Chrissie Cluney: Back to Basics: RFID and the IoT

Companies seeking to engage in data collection for the IoT would be well served by remembering such simple technological solutions as RFID. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It’s a technology that uses radio waves to write or read information stored on a “tag”.  A tag consists of a chip and an antenna, which can come in many forms.

Capture Technologies, a technology company that provides on-site tools and services to tradeshows and events, started in 2000, specializes in creating RFID-enabled badges and also onsite assistance.

Call for Position Papers: 2016 Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems (FedCSIS) Gdansk, Poland, 11-14 September, 2016

The FedCSIS 2016 Federated Conference invites submissions of POSITION PAPERS to its respective events. Position papers must not exceed 8 pages and they should relate to an ongoing research or experience. Position papers will be presented by the authors alongside regular papers. Position papers may be also submitted as DEMO PAPERS and presented as demonstrations of software tools and products. They should describe non-for-profit software tools in a prototype-, alpha-, or beta-version.


T.H.A. Wisman: eCall and the quest for effective protection of the right to privacy

From 31st of March 2018 onwards every certified car for the European market must be equipped with the eCall-system. This is an ICT-system, embedded with GSM and satellite technology, which automatically transmits vital data from the car to an emergency centre in case of an accident. The mandatory installation of eCall introduces great challenges to the right to privacy. The aim of this paper is to illustrate through these challenges why the Commission has fallen short in adequately addressing these challenges throughout the legislative process.

Joon Ian Wong: One company has a big edge in the fight to dominate the Internet of Things

Most of the innovation on the so-called Internet of Things is locked up in patents held by the companies that make the innards of sensors, routers, and other devices, according to a study by LexInnova, a consultancy.

The study finds that the companies with the greatest number of IoT patents globally are the chip-makers Qualcomm and Intel, followed by Chinese network-gear maker ZTE.

Internet of Things to be showcased at Computex Taipei

An IoT exhibition at the ASE Group's booth at last year's Computex. Taipei, May 22 (CNA) The "Internet of Things (IoT)," which connects various objects online, will again be a highlight of this year's Computex Taipei, with companies such as Microsoft Corp. showcasing products in the field, according to exhibitors.

Apart from Windows 10 and related products and services, Microsoft said it will showcase devices jointly developed with partners in Taiwan and applications of IoT technology in the retail sector.

Sarah Campbell: Internet of Things Closer Than You Think

Arkansas Business reported in February that 57 percent of the 5,247 C-level business executives IBM polled thought the internet of things — IoT — would be particularly important in the next three to five years. It ranked third out of eight technologies.

But IoT is more than a refrigerator that costs hundreds more and can tell you when you run out of milk. It’s the concept of connecting devices to the internet and with each other. Its purpose is to make life easier via automation.

Kirsty Tobin: 7 IoT companies hiring at the cutting edge of the internet of things

The internet of things is everywhere. Literally. From the smartphone in your pocket to your Fitbit, to the smart thermostats that are becoming more prevalent, internet of things (IoT) devices are taking over our lives.

IoT is all-encompassing, but the building blocks supporting the new technology – and the technology itself – don’t materialise out of nowhere. Someone has to build it.

As the IoT sector has grown, so too has the number of companies competing in that sphere. Many of these are even Irish or have an Irish base of operations.


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