks have physical effects

New risks accompany the Internet of Things (IoT). Software attacks that produce physical effects are especially troubling.

Take the Bowman Avenue Dam attack, as an example. On March 24, 2016, the Department of Justice announced charges against an Iranian hacker who mounted a cyber-physical attack upon the supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems of the Bowman Dam, in Rye, New York.

CloudTweaks: Internet of Things Day

This Saturday 9th April, it’s global Internet of Things day. A day where people around the world come together at events to talk about and debate the future and what the Internet of Things means for us all. 

What does the future hold for us? Well here are just a couple of areas that we can see changing in the coming years.

Colin Barker: Trust and security fears could hold back the Internet of Things

Thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT) some of us are already eyeing everyday household devices with something approaching suspicion.

While it might seem to be a stretch to believe that humble devices like irons may be quietly tracking our every move or be used for some other underhand purpose, apparently six percent of us think it might - a figure rises to one in ten in France.

Chuck Martin: 70% In US Concerned About Privacy In Internet Of Things

While the Internet of Things grows, privacy – or the lack of it – is what drives concern about its growth.

Privacy is at the top of a long list of IoT concerns in a new global study.

The study comprised a survey of  5,200 mobile media users in eight countries (Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, South Africa, UK and US) conducted by On Device Research for  the Mobile Ecosystems Forum (MEF), a global trade body.

Aaron Boyd: What is government's role in Internet of Things economy?

The Internet of Things has arrived and is poised to be big business in the coming years. As the central agency overseeing economic development, the Commerce Department wants to get caught up on the marketplace.

In an April 6 notice on the Federal Register, the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) put out the call to all interested parties to chime in on how IoT is evolving and what shifts can be expected in the U.S. and global economies.

Anthony Spadafora: Has the Internet of Things finally gone mainstream?

The report titled “State of the Market: Internet of Things (IoT)” used the company’s customer usage data, research from Oxford Economics, customer case studies, and third party data to come to its conclusion in regard to the future of IoT. Verizon’s experts see the combination of five macrotrends as the catalyst behind the IoT finally being embraced by consumers and businesses.

Could the Internet of Things morph into the Abandonment of Things?

Chrysler killed off Plymouth. GM did it to Oldsmobile and Pontiac. Ford did it to Mercury. Microsoft even did it to Windows XP. Yet today, years after the demise of these products, they all continue to run. For the vehicles, parts remain available and dealers are happy to perform maintenance and take your money. Even for XP, Microsoft still issues the occasional security patch. Elsewhere, ink cartridges can still be purchased for Epson inkjet printers discontinued long ago.

Kevin Bishop: What the Internet of Things Means for Today’s CMO

You don’t have to go far to experience the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT). Just take a trip to the local Home Depot and you’ll see new products that are changing the way we control the lights and heat our homes.

But what about IoT’s impact on marketing? IBM recently released a new global CMO study uncovering an interesting storyline around this very topic.


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