IERC Newsletter July 2013

Source: "As we look forward to Horizon 2020, specific IoT challenges will be addressed by a larger cross-cutting activity, focusing on the creation of IoT platforms and ecosystems. Furthermore, a study on the “Definition of a research and innovation policy leveraging Cloud Computing and IoT combination” is expected to deliver results in the course of 2014. It is also intended to collaborate stronger with  Member States’ initiatives like Industry 4.0 in Germany and European Technology Platforms.

Irene Mavrommati and Ioannis Chatzigiannakis: "Hybrid Environments and the Real World Internet"

We would like to invite you to consider submitting your research work in the new Special Issue on: "Hybrid Environments and the Real World Internet" of Int. J. of Intelligent Engineering Informatics (IJIEI), Inderscience Publishers. Guest Editors: Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Computer Technology Institute, Greece. Irene Mavrommati, Hellenic Open University, Greece


'Internet of Things' Projects Embrace New RTI Business Model

Source: "Real-Time Innovations (RTI), the real-time infrastructure software company, today announced the significant momentum achieved by its aggressive new business model, rolled out last fall. Introduced in September 2012, RTI Open Community Source (OCS) and royalty-free licensing created a surge of new commercial customers, developers and projects."

Mike Wheatley: There’s no holding back the Internet of Things

Source: "There’s no holding back the Internet of Things – this is where the world’s heading, and we’re already seeing it in concepts ranging from smart electricity meters to IBM’s rather more ambitious Smart Cities initiatives. The basic fundamental holding IoT together is connectivity, a world in which machines with intelligent sensors are hooked up to the web,

The Internet of Things: Talk Talk Talk, But Nothing To Say

Source, Brian Proffitt: "As I outlined in an earlier piece on the subject, the Internet of Things is currently limited by the fact that manufacturers have embraced a profusion of incompatible protocols for communicating with their devices. These protocols are effectively different languages. As a result, devices connected to the Internet often can't speak to each other even if they wanted to.

Alex Gluhak & Rob van Kranenburg: IERC Activity chain on societal implications of IoT technology – Initiation session summary

This document provides a session summary of the initiation session of a new IERC activity chain (AC) on Societal implications of IoT technologies. The session took place during the IoT week in Helsinki. The meeting was well attended.

Sam Kleidsen: Will the Internet of Things change everything?

Source: "By connecting all objects in the physical world to the web, are we ushering in a new golden age of ease and efficiency – or an Orwellian techno-nightmare? So what is the Internet of Things? Well, it’s too wide-ranging, too nebulous a concept to describe in one pithy soundbite, but we’ll give it a shot: it’s when objects in the physical world connect to the web – and each other.

Heinz-Guenter Kuelzhammer: EDITORIAL IoT-A Newsletter Special #6

Kevin Ashton, in his opening talk at IoT - Week 2013, Helsinki: “But one thing I know for sure is, now that the Internet of Things is the present and not the future...
 You find this special edition mainly covering the recent line up of events for IoT-A: IoT China 2013, IoT Forum Brazil and IoT Week 2013, Helsinki with selected sessions, in particular on the stakeholder workshops.

Caroline Nevejan: Mediating Justice: the changing nature of presence in the era of ubiquitous technology

The ubiquitous use of media and networks has fundamentally changed social and organizational processes in today's societies. The speed and scale of information and communication is challenging the process of Justice. The mediated courtroom, in on- and offline contexts, with new types of evidence...

Chloe Green: Is Internet of Things to big an idea?

Source:...."Maurizio Pilu is currently director of the Connected Digital Economy Catapult, a project set up by the Technology Strategy Board to nurture the UK’s digital economy.
Before that, he led the TSB’s “Internet of things” programme. Pilu argues that the Internet of things is an “evolution, not a revolution”, one that has already been going for quite some time.

Tom Vu: an introduction to Kevin Ashton's recent IoT Keynote

SourceATMEL: "Recently, a number of industry heavyweights have taken a keen interest in the Internet of Things (IoT). Essentially, the IoT involves various nodes collectively generating a tremendous amount of data.  We know there is a strong emphasis now for the “Things being connected”....Remember, there are dependencies across the stack and layers of technology even down to the byte level. 

Marc Pous: The Internet of Things Meetup Munich, July 19, 2013

The workshop will have open talks (10-12h) followed by a discussion. After that we would like to held a collaborative exploration of the future of the Internet of Things. We will focus on the topic related with the social network of the Internet of Things with a brainstorming + discussion leaded by Marc Pous. The workshop will finish at 16.00 with some beers included at the end of the session.

Nathaniel Mott: Let's kill the word 'smart'

So let’s stop referring to every device that connects to the Internet as “smart.” If not, eventually some (smart) ass is going to take it to the next level and lead us down the (smart) road to the (smart) apocalypse by developing a “geniusphone” or a “savant television.”

Or perhaps Florida willaccidentally write a law banning the use of just about everything you own.

Whichever comes first.


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