The Internet of Things: Investing in Future Technologies, London, Nov 28 2013

This Internet of Things forum will centre on the latest developments and opportunities arising from the advancements in machine to machine communication. It will explore and examine how to reach the correct level of investment and policies needed to create the best environment for the research and development of the Internet of Things. Delegates will hear from key policy makers, stakeholders and leading practitioners in the field."

Being social with espresso and Internet of Things: Cupflow

Source: "Among the latest wave of smart connected devices pushing the frontier of “The Internet of Things,” Cupflow is a unique user experience that facilitates social interactions between people and drink dispensing machines. With Cupflow’s pioneering smart interfacing technology, a customer can scan a 2D barcode on the machine with their smartphone, login to Facebook, receive their beverage, and share their experience with their network of family and friends.

Barb Darrow: ...and the importance of white space

Source: "...White space spectrum comprises the unused airwaves between TV channels that could be used for wireless and even mobile broadband connections. That is incredibly valuable commodity — a game-changer, said Papas. “Unlicensed spectrum … has an incredibly disruptive potential.

There are huge battles going on to determine the future of mobile networks and they all depend on how we regulate that spectrum,” he said.

James Holloway: RFID be gone: Why you might soon be 3D printing the Internet of Things

Source: "Fundamental to the Internet of Things is the idea that objects must be uniquely identifiable. RFID chips are perfect for assigning objects a digital fingerprint, at least so far as traditional manufacturing goes. But with the rise of 3D printing, incorporating an RFID chip into your object means interrupting the printing process. Now, scientists have come up with a way to 3D print a unique tag,

Foreword to the IoT-A Newsletter 7 by Thibaut Kleiner

From the Internet of Things, to M2M to the Internet of People to the Internet of Everything, there are currently a number of narratives trying to describe how emerging connected technologies can and will transform our lives.  The prospects are not distant any more. Very soon, there will be more connected objects than mobile phones, for instance. And we already start seeing applications being rolled out, from tracking well-being devices to sensors. But there are still a number of key questions ahead.

John Fontana: Identity weaving itself into Internet of Things foundation

In order to query or connect to any "thing" that thing will have to possess an identity of some sort. A smartphone has relevance as a device, but its value skyrockets when it is identified as yours and gets even better when it can be associated with your other "things." An HVAC provides an even indoor temperature but it needs to identify itself to participate in an ecosystem of "things."...Identity helps form relationships between things, such as pieces of equipment on a shop floor, or a sensor and a device.

Pranjal Kshirsagar: The Internet of things: Why this is the next big tech revolution

The possibilities that this concept holds are endless. It can mean transformation for businesses when it comes to logistics and supply chain systems. Plants and factories in remote locations can run without any human interaction.

Consumer products will be able to send usage data reports back to manufacturers and in turn lead to better product design and creating more targeted marketing strategies.

Near Now Fellowship: impact of technology in everyday life.

Source: "Broadway is proud to announce a new national scheme to support the artistic and professional development of UK-based practitioners across art, design, technology and education disciplines through a 15 month Fellowship with Near Now.

Near Now is Broadway's commissioning and artist development programme, working closely with artists and designers to produce and present playful projects that critically explore the place and impact of technology in everyday life.

Rachel King: ARM study: The Internet of Things is real. It's here. Act now.

Source: "Introduced amid an invite-only discussion on Monday morning, the processor maker has backed a new report that declares, quite simply, "The Internet of Things is an idea whose time has finally come." In fact, the topic appears to be more relevant than just debate fodder as researchers found that more than two-thirds of businesses are either in the process of incorporating Internet of Things practices if they haven't already implemented them.

Rob van Kranenburg: Internet of Things and the horizons of bio and nano, and Denisa Kera

The Internet of Things is the highway that will bring in the next horizons of nano and bio technology not as new trends or thin strands alongside the developments, but it will ‘eat’ them so that the mobile health patches in your t-shirt become slightly more organic and any component in any RFID enabled application or sensor based architecture even more small and smaller.

LX Group: Wearable computing and the Internet of Things

Wearable computing devices potentially offer much greater consistency in human-computer interaction by ensuring constant access to the computer, and constant connectivity without a computing device being used intermittently in the midst of other activities.
The new Google Glass is a contemporary example of wearable computing. Representing an advanced, sleek, beautifully designed head-mounted wearable computer with a display suitable

DSI: Crowdmapping Digital Social Innovation in Europe

Source:"The crowdmapping exercise to constitute a network of organisations and communities involved in supporting and delivering Digital Social Innovation across Europe, is part of a Europe-wide research project in to Digital Social Innovation (DSI) funded by the European Commission, DG Connect and run by Nesta, in partnership with the Waag Society, ESADE, IRI and Future Everything. For regular updates about the project follow @Digi_Si.

Alexey Andrushevich: Your Opinion about the Internet of Things matters!

As a part of our research on Internet of Things, the iHomeLab created a survey that explores the knowledge and the opinion of people about the "Internet of Things". Please, share five minutes of your time and let us know what you know and think about the "Internet of Things"!

This link below will bring you directly to the survey, which is also available as a mobile version.

Stacey Higginbotham: A tale of two internets of things: Connectivity will invade your home and office in different ways

Source: "A third of businesses are already creating products associated with the internet of things but the evolution of connected networks will likely evolve faster in the corporate, rather than the consumer world. The hype over the internet of things has reached big data levels, as has the idealism.

An automated garden that could compete with commercial farms.

Source: "Rik Kretzinger grew up on a Christmas tree farm and spent his college years studying horticulture, but he found it too difficult to make a living as a small farmer so he spent most of his career working for others. A few years ago, he began to tinker with aquaponics (fishfarming + hydroponics), sensors and the open-source microcontroller Arduino to create an automated garden


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