Edward Wijnen: DataStax solutions power the mission-critical big data applications

This document discusses how Riptide IO saves millions in energy usage and operational cost using Internet-of-Things powered by DataStax Enterprise. The development cycle of the solution was only 2 months and started saving money for its retailer clients immediately. About DataStax DataStax its solutions power the mission-critical big data applications that transform business and enable life-changing customer experiences


John Greenough: The 'Internet of Things' will be the world's most massive device market and save companies billions of dollars

Source: “The Internet of Things (IoT) is beginning to grow significantly, as consumers, businesses, and governments recognize the benefit of connecting inert devices to the internet.
In an all-new report from BI Intelligence, we examine what is currently driving growth in the Internet of Things and how various sectors of the economy will embrace IoT innovations. “

Harris Moysiadis: A System Theory approach on IoT-enabled political interventions

Harvard Business Review last edition[1], was largely covered by issues raised by the Internet Of Things, Industrial Internet, Internet of Everything and numerous others catchy descriptions. Which primarily describe how to connect heterogeneous objects in order to easily monitor and control them, then how to optimize the processes these devices are involved in and last, how to fully automate the latter even without any human supervision.All the above require huge technological challenges and approaches although not restricted to those, solely.

Lisa Chau and Daniel Pickett III: Can the Internet of Things Work for You?

Source: "More than 900 "Internet of Things"-specific vendors showcased new products and services at this year's Consumer Electronics show. When the idea of an Internet of Things first emerged, connected services and products were fairly limited to targeting consumers through devices such as cars, coffee makers and thermostats. Now, the idea of Web-connected objects is penetrating deeper into every aspect of business and economy.
In fact, the information technology research firm Gartner has

John Mccarthy: Mattel’s internet of things-powered Barbie promises real time conversations with kids

Source: “Toy maker Mattel has unveiled an internet enabled Barbie doll capable of conducting conversations with kids.
In a bid to stem the doll's falling sales, Mattel has teamed up with San Francisco kids app start-up ToyTalk to bring Barbie dolls into the 21st century using a Wi-Fi connection.
With inbuilt speech recognition ‘Hello Barbie’ will be able to identify children in addition to registering, via the cloud, its likes and dislikes.”

Mike Kavis: The Smart Labels That Will Power The Internet Of Things

Source: “When people think of IoT technology they usually think of silicon based sensors made by semiconductor companies. These types of sensors can be found tracking data on airplane engines, wind turbines, medical devices, and many more internet connected devices. The problem with silicon based sensors is that they are not feasible for cost sensitive items or items in small or bendable packaging where embedding sensors just won’t work. To solve this problem, a company called ThinFilm has created printed electronics. ThinFilm creates sensor technology that can be printed on smart labels

Anita Podsiadlo: Farming industry must embrace the Internet of Things Vision

Source: "The farming industry must embrace the use of precision agriculture and harness the emerging Internet  of Things (IoT), if it is to feed the 9.6 billion global population expected by 2050, says Therese Cory, senior analyst at Beecham Research and one of the authors of a new report has launched called ‘Towards Smart Farming’.

The report explores how machine-to-machine technologies and the IoT are contributing to the transformation of agriculture to improve productivity, quality and quantity.

Hans Villarica: Claro will be conducting its next IoT Lab workshop on March 1-2 at 4YFN @ Mobile World Congress.

Teams will go through the entire IoT creation process, giving them tools and frameworks to ideate, design and prototype IoT-enabled solutions.
Registration is €10 over at Eventbrite and gives participants access to rest of 4YFN and 1 day of Mobile World Congress (only if they complete the IoT Lab). We're interested in getting a mix of profiles -- maker, developer, designer and strategist -- to mimic real-world conditions, so please feel free to spread the word in your other networks as well.

Cormac Foster: The Internet of Things has a new home on Gigaom Research

Source: "For years, Gigaom Research has covered the Internet of Things, from smart cities to smart homes to a smart and connected supply chain. During that time, our IoT content has been part of our existing research coverage areas. But over the past 18 months, the IoT has truly come into its own. The smart home and quantified self are on sale at Best Buy. Connected cars are waiting in the showroom, and businesses are saving real money with smart facilities and warehouses. And the latest generation of standards has enabled true platforms to move us from custom one-off development

eGovWatch: Public cooperation must for building Smart Cities

Source: "“Public cooperation, awareness and four pillars of democracy should play effective role in building a smart city,” Vijayvargiya said , addressing Development of Smart City-Next Gen Cities conference in Bhopal. The minister said that the concept of Smart City depends on socio-economic background of the country. In a country like India, cities should be developed in a democratic way.
Former Union Secretary Urban Development Dr Sudhir Krishna said that development of smart city should not be considered as a difficult work.

Paul Sawers: TheThings.io wants to be the Amazon Web Services for the Internet of Things

Source: “The current state of play with the so-called Internet of Things (IoT) offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future of ubiquitous computing, with web-enabled thermostats, self-driving cars, and even connected kettles creeping into our daily lives. But for all the cool applications we’re starting to see in the real world, there needs to be a force that enables it all.
Launching this week, Barcelona-based TheThings.io is setting itself up to be the back-end platform of choice in the burgeoning IoT industry 

Rob van Kranenburg: Demonstrating the importance of Stakeholder Coordinators and Co-Creation in Internet of Things & Smart Cities

The main SocIoTal objective is to unleash the full potential of the Internet of Things (IoT), going beyond the enterprise centric systems and moving towards a citizen inclusive IoT, sharing IoT devices and encouraging flow of information contributed by the people.

Jaap Bloem: Pitching Digital Transformation

Source: “Convincing business executives to wisely invest in digital transformation by advocating solutions around cloud, business intelligence, big data analytics, the Internet of Things — or even Everything — has proven to be counterproductive in too many cases. IT-focused people cherish these concepts because we feel that abstraction is needed to stress their vast potential. But selling promises and proof of concept often only serves to irritate people who, year after year, spent money like water on them. Sure thing that the constant talking of Things and Everything, aka the Internet of Thingamajigs, is driving irritation

Paul Gilster: Why you should keep an eye on the ‘Internet of Things’

Source: “Better keep an eye on the “Internet of Things.” It’s more than just jargon: We’re talking about putting network connectivity into everything from thermostats to toasters, from refrigerators to vacuum cleaners. Market research firm Gartner points out that as our homes get “smarter” – meaning more digitized and connected – the number of Net-enabled objects worldwide will grow to a staggering 26 billion by 2020. That’s a factor of 30 over 2009’s numbers, and a sign that there is big money in connecting objects, allowing not just surprisingly useful information

Giangiacomo Olivi: Internet of Things – When your yogurt pots start talking to you. Towards an EU Approach?

Source: ““When your yogurt pots start talking to you“. Do you remember? This was the start of a call for action from the European Commission on Internet of Things back in 2009. A lot changed since 2009: (i) there are little doubts about the relevance of IoT (estimated 25 billion connected devices by the end of this year – see here on encouraging trends); and (ii) the role that can be played by regulators in fostering growth of IoT related businesses


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