CALL FOR PAPERS SMARTOBJECTS 2015, September 7, 2015, Paris, France

Internet of Things, Smart-cities and Fog computing are representative examples of modern ICT paradigms that aim to describe a dynamic and global cooperative infrastructure built upon objects intelligence and self-configuring capabilities; these connected objects are finding their way into vehicles (smart-cars), urban areas (smart-cities) and infrastructure (smart-grid).

APEC Telecommunications and Information Working Group: Advancing the Internet of Things for Economic and Social Benefits

BORACAY -- Recognizing the potential of the Internet of Things and the online interconnection of everyday objects, public, nonprofit and private representatives provided recommendations on how APEC member governments can nurture this innovative technology to realize both economic and social benefits.

Pamela Newenham: New dawn for farm tech: sowing the Internet of Things into agriculture

Did you hear the one about the connected cow? It might seem like a joke, but thanks to advancements in big data, technology and the Internet of Things, a new era of farming is emerging.
Cows are being connected to the internet to help track the animal’s health and improve their milk yield. This is done by placing special electronic collars on the cattle. The collars contain a wireless sensor that transmits data about the animal’s health and the amount of milk being produced back to a central computer or device.

Jenny Judge and Julia Powles; Forget the internet of things – we need an internet of people


But what if we could design objects that utilised the internet in truly smart, differentiated ways, while also communicating their own function? What if we could understand this function intuitively, effortlessly? And what if these objects showed us – actually showed us, through their design features, their data flows and their legally-binding background conditions – how our information is being used, who can access it, where it is going, and why?

Google developing a new Android-based OS Brillo for Internet of Things #BRILLO OS

Looks like Google is shifting focus to those low-end power devices such as smart light bulbs or security cameras which come with as little as 64MB or 32MB worth of RAM. The company is reportedly working on a new software, under the Android brand, as the group developing the software is linked to the company’s Android unit.

Pamela Newenham: Summit to focus companies on aligning with Internet of Things

With the wearables market expected to be worth $20 billion by 2017, and connected home devices expected to reach $13 billion, the Internet of Things opportunity is immense.

But how can companies align their products and business strategies to the Internet of Things and capitalise on significant market opportunities? This will be among the topics discussed at the Silicon Valley Global Tech Summit, taking place in Dublin this week.

Rohit Panshikar: Google files patent for ‘creepy’ Internet-connected toys meant for smart houses

Google recently filed a patent for the kind of creepy toy that parents may not want around their kids even if it can be a useful way to keep an eye on them. According to the drawings submitted as part of the application, the toy may come in different forms such as a teddy bear or a rabbit. It will be fitted with various sensors as well as cameras, speakers, microphones and motors.

Likely to haunt the nightmares of kids and adults alike, the toy might run on the Brillo OS.

'Internet of Things, the next big thing'

Imparting knowledge:  Former IAS officer M N Vidyashankar speaks at Jnana Degula, organised by Deccan Herald and Prajavani in Bengaluru on Saturday. Hundreds of students looking to explore and chalk out their future academic and career paths, and their anxious parents, found succour at the Deccan Herald-Prajavani Jnana Degula, an Education Expo 2015, here on Saturday.

Anand Karwa: Google Brillo – An Internet Of Things OS That Runs on 32 MB RAM

Looks like every manufacturer is getting crazy about the Internet of Things (IoT) these days. Huawei had recently unveiled its 10 KB light IoT OS- LiteOS which can run on almost anything connected to the internet. And now, Google has revealed its plan to launch its own version of Internet of Things (IoT) OS dubbed Brillo, according to a report published on The Information.

Miranda Bruce: New Materialism - Framework for the IoT?

New Materialism - Framework for the IoT?
By Miranda Bruce

Most of the hype about the IoT—that it is the best and worst thing ever—is based around a fundamental assumption: that objects are essentially inert, and that it is our duty to make them the best they can be or be responsible for letting them become the worst (or allow the worst people to take control of them).


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