March 3rd, 2016 - Libelium: IoT Spartans Challenge: the Battle Starts to Find Best Future Developers

Around 1,200 students registered to compete at The IoT Spartans Challenge, the academic program to identify and give public recognition to the best future IoT developers and Universities

With the aim to cover the educational gap to find future Internet-of-Things developers, Libelium opens the online IoT learning platform, an international contest with 1,200 participants that will battle online to be recognized as the best in the world.

That is why IoT Day is about having coffee and lunch and a chat with someone in your street as that is where you live and that is where washing machines might get connected.

Internet of Things is here to stay and it is equally strong from the bottom (hacking, arduino, open source, diy), the middle ( the sme's that are springing up) and the top (Siemens, Huawei, Bosch, Amazon, Google...). In fact this language no longer describes what is going on. These are indicators that show that we are now in hybrid space, a new ontology, that we can not go back from.

Toward the Seamless Integration of the Physical and Virtual Worlds

Whether in factories, rail and traffic management systems, or decentralized power distribution systems, the trend is toward networking individual devices with entire systems – a process that is based on the integration of the physical world with the virtual world of data. The result is what Siemens calls the Web of Systems. As this process evolves, it will allow Siemens to help its customers to enrich their existing equipment through the advantages of the digital universe without endangering or sacrificing either data protection or intellectual property.

Joint Expert Group and 5G Vision Working Group Workshop, 16 March 2016, Bologna

Venue: University of Bologna, LABORATORIO DELLE ARTI, Auditorium room, via Azzo Gardino 65/a, Bologna.

This Workshop is jointly organised  by the Networld2020 Expert Group and the 5G-I-A Vision Group to enhance the 5G Vision and the Networld2020 strategic research Agenda with contributions on Network technologies, innovative services and the future needs of the Vertical sectors.

Ellis Buis: Design & The City, Amsterdam - from 19 until 22 April.

In 2016, the year of Dutch EU chairmanship, the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences and the Knowledge Mile, organise an innovative programme: the four-days conference Design & The City is one of the main events. Martijn de Waal, renown ‎Researcher Urban Media & Citizen Empowerment at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam), is chief producer of this event.

Swiss Post is developing an Internet of Things

In future, an increasing number of electronic devices will be linked with each other and to the Internet. The so-called Internet of Things also offers a range of new applications in the field of logistics. This is why Swiss Post is aiming to set up a network based on LoRaWAN (Long Range Wide Area Network) technology and test various areas of application. Initial testing will begin at the end of March.

Margie Dickman: Advancing a National Plan for the Internet of Things

Tomorrow, Senators Fischer, Ayotte, Booker and Schatz are expected to introduce an Internet of Things (IoT) bill entitled Developing Innovation and Growing the Internet of Things Act (DIGIT Act).  The IoT is creating transformational opportunities with the potential to significantly impact the marketplace across numerous sectors from industrial and manufacturing to energy and transportation to retail and smart cities – fueling GDP, creating new jobs, and bolstering the US economy.

Roger Nanney: Internet of Things (IoT) in 2016

The IoT is fundamentally changing how private companies operate, transforming conventional processes into competitive advantages. Private company leaders should stay on top of emerging IoT trends but avoid getting caught up in the hype. Instead, they should focus on how their companies can use these technologies to create value. At the same time, they need to carefully protect the data they’re collecting.

Matt DePratter: People Still Key In The Internet of Things

There are more reports about digital shopping behavior these days than you can shake a stick at. What consumers are doing online has become a bit of an industry obsession.

It's all very helpful, but by now I think we've got the general point: Consumers are doing a lot of shopping online. We witnessed that during the 2015 holidays, when 102 million bought products in stores during the Thanksgiving weekend and 103 million bought products online.

Kevin Farnham: Gartner Identifies Key Internet of Things Technologies through 2018

In a recent report, Gartner identifies the top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) technologies through 2018. Subtitled "Ten Technologies That Will Enable Organizations to Unlock the Full Potential of the IoT," the report highlights specific IoT technologies that are expected to highly impact organizations working on IoT systems.

Booker Introduces Bipartisan Internet of Things Bill

Senator Booker released the following statement:

“The Internet of Things is already having a major impact on our economy, society, and individual well-being. This bill underscores our strong commitment to fostering innovation, protecting consumers, and finding collaborative solutions to outstanding challenges. I am grateful to have worked with Senators Fischer, Schatz, and Ayotte on this legislation and look forward to continuing our focus on the Internet of Things and ensuring America leads the world in cutting-edge technologies.”

2016 National Conference: ArtsRx: Creative Venture, Wellbeing and the New Humanities. Thursday, November 3 – Saturday, November 5, 2016. Denver, Colorado

The Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru) is pleased to announce the 2016 a2ru National Conference, hosted by the University of Colorado Denver, November 3-5, 2016.

This year’s theme is ArtsRx: Creative Venture, Wellbeing & the New Humanities. a2ru is seeking proposals for panels, breakout sessions and workshops that explore and reflect arts-integrative interdisciplinary research and practice in higher education related to the following topics:


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