Processing 2.0 has arrived!

Source: We're thrilled to announce the launch of Processing 2.0—the latest incarnation of the programming language, development environment, and online community that has grown dramatically since its debut in 2001. This new release builds on the versions of Processing that have been downloaded almost two million times. We invite you to download Processing 2.0 from The Processing software is free and open source, and runs on the Mac, Windows, and GNU/Linux platforms.

Patrick Moorhead: How To Intelligently Build An Internet Of Things (IoT)

Source: "One of the most hyped terms the last year has been the “internet of things”, abbreviated to “IoT”. IoT is essentially the vision that nearly everything is connected to the internet.  This includes not just smartphones, tablets and PCs, but includes clothes, cars, appliances, light bulbs, door locks, thermostats, toys, etc...The challenge is to start with end-to-end services delivery in mind, while leaving room for technology and market evolution

Ben van Lier: Spimes, Cyber Physical Systems and Industrie 4.0

Source: "The term spimes was introduced by Bruce Sterling in 2005. According to him, spimes are manufactured objects that start out in a different way from traditional objects and end up as data. From their origin to their recycling, he states, spimes form ‘material instantiations of an immaterial system’. The physical object is increasingly being created and integrated into the virtual environment of interconnected and communicating networks.

Lea Lipovšek: Living bits and things 2013 - Call for speakers has been extended until July 15th!

Living bits and things 2013 Program is being created and we got some very impressive speakers to present -on November 12 and 13, 2013. However, to provide you really interesting topics and meet the most influential people of IoT, we are extending the Call for Speakers until July 15th. Share your knowledge and experience

Antonio Jara: Workshop on Identification, Information and Knowledge in the Internet of Things, Oct. 26-28, 2013 BEIJING

The International Workshop on Identification, Information and Knowledge in the Internet of Things: Recent advances in technologies such as RFID, sensor networks and NFC are bringing the vision of the Internet of Things  intelligent data-enabled devices connected

Franck Le Gall: short report on the Helsinki session Business Model Pitch

On the June 19th, the 1st Internet of Things (IoT) Business pitch contest took place in the framework of the IoT week. In front of a captivated assembly of more than 60 participants, four young entrepreneurs and idea developers defended their business concept to a jury made of 5 high level executives. 

Matt Rosoff: How SAP hopes to win from the Internet of Things

Source: "SAP is making a big bet on the Internet of Things, but the company acknowledges that it's still a ways off.The Internet of Things, or "machine to machine" (M2M), describes a world in which millions of objects transmit and receive data over wireless networks, creating a flood of data that can be analyzed and help drive business decisions. Despite the name, not every one of these devices will connect to the public Internet --

Age of Powerscavenging: Energy harvesting and the internet of things - chicken and egg?

Source: "A one day event in Cambridge this week is bringing together some of the best known brands in consumer and technology sectors to consider the commercial potential of the Internet of Things (IoT) - and energy harvesting is expected to be one of the major issues under discussion.

Tim Bouckley: an exploration of how everyday objects can be designed to deliver competitive feedback that guides user behaviour

"What if we could compete with one another through our everyday products to make sustainable behaviours more engaging and long-lasting?...Versus' final outcome is a 'behaviour machine': an interactive installation that lets you compete against an opponent for control over a set of common objects.

Kevin Ashton's opening talk for the recent IoT Week

The human race is going to continue to grow. The quality of our lives is going to continue to grow. The length of our lives is going to continue to grow. And so the task for this new generation of technology and this new generation of technologists is to bring tools to bear on the problems of scaling the human race. It is really that simple....We depend on things. We can’t eat data. We can’t put data in our cars to make them go. Data will not keep us warm.

Pasquale Guarino: WiMotics

The purpose of WiMotics (video, best practice 2012) is to create a unified System and Services in a Web 2.0 (SaaS/Multitenant, every client see only our sensor, menus and users) Application for managing Wireless Sensor Networks in different application fields:

  • Monitoring and Management Systems Lighting and Energy Consumption
  • Monitoring of soil and hydrogeological for Landslides

Go to Mobilize • October 16 & 17, 2013 • San Francisco - with a Council discount

EVERYTHING CONNECTED: Has mobile innovation stalled, with commoditized hardware and OS market share at a steady state? At this year’s Mobilize conference, we’ll look ahead at the areas primed for growth and disruption – Internet of Things, BYOD, Mining Mobile Big Data and wearable devices . Don’t miss it! Use the code IOTEUROPE to save 25%, or register through this link.

Tom Kerber: Laying the Foundation for the Internet of Things

Source: "The Internet of Things is coming, but so far it's a fragmented mess. In order for it to work the way it's envisioned, some coopetition may be in order. The business models that reward innovation, that are open, and that are fully interoperable at all levels are the ones that will be successful. The Internet of Things will come into being only when the interoperability challenges are conquered.

Shalunov said that one day everything will be a router.

Rober McMillan: Open Garden, The Internet of Things:

Back when he was at Internet 2, Shalunov remembers a National Science Foundation director dropping by his office in Armonk, New York, one day and asking the technical people there what they saw as the next big thing on the internet. Shalunov said that one day everything will be a router. “He thought it was science fiction,” Shalunov says."

The Facebook of Things: Google Mine

Michael CarneyGoogle Mine (if it’s real) could be the best or the worst thing to happen to the sharing economy: "When was the last time you asked yourself, “I wonder which of my neighbors has a leaf blower?” or, “which of my friends has timeshare in Cabo?” or “…a poker table?” or “…the full Star Wars collection on Blue-ray?” or “…snowboard boots in a size 11?” It’s a common occurrence, especially as the sharing


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