May 2016: Digital Catapult is looking for an Internet of Things Technologist with strong expertise in IoT systems and platforms to be based in Sunderland, Bradford or Brighton.

The Internet of Things (IoT) combined with data science, predictive analytics and machine learning will change most industries and the world as we know it today. At the Digital Catapult our job is to help the UK’s best ideas from startups and university research to grow into large-scale companies – our challenge is to make a difference at a national scale – and we’re particularly focused on data driven innovations.


Launched in May 2016, SmartCitiesWorld is a dynamic website providing the professionals users with a centralised source of intelligence about the infrastructure required to create a smart city today and for the future.

Sudha Jamthe: Will IoT Help Robots Take Over Humankind Anytime Soon?

The Internet of Things (IoT) started embedding ordinary things on us and around us in many smart apps by adding sensors and internet connectivity. IoT has expanded to become the main enabler behind autonomous machines such as self-driving cars, autonomous tractors and algorithms that manage schedules, hiring, and travel plans.1 IoT devices are now producing large volumes of data that have quickly become instrumental in addressing bespoke automation in many different application domains.

Francesca Bria: Democracy Lab: 23–27 May 2016, Medialab-Prado Madrid: D-CENT International Conference: 27-28 May 2016, Museo Reina Sofia Madrid

The Democratic Cities – Commons technology and the right to a democratic city event is fast approaching. The event will take place from the 23–28 May in Madrid, Spain. You still have time to register!

The event will be a unique opportunity to discuss network democracy, new forms of citizen participation, digital tools for democratic participation and urban commons for democratic cities. We expect +400 academic, activists, politicians and hackers to participate.

Brandon Cerocke: The Internet of Things, explained

Over the weekend I was visiting with a friend of mine in California who works in the freight industry. We were discussing how his particular industry is evolving and how the drive towards automation, especially in the auto industry, is going to affect interstate freight hauling. As the conversation went on I mentioned IoT and what role it might play in his field. To my surprise he was not aware of the term, and as I thought more about it, I wondered how many readers know what IoT is and how it might affect your lives in the next five to 10 years.

Bain Insights: An Executive's Guide To The Internet Of Things [Infographic]

The Internet of Things is growing. Forecasters predict up to 20 billion Internet of Things devices within a few years, which will create more than $300 billion in opportunities for tech vendors, telcos and device makers by 2020.

Overwhelmed? You’re not alone. Many executives find it difficult to get a foothold and develop a strategy. They are already investing significantly, but few have a clear roadmap.

Dieter Bohn: Google and Qualcomm are showing the future of Android in cars

I just got finished spending some time in the plush leather seats of a Maserati Ghibli, but I wasn't there for the luxury or the speed. I was taking a look at a concept of how Android N could be combined with Android Auto to power more of the car than you've probably seen before. Googled and Qualcomm installed a massive touchscreen in the center of the dash and also replaced the screen behind the steering wheel. Then, they set up the HVAC and infotainment to run off Android completely.

Martin Serrano: VITAL and OpenIoT, two European Projects awarded in Public Safety Challenge!

VITAL and OpenIoT, two European Projects awarded in Public Safety Challenge!: The Internet of Things is world's largest & more comprehensive IoT event, hosted in Silicon Valley CA, USA Thursday 12th May 2016, Santa Clara Convention Center, Silicon Valley, CA, USA, This year the IoT world hackathon was attended by more than 180 hackers, between solution designers, app developers, software engineers and system architects and around 20 teams were formed at the Internet of Things World.

Justin McKeown: York Developers Conference 2016, #YORKDC 2016

The Internet of Things, Smart Cities, Open Data and the security issues thrown up by these technological trends are all under scrutiny. How can technology be used to improve communities, the environment and education? What are the benefits of Open Data? How will the 'Smart' layer effect daily life? What security threats do these new technologies create? These questions are explored through the technological innovations of our presenters.

Giulio Coraggio: When FinTech meets the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things and FinTech are among the fastest growing markets, but their intersection leads to new legal issues to which operators might not be ready.

According to the estimates of Goldman Sachs,  traditional financial institutions and banks might lose $4.7 trillion in revenue to the benefit of fintech companies. Fintech firms are not expected to kill off traditional banks, but will act as disrupters cutting costs and improving the quality of financial services.

Sharon Florentine: Most in-demand Internet of Things skills

The Internet of Things (IoT) is in the midst of an explosion, as more connected devices proliferate. But there's not enough talent with the right skills to manage and execute on IoT projects. In fact, insufficient staffing and lack of expertise is the top-cited barrier for organizations currently looking to implement and benefit from IoT, according to research from Gartner.

Andrew Nusca: Could Google Home Be the Next Gateway Drug for the Internet of Things?

Google  GOOG 0.06%  will introduce Home, its Amazon Echo competitor, at its I/O developer’s conference today, according to a rash of news reports published yesterday.

I’ll certainly be watching. Echo (and its voice-activated personal assistant, Alexa) were the surprise hit of last summer and a rare hardware hit for a company that changed the world with the Kindle e-reader but also produced the flop known as the Fire phone. But what has been most fascinating about Amazon’s  AMZN 0.31% device is how Echo has become a gateway drug for the connected home.

Dave Brooks: Eventbrite's RFID Technology Helps Festivals Enhance Consumer Experience

This summer, fans attending Governors Ball on Randall’s Island in New York will enter the festival using one of the most advanced RFID wristband technologies in live music.

Developed by Eventbrite and its recently acquired Scintilla Technologies, the new RFID technology is an access control system that allows for cashless payments, rapid onsite fulfillment and offline operations with multiple layers of redundancies to continue to power an event if the network goes down.


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