Toward patient empowerment in chronic disease: the Tag-it-yourself concept in Diabetes self-monitoring

Tag-it-Yourself™ (TiY) is a diabetes journaling platform developed at the Interaction Design Centre (University of Limerick). Based on the belief that the explosion of chronic diseases and the need to empower the patient will challenge some of the assumptions and connotations of the traditional medical model, the TiY aims to give voice to patients' concerns and to improve their sense of empowerment and feeling of control.

Djordje Djokic: IoT day Paris 2013

The first event was set up by Bearstech & CKAB, and the second by Pierre Métivier. Drinks and bites took place during lunch time, from 12 to 14 pm, so people from our digitally active neighbourhood can join. Some serious hacking took place, and we networked with a couple of friends and colleagues. Mostly coworkers and people we know. I think next year we should advertise a bit more about free beer that was included in the invitation as in “try our open-source mission-critical home-brewed BearsBeer”.

For the IoT Day 2014 we’ll probably organise something more elaborated as well.

Vadim Chekletsov: Internet of things: ontological and anthropological perspective

Connecting the socio-cultural,economic and transcendent dimensions of Human Enhancement and Smart Environment.

Smart Landscapes City Game Social Network

New trends of NBIC-convergence, Human Enhancement Technologies on the one hand and Smart Environment (Ambient intelligence, Ubiquitous computing, Internet of Things) on the other prepare us to a future paradigm shift blurring Anthropology and Social Philosophy borderlines.

Raffaele Giaffreda: Reporting from the First Italian IoT Day

Reporting from the First Italian IoT DayThe First Italian Internet of Things (IoT) Day, organised by CREATE-NET / iCore, took place on the 9th of April in Trento and gathered great visibility as documented also as part of this storify.The event lined-up a number of keynotes including amongst others Claudio Carnevali and Adrian McEwen...

Early Bird for IoT Week in Helsinki

Since its launch in 2011, the IoT Week has become the leading European meeting place for researchers and representatives from industry and politics active in the area of the Internet of Things. The past two editions attracted more than 400 participants from all over the world. REGISTER to the IoT week and benefit from the early bird rate until 30.04.2013.


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