Lulu Chang: Too lazy to grow weed? Let the internet of things do it for you with

Too lazy to grow weed? Let the internet of things do it for you with

Now, one hydroponic solution is making the weed growing business easier than ever. Meet, self-described as "the world’s most intelligent hydroponics system." The only thing this system won't do is smoke the finished product.

Scott Etkin: Moving Beyond the Hype, the Internet of Things Gets to Work

In business, separating hype from reality can be difficult. It seems every new product, service offering, and technology arrives on the breathless proclamations of salespeople, marketers, and even analysts that this new thing will not only solve your problems but also transform – or, at the very least, disrupt – the industry or marketplace to which it is being introduced.

Andrew Dalton: A driverless Rolls-Royce means you can fire your chauffeur Just don't try to fit it in a standard parking space.

While other electric or autonomous vehicle companies might be content to build a sensible, everyday mode of transport, noted luxury automaker Rolls-Royce is rejecting that notion entirely with its first driverless vehicle concept. In a decidedly lavish announcement, Rolls-Royce says its new Vision Next 100 car has been designed for "the most discerning and powerful patrons in the world."

"Our vision, in its purest form," the company wrote, "is to create the automotive equivalent of haute couture. This is the future of luxury mobility."


Business Voice: “Internet Of Things”: Redefining Africa’s Economic Landscape

One-third of humanity relies on food grown by 500 million smallholder farmers with less than two hectares of land. As Africa and Ghana’s population continue to expand, farmers have an urgent need to produce ever-increasing amounts of food without destroying habitats or depleting resources in unsustainable manners.

In such circumstances, accurate weather forecast and understanding climate change can make a real difference in addressing the challenges of food production and security.


Bruce Byfield: The Internet of Things: 7 Challenges

IoT, along with its potential, poses concerns ranging from technical to social to environmental.

Few doubt that smart devices are the next technological revolution. The next generation of connected appliances is already starting to create the Internet of Things (IoT), and to connect users to their devices in ways that were impossible only a few years ago.

Andrew Tarantola: The Internet of Things is coming to your hydroponic garden

It was only a matter of time. The Internet of Things has already come for our vaporizers, now it is back for our hydroponic grow ops. Behold the, an all-inclusive hydro system that's nearly fully automated. The brains behind this system is the Gro.hub. This central computing tower runs an embedded Linux OS on a 1GHz ARM Cortex-A8 Processor and processes signals from ten separate remote sensors. These monitor things like water temperature, level, pH and flow.


Derek Major: City mayors make final pitches in Smart City Challenge

The Department of Transportation is in the final stages of its Smart City Challenge and will select a winner within the next two weeks from among seven finalists.

The mayors of those cities all made their final pitches to Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx, outlining what they plan to do with more than $40 million in funding and technology from the DOT and challenge sponsors,  which include Amazon, AT&T, Autodesk, Mobileye and NXP.

Lydia Dishpan: Why Coding Is Still The Most Important Job Skill Of The Future

Apart from companies in the technology sector, there are an increasing number of businesses relying on computer code. No wonder that eight of the top 25 jobs this year are tech positions, according to Glassdoor. A software engineer could just as easily find themselves working at Apple, as they could in a hospital, or at an automotive manufacturer.

Amie Lewis: Nano Dimension and Accellta come together to lab-test 3D Bioprinter for Stem Cells

The possibilities presented by stem cells within the medical industry is ground-breaking, however they aren’t the easiest cells to come by. However with the advancement of 3D printing, Nano Dimension has recently announced that they have successfully lab-tested a proof of concept Bioprinter to produce stem cells for use in the medical world.

PTI: Working on Internet of Things platform: Tata Teleservices

KOLKATA: Telecom major Tata TeleservicesBSE -1.03 % (TTSL) is working on a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT) segment, a senior company official said.

"TTSL is working on a platform for IoT and soon some announcements in this regard can be expected," TTSL Enterprise VP, South East, Avinash Gabriel told PTI.

Company officials said TTSL is offering IoT solutions but is trying to build a platform which can be harnessed for 'plug-and-play' operations.


Where the Connected World Meets Insurance, Chicago, November 15-16

Insurance IoT USA is the only custom-built event created specifically to discuss the applications of connected devices in the insurance industry in North America. The conference will evaluate business-critical topics on how to devise a business plan as real-time data and usage-based insurance models overhaul the way that insurers evaluate risk and connect to their customers. As an extension to the dramatic change that new digital and analytics solutions have made for insurers, IoT is the new terrain to navigate as 2016 comes to a close.

The 2nd Congress on Engineering Technology Innovation and Management Science (ETIMS2016) 10/29/2016-10/30/2016 Hangzhou, China

The 2nd Congress on Engineering Technology Innovation and Management Science (ETIMS2016) will be held from October 29-30, 2016 in Hangzhou, China.The main objective of COHE 2016 is to provide a comprehensive global forum for experts and participants from academia to exchange ideas and present the state-of-the-art results of ongoing research in the areas of engineering technology innovation and management science.

Antonio Skarmeta: CFP 2016 IEEE 3rd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) 12 14 December 2016, Reston, USA

IoT: Smart Innovation for Vibrant Ecosystems

The 2016 IEEE 3rd World Forum on Internet of Things (WF-IoT) seeks contributions on how to nurture and cultivate IoT technologies and applications for the benefit of society. Original papers are solicited in, but are not limited to, the following topics:

  • * IoT Enabling Technologies
  • * IoT Application and Services
  • * IoT Societal Impacts
  • * Security and Privacy for Internet of Things
  • * IoT Experimental Results and Deployment Scenarios


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