Thomas Ricker: The Internet of Things hype generator

The promise and reality of the Internet of Things couldn’t be farther apart.

Here’s the promise: a "system of systems"

Here’s the reality: "Connecting you with your trashcan like never before"

Things are so bad that Gartner — one of tech's most respected research and advisory companies — called the Internet of Things the most hyped emerging technology of 2014:

Alexander Hellemans: Jeremy Rifkin on the Internet of Things and the Next Industrial Revolution

In 1973, the American sociologist Daniel Bell, in his book, The Coming of the Post Industrial Society [pdf], predicted that advanced societies would change from being based on manufacturing of goods to ones in which knowledge workers would occupy a central position.

This did happen, but because of the meteoric rise of information technology, the development of the Internet, and the widespread adoption of cellphones, the change has been far beyond expectations. These technologies are changing not only society, but the economic models on which society is based.

Tove Danovich: How Ambient Sound Can Keep Your Data Safe

Want to get money out of an ATM? You'll need need both a PIN number and your debit card. In many stores, credit card purchases require an I.D. Both of these are well-accepted forms of two-factor authentication that people use without issue.

But when it comes to the Internet, many users would rather rely on a simple password than deal with the hassle of needing an extra code either written on a piece of paper or sent to their phones via text message. Who can blame them?

Cadie Thompson: 4 technologies that could kill the password

If the barrage of data breaches and hacks over the past few years has taught us anything, it's that passwords alone provide a pretty weak security system.

The problem is that a string of letters and characters alone will always be relatively easy to hack or steal, especially through trickery like phishing attacks over email. And to make matters worse, many people use the same password for more than one account, making it easier to get hold of all kinds of valuable personal information.

IoT Shifts Conference - Pompeu Fabra University of Barcelona - October 19-20, 2015

Discover the latest in Customer and Industrial IoT in this inaugural two-day event, which brings innovators from the startup and developer communities together with the corporate world. We'll create and advance business opportunities within the Internet of Things (IoT) and explore the intersections between startup innovation ecosystems and corporates moving into the IoT.

Lucas Ainscough: Reshuffling The Auto Ecosystem: Futureproofing Dealers

Dealers are currently a legal obligation for the selling of cars; they are here to stay for some time to come. But, they need to evolve in order to stay relevant and to take advantage of the new opportunities that are emerging from the connected car, such as real-time prognostics and predictive analysis.

We speak with five leading automotive experts to discuss how the dealers remit is moving beyond simply selling cars. They are becoming competent tutors for in-car services and learning to deal with the questions, challenges and training that come with that.

SCDigest Editorial Staff: RFID and AIDC News: Is the Internet of Things More Hype than Reality?

New McKinsey Study Identifies where Value can Really be Created with IoT, Says Integration with Back-End Systems will be Key

There's no lack of hype around the Internet of Things - but is there really a path to true value creation? The consultants at McKinsey recently took a look at this issue, and the answer is Yes to value creation, but there are still many questions about just how much.

Santos Patna: What if every street light had a surveillance cam?

In recent years, surveillance cameras have become an important tool for the police to solve crime in our cities. Now, it’s de rigueur for malls, apartment, office spaces and street corners to have CCTV cameras.

In recent weeks, surveillance cameras have helped the police trace four runaway children from Guntur and capture an underworld hitman in Mumbai.

So why not have surveillance cameras at multiple points all along our streets, on every street light in fact?

Jason Andrew: The new CIO challenge: Implementing the digital enterprise

Organisations across every vertical are already experiencing the benefits of digital transformation. Cloud computing has made the ownership of enterprise systems simpler and more cost effective.

Mobility and BYOD (bring your own device) have empowered the workforce and given them greater flexibility in how and where they work. Now, the IoT (Internet of Things) is making a wider variety of business infrastructures smarter and better connected.

Bloomberg: Volkswagen spent two years trying to hide a big security flaw

Thousands of cars from a host of manufacturers have spent years at risk of electronic car- hacking, according to expert research that Volkswagen has spent two years trying to suppress in the courts.

"Keyless" car theft, which sees hackers target vulnerabilities in electronic locks and immobilisers, now accounts for 42 per cent of stolen vehicles in London. BMWs and Range Rovers are particularly at-risk, police say, and can be in the hands of a technically minded criminal within 60 seconds.


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