Marcus Kirsch: O(OP)MG — Decentralised into 2016 and beyond

The bookshop without books, the transport company without vehicles, the accommodation supplier without hotels. Those are the kind of statements and realities that create disruption and confusion amongst non-progressives. Not too surprising, because it is all told as if it would be a magic trick or mystical unicorn, if you care for that type of description.

So how about me telling you that there is only one thing that you will have to understand, one way of looking at things, that explains and easily predicts how everything will keep changing?

Shahrukh Tarapore: 'Internet of Things' Raises Big Ethical Questions for Banks

The convergence of the "Internet of Things" and financial services industry not only expands technological possibilities but also raises serious ethical questions about the security of consumers' data. Financial companies need to be ready for concerns of customers who are not prepared for the level of connectivity in this new frontier.

The Smart Summit is the most in-depth event covering the IoT ecosystem and focusing on the Smart Society.

3 leading summits co-located with a joint networking exhibition. Benefit from in-depth discussion and content over 2 information-packed days. Each summit features over 50 visionary speakers – gain a unique insight from industry heavyweights and hear case study examples from major contributors.

Ten reasons to attend.

Measuring Behavior: Deadline submission of abstracts 

The Scientific Program Committee invites you to submit your paper or abstracts! Measuring Behavior 2016 is organized by Dublin City University and will be held in Dublin, Ireland on May 25-27, 2016.
is the premier interdisciplinary event for scientists and practitioners concerned with the study of human or animal behavior. This dynamic community and its biennial conference focuses on methods, techniques, and tools in behavioral research in the widest sense.


Andrew Pym: Building an ecosystem to support IoT for motor insurance means a lot of re-engineering of processes, thought and vision

Building an ecosystem to support IoT for motor insurance means a lot of re-engineering of processes, thought and vision - there is little room for error when your brand credibility is on the line.

In this podcast, managing directors from KPN, M2M Intelligence and the RAC emphasize that IoT based services and products absolutely have to deliver on promises made to the customer.

Learn how to build an ecosystem of partners from communications, through to service enablement and applications to ensure reliability and timeliness of your services.

Jacob Morgan: Six Steps To Adapt To The Future Of Work

When I was writing my book, The Future of Work, I created a framework for adapting to coming changes that I call “The Six-Step Process for Adapting to the Future of Work.” (It was inspired in part by John Kotter’s well known “8-Step Process for Leading Change.”) I will be exploring my six-step process on a webinar in a few weeks, but here are the steps and what they entail (They’re best thought of as a never-ending loop

Karl Bode: Nest Thermostat Goes From 'Internet Of Things' Darling To Cautionary Tale

Back when the Nest thermostat was announced in 2011, it was met with waves of gushing adoration from an utterly uncritical technology press. Much of that gushing was certainly warranted; Nest was founded by Tony Fadell and Matt Rogers, both former Apple engineers, who indisputably designed an absolutely gorgeous device after decades of treating the thermostat as an afterthought. But the company also leaned heavily on the same media acupressure techniques Apple historically relies on to generate a sound wall of hype potentially untethered from real life.

David Chestler: Hotels, wearables and the internet of things

A friend from a US hotel once said to me: “if wifi for our guests is a challenge, how will we be ready for what the internet of things will bring?”

This is the real big data that’s no longer just coming. It’s arrived.

Since undertaking the role of co-chair for HTNG’s Software Resources Team, I have had the privilege of taking a regular deep dive into the technologies emerging within – and disrupting – the travel industry as we know it.

The Geo IoT World conference: Join our panel of Geo-Aware IoT Innovators!

The Internet of Things is all about connecting objects to the Cloud, knowing the WHO and the WHAT. But more than often this is not enough without the WHERE.

The Geo IoT World conference, exhibition and testbed in Brussels, on May 25-26, 2016, will show how to unleash the full potential of the new precision location technologies – available indoor and outdoor in real-time –  for IoT services and applications innovation.

Lift, David Li: Solving IoT's E-Waste Problem with Open Hardware: a Shenzhen approach applied globally

With the growing access to cheap electronics (such as the Raspberry Pi Zero introduced at the end of 2015 at $5 a pop), the proliferation of IoT (Internet of Things) devices is inevitable and they will have increasingly sophisticated chips and shorter life span. This will potentially lead to a rapid increase of e-waste, which still ends up mostly in China but also increasingly in Africa. As Gartner predicted, over 50% of the 20 billions of these objects will come from startups founded in the next three years, which gives makers a prime position to help in shaping the ecosystem.

Yin-Maw Cheng and Chao-Lung Lee: Persuasive and engaging design of a Smartphone App for cycle commuting

This article presents results from a pilot study addressed to investigate the design of behavior change intervention using smartphones for cycle commuting. In this specific case, a smartphone app, BikeTogether, was developed to encourage and support its users to cycle home with each other over the Internet. The app employs the metaphor of a bicycle flashlight to represent closeness, leading, and following between two sides.


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