Katerina Pramatari: From RFID to Internet of Things: 
Business Implications and Research Challenges

RFID has been a key motivating factor behind the vision of the "Internet of Things", considering that each object has a unique identity and virtual representation and the ability to interact with all other objects. This vision has brought forward many opportunities for new radical applications and developments.

Chris Yiu: The digital revolution is coming, and government is running out of places to hide.

The potential for revolution in the business of government is real. If Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple or any one of their competitors were redesigning the way government works, do you think you'd still be wading through paper forms to get your passport renewed? Or hanging on the phone for hours trying to book a hospital appointment?

Will Dolton: Enabling the Internet of Things: Q&A with Libelium CEO Alicia Asin Read more

We are Internet of Things enablers. We provide a modular, horizontal and open source wireless sensor hardware platform that sends any sensor data, using any communication protocol to any information system. In other words, our Waspmote sensor device can be used for detecting free parking spots, to enhance wine quality...

Mohana Ravindranath: Building the ‘Internet of things’

“We’ve got a handyman down the road who could have come in and fixed everything,” Hawkinson said.
The experience prompted him to begin work on a sensor capable of alerting his smartphone if something went awry again. That led him to imagine a product allowing a homeowner to remotely turn off lights, unlock doors or even send for a plumber."

Rick Robinson: The TI Sensor Kit and the Internet of Things

Source: "Be the first to comment! Share: 13 Tweet 0 Share 2 Share 0 15 The fast-growing “Internet of Things” has pulled mobile operating systems like Android into everything from thermostats to light fixtures. Because the OS is open-source and freely available, you don’t need to ask any big firm’s permission to use it. And thanks to a sensor kit from Texas Instruments, developers can now experiment with an endless range of products. 

Christopher Mims: Flutter: The wireless network with a mile-wide range that the “internet of things” could be built on

The result is an in-the-works project called Flutter. It’s what Taylor calls a “second network”—an alternative to Wi-Fi that can cover 100 times as great an area, with a range of 3,200 feet, using relatively little power, and is either the future of the way that all our connected devices...

Richard Chirgwin: Billions of sensors need novel routing schemes and the IETF is on the job

Source: "Whether you consider the Internet of Things (all the way up to the Internet of Everything) to be the Way of The FutureTM or just This Year's Buzzword® something of an exaggeration, there's a good chance some of you will run into some of its real-world manifestations in the near future.

Shelly Dutton: Is There a Future for the Internet of Things?

My refrigerator runs on the Internet of Things In addition to doing the tasks we normally expect, my refrigerator has a Wi-Fi supported LCD screen that features 8 apps: Memos, Photos, Epicurious, Calendar, WeatherBug, AP, Pandora, and Twitter. Some of the apps are specifically designed for the refrigerator, while others are apps we’ve come to know and love.

Claro Partners & WebVisions: IoT Lab Chicago 2013

Source: The Internet of Things (IoT) Lab is a weekend-long event for designers, developers, makers and strategists to explore the extensive range of opportunities around connected devices. Forget the internet-connected fridge – the IoT Lab will help attendees ideate and create prototypes of tech-enabled products and services that provide functionality that people really need.

David Berlind: Broadcom’s Internet of Things Strategy Could Yield Bumper Crop For Developers

Source: " Most people — especially developers — don’t know or care about what Broadcom is. For decades however, some of the biggest brands in the industry (Apple, Samsung, Dell, etc.) have relied on the semiconductor maker to enable the computers and mobile devices they sell for network and GPS connectivity. 

Ben van Lier: The Internet of Things: what kind of ‘things’ are we manufacturing?

Source: "In 1989, Langdon Winner asked himself the question: “As we make things work, what kind of world are we making’’? This question has probably never been as topical than at a time where more and more objects are developed, manufactured and maintained which are or will be connected to the Internet. 

Nancy Gohring:Local Motion aims to bring consumer car-sharing tactics to big businesses

Source: "Former Microsoft executive Steven Sinofsky hopes to bring “the shared economy to the enterprise.” That’s the headline for a blog post where Sinofsky announced a $6 million investment, lead by Andreessen Horowitz, in Local Motion, a company that’s a lot like Car2Go or Zipcar but for the enterprise.

Francesca Bria: Supporting and growing digital social innovation in Europe, what needs to change?

Source: At this open workshop we will present emerging findings from a major new study on digital social innovation (DSI) in Europe. The research is commissioned by the European Commission, DG Connect and run by Nesta, in partnership with the WAAG Society, ESADE, IRI and Future Everything. 

Francesca Bria: What is the Internet of Things and how it will change social?

What does Internet of Things means for Social Media, Customer Relation Management, Advertising and storytelling? What new kind of jobs can we foresee? Can we build a balance between online and offline experience or will IoT engender a hybrid reality where the generations to come simply have no more clue about what their grandparents mean with reality?


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