Ben van Lier: Cyberspace, cybernetics and cyber-physical systems

Source: "The term cybernetics, introduced in the middle of the last century by Norbert Wiener, still forms the basis for attributing significance to developments arising from new technology. The term cyberspace was introduced in the 1980s, and now mankind stands at the cusp of the development and design of cyber-physical systems. The influence on our daily lives and work of cybernetics as a science thus continues to increase.

Irene Mavrommati: IJIEI - Hybrid Environments and the Real World Internet

Special issue on: "Hybrid Environments and the Real World Internet": Guest Editors: 
Irene Mavrommati, Hellenic Open University, Greece
Ioannis Chatzigiannakis, Computer Technology Institute, Greece. This special issue will look into the possibilities that smart objects raise for various types of networks including wired, wireless and cellular, and how new services and applications can be deployed and managed with them within the context of the surrounding environment.

Pravo IKT the first Serbian website dedicated to ICT Law

PravoIKT addresses new, disruptive technological developments such as Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. The primary goal of the initiative is to raise awareness about benefits and importance the Internet of Things and other disruptive technological phenomenons may bring as well as to help avoiding possible pitfalls. The idea is to create momentum for bottom-up approach to much needed legislative changes by providing constructive, useful insight and expertise.  

Chris Rezendes: Education and the Internet of Things

Source: "The Internet of Things may be a popular buzzword right now, but figuring out the technology requires more than a surface understanding. As companies try to determine how the Internet of Things and M2M can work for them, they are often in need of guidance on how to choose and implement the right solutions. This need for education has led one advisory services firm, INEX Advisors to offer a new Internet of Things Education/Training and Commercialization Program

Christopher Mims: How the “internet of things” will replace the web

Source: „We’ve already written about why 2014 is really, finally the year that the “internet of things”—that effort to remotely control every object on earth—becomes visible in our everyday lives. But most of us don’t recognize just how far the internet of things will go, from souped-up gadgets that track our every move to a world that predicts our actions and emotions. In this way, the internet of things will become more central to society than the internet as we know it today. The web will survive

Andre Kindness: Internet of things set to unleash deluge of disruption

Source: "As the internet of things (IoT) pushes Ethernet into new areas – manufacturing lines, hotel room beds, farm combines or the inside of an aircraft wing – devices that need a connection will move from the thousands to the millions, as process engineers, control system engineers, hotel designers, electric grid operators and other business executives harness the digital disruption and powers of the IoT. For networking professionals, the next wave of challenges comes from...

Paul Nunes and Larry Downes: Big Bang Disruption: The "Internet Of Things" Takes Off, Gradually And Then Suddenly

Source: „If only there were a way to talk to your air conditioning, or better yet have it read your mind. That future is here. In our new book, “Big Bang Disruption,” we describe the radical ways technological innovations are now entering the market, often appearing as better and cheaper alternatives to existing goods, right from the start.

Council Member Djordje Djokic appointed Privacy by Design Ambassador

I am incredibly honored that the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario, Canada, Dr. Ann Cavouian, has recognized me as a Privacy by Design Ambassador. Privacy by Design Ambassadors are an exclusive, but growing, group of privacy thought-leaders committed to ensuring the ongoing protection of personal information by following the Principles of PbD.

Bobby Campbel: Internet of Things' has the potential to change everything

Source: "The new catchphrase of innovation is "Internet of Things." If we're always connected, then the Internet of Things is what we're always connected to. It's all those devices that are collecting huge amounts of data on you and the people around you and then sending it into the cloud. That includes many of those toys that are on your Christmas list this year, such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Google Glass and smart..

Rob Bamforth: Internet of Things, SCADA, IPv6 and social networking

Source: "Were small devices and sensors ever connected before the term the ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) was coined? Sure they were, especially in industrial applications, where the term SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) sums up what all of this is really about—information flow and control. This comes from the 1960s, when computing was much more standalone—i.e. precious little in the way of interconnected networks...

Smarter Oil And Landslide Predicting: Here's How The Internet Of Things Is Changing The World

Source: "While one could debate the extent to which oil and gas extraction should still be happening, it still is. And Moscow-based company STEK has found a way to make it smarter. Winner of SmartCamp’s Moscow regional finals, STEK combines IT, sensors, and smart electricity meters to create a new, more energy-efficient way of controlling underground oil pumps.

Jonathan Brandon: Thingful aims to be the Google of the Internet of Things

Source: "Thingful wants to be the world’s index for M2M sensors, bringing order to largely heterogeneous systems and platforms. With over 30 billion IP-connected devices and sensors projected to be in operation by 2020, according to ABI Research, the tech world is positioning the Internet of Things to be one of the biggest drivers of innovation since the steam engine. But much like the evolution of the internet....

Umbrellium launches Thingful, a discoverability engine for The Public Internet of Things

Thingful is a discoverability engine for The Public Internet of Things, providing a geographical index of where things are, who owns them, and how and why they are used.
Today, millions of people and organisations around the world already have and use connected 'things', ranging from energy monitors, weather stations and pollution sensors

Hannah Breeze: Gartner Predicts Internet of Things Explosion

As product designers dream up ways to exploit the inherent connectivity that will be offered in intelligent products, we expect the variety of devices offered to explode.

Gartner added the Internet of Things will facilitate new business models based on real-time data and could be particularly popular in the health and fitness industry as well as the medical and banking sector

Near Now announce Joey Holder and Lisa Ma for Internet of Growing Things Residency

Source: " Broadway and Near Now have invited Joey Holder and Lisa Ma to work in collaboration, developing new work focused on food and future agri-cultures as part of a new research residency, Internet of Growing Things; analogising global food systems and industrial agriculture as a complex web of relationships between animals, vegetables, minerals and other unclassifiable typologies.


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