Thomas Hallauer: Is there a business case for in-cab cameras in Europe? 

Source: „In-cab forward-facing cameras are becoming more popular within both the commercial fleet and insurance industries. Once regarded with a degree of suspicion by drivers who felt uncomfortable with a ‘Big Brother’ device in their cabs, they soon realised that the camera data could actually work for them, rather than against them.
To clarify, we’re discussing forward-facing cameras here, as opposed to inward-facing cameras that monitor the drivers

Unilever Launches 'Internet of Things' Partner Search

Source: „Five briefs on the theme of ‘Internet of Things’ launch via The Unilever Foundry, the company’s single entry-point platform for innovative start-ups seeking to partner with the company.
Since launching The Unilever Foundry in May the platform has received an overwhelming level of engagement from innovative companies and this is the first time specific Internet of Things briefs have been shared with the startup community through

Peter Waterhouse: Forget 'Things' – It's The Internet Of Business Models

Source: „With the Internet of Things, sensors and telematics don't mean much if they're not helping disrupt traditional business models. As with all new and exciting technologies, it's easy to get carried away with hype. Certainly the Internet of Things, with its promise of connecting homes and cars and smart grids, falls into that category.
The most newsworthy example is the battle brewing between Google and Apple to win control of the consumer market.

Jef Cozza: Internet of Things Comes to DIYers, Thanks to LittleBit

Source: ""Until now, building for the Internet of Things has been reserved for large companies and experts, limiting the power of what's possible and the rate of innovation," said Ayah Bdeir, CEO of littleBits. "With the cloudBit, we're doing for connected devices what Android did for mobile -- making an open, accessible and instantaneous platform."
Not to be left out of the nascent Internet of Things

Executive Talent Needs From Rising 'Internet of Things' Trend Spurs Heidrick & Struggles to Launch New Specialty Practice

Source: „Anticipating executive talent and leadership needs across industries from a burgeoning new trend—the Internet of Things—Heidrick & Struggles (Nasdaq:HSII) has launched a new global specialty practice.
The "Internet of Things" refers to the myriad implications of connecting everyday objects

Cheyenne King: Today littleBits announced the cloudBitTM, a new dimension to the littleBits library

Today littleBits announced the cloudBitTM, a new dimension to the littleBits library that lets you “snap the internet to anything” and turn any object into an internet-connected device - no soldering, wiring or programming required [video here]. 
Building for the Internet of Things was previously reserved for large companies and experts; with the cloudBit,

CAPS notes: The Internet of Things as an alternative democratic system for the 21th century

The main argument I wanted to get across is that there is a new ‚job’ or role for creatives/designers/artists and that is the role of Stakeholder Coordinator. Why?
We have a ‚Business’ Moment. It marks the transition from product to service to system design:
“In the future, a digital organization will be able to spot and exploit a business moment,

Mat Keep: Tackling the connected future, the right way

Source: „The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest IT topic to receive a consistent wave of industry attention, much like Cloud Computing and Big Data did before it. There is considerable discussion about the potential applications of IoT, with excitement about what the next connected device on the market might be and the types of new applications and revenue models that might follow.
Estimates about the growth opportunities in the connected devices market vary

Mat Zucker: I’m Literally Writing About The Internet of Things

Source: „I haven’t written in months. Maybe it’s because I’ve been busy. Maybe, I’ve been lazy. It is summer, yo.
But I believe the real reason I haven’t written is that I have dispassionately lacked the technological inspiration to do so. I’m writing now however because I am becoming increasingly obsessed with the integration of digital and physical experiences. It seems that wearables, tools, appliances

Colin Neagle: A guide to the confusing Internet of Things standards world

Source: „Google recently announced a new networking protocol called Thread that aims to create a standard for communication between connected household devices.
If that description sounds familiar, that's because it is. Thread joins similar collaborative efforts led by the likes of Intel, Qualcomm, GE and others in the race to establish standards for the Internet of Things, which is widely considered the next technology frontier.

Mohana Ravindranath: Internet of thingS

Source: „Home-improvement stores, destinations for the do-it-yourself consumer, have long sold the hammers, nails and tools people need to fix up their houses.
Now large chains such as Home Depot and Lowe's are selling virtual tools -- sensors, Wi-Fi enabled appliances and software -- to help those customers monitor and control their homes from their smartphones.
It's an attempt to tap into the Internet of Things -- technologists' term for a network of connected sensors, devices and objects.

Loraine Lawson: Why the Internet of Things Faces a Painful Path to Adoption

Source: "Jason Bloomberg thinks the Internet of Things is doomed. He has a long post to prove it, too. I say he’s absolutely right, even as he’s wrong. After I wrote about the Internet of Things on Friday, Bloomberg sent me a link to his recent post, “Seven Reasons Why the Internet of Things is Doomed.” It turns out that Bloomberg, an analyst and president of Intellyx, is much more skeptical about the Internet of Things than I am. I see it as full of potential business value — 

Mike Bedford: The Internet of Things: what it is and the future of connected devices

Source: „It seems likely that the number of servers on the Internet – those large computers that serve up websites – will exceed one billion sometime this year. What’s more, this is dwarfed by the six billion devices – from PCs and laptops to smartphones and tablets – that access this wealth of information. Huge as these figures might be, though, experts are suggesting that both will pale into insignificance

Christopher Rezendes: People Above Machines: Core Values and Three Keys to the Best of the Instrumented Future

Source: „In the future, you will have more cake, and eat it too.
But you will not have more cake, and eat it too, and remain, or become healthy and fit.
The best entrepreneurs in IoT (The Internet of Things) that we know around the world embrace the first statement, and abhor the second. The best IoT startups do the hard work to make 'AND'

Arvid E. Picciani: Grow Beyond the Beacon: Shift Your Business to the Internet of Things

Source:„….Beacons work like lighthouses, broadcasting their position into the air, so navigators can use them as guides. These Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices could broadcast other information as well such as battery power or sensor data from the environment. Since BLE devices are usually extremly low power devices running on battery, they are small and independent enough that we can attach them to anything – from plants to fridges, cars, pillows, cats, …


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