Ajit Jaokar: The role of Constructivism in teaching Data Science for Internet of Things

I enjoy teaching.  I teach at University level (Oxford and UPM – Madrid). I also teach young people the principles of Computer Science using Space technology using a live Satellite in collaboration with Ardusat. Over the last decade, education itself has changed with more emphasis on Online education. This allows us (as teachers/tutors) the opportunity to explore new modes of  learning.  However, the principles of learning have not changed. I believe, in many ways, we now need to come back to the more traditional/timeless principles of teaching in a Digital world

Suzanne Currie & Chris Massot: Ethnography and IoT: Help Shape Relationships between Humans and Machines in 2016

IoT (the Internet of Things) took center stage at CES last January. Many watchers of the giant Consumer Electronics Show opined the array of new products entering this space (many aimed at mainstream consumers) was the main story from Las Vegas this year.

Rewind a few months earlier to EPIC2015 in São Paulo, Brazil, and twenty-five ethnographers are sitting together in a room to consider how IoT fits with human behavior (and how our discipline can forge a better fit).

The First International Workshop on Internet of Vehicles and Vehicles of Internet (IoV-VoI 2016) in conjunction with ACM MobiHoc 2016 in Paderborn, Germany in July 2016.

Driving safety has been the focus of vehicular networking research and development for the past 15 years. Standardization is mostly complete with voluntary roll-out starting in Japan. Current generation is based mostly on broadcasting of beacons.

Where We Stand With Blockchains: Bet on the Disruption

Chris Skinner has a new book out, ValueWeb, which describes in the words of its lengthy subtitle “how FinTech Firms are Using Bitcoin Blockchain and Mobile Technologies to Create the Internet of Value.”

It may appear to a cynic that Skinner is simply entering the already crowded sweepstakes for “who gets to invent the next buzz phrase?” The “internet of things” has already been chewed up and spat out as buzz material. So now … the Internet of Value? But let’s not be cynical today.

Louie: Internet Of Things To Be Driven By Economics, Not Technology

View, Jawbone, and Sonos don’t ring a bell when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), the idea of connecting devices to the internet for remote data exchange. Instead, we often associate IoT with Google (driverless car), Apple (Apple Watch and Apple TV), and Samsung (SmartTv) and expect IoT products will come from these tech giants. However, those largely unheard-of companies are at the forefront of developing real IoT products that we’ll soon be using, if not later.

Wearable Technology Show: 2017 dates confirmed: 7-8 March 2017, ExCeL, London

30 March 2016: Visitor numbers to the third annual Wearable Technology Show rocketed by 26 per cent year on year with 4,874 people attending the world’s biggest dedicated wearables event. This compares to 2,200 in 2014 and 3,900 last year.

Organiser Evolve Media Group has confirmed the show will return to ExCeL next year on 7-8 March 2017.

Eleanor Lawrie: It's time to invest in the 'internet of things': Fund manager reveals why he believes smart US technology is the place to be

While US investors may be worrying about what effect a Trump presidency would have on their stock market, Franklin Templeton's Grant Bowers is confident he has identified themes that can continue to grow against an uncertain backdrop.

The Franklin US Opportunities fund he manages has its biggest overweight position to information technology, with a 3.7 per cent holding in Amazon, and 3.5 per cent in Facebook.

Nadia Cameron: Why Ford is counting on the Internet of Things to drive customer engagement

Shifting the focus from engaging customers through a physical product to meeting their modern transportation needs with end-to-end experience management has triggered a major repositioning for car manufacturer, Ford.

Speaking at the recent Adobe Digital Marketing Summit, Ford’s director of enterprise and emerging IT, Rich Strade, told attendees the heritage of the company saw it interacting with customers at a particular point in time.

Master edge computing possibilities at Network Edge Europe, London 2016

Taking place on 6-7 June 2016, Network Edge Europe is the inaugural gathering of the telco, computing and application community. A key platform for outlining the revenue and business opportunities in this developing area, the event will help forge new business partnerships and verticals.

Endorsed by ETSI, the two-day event brings together more than 100 C-level professionals from across the ecosystem, with speakers confirmed from Google, Amazon Web Services, Nokia, ETSI, EE and Deutshe Telekom amongst others.

Sandeep Gunda: We thought of taking a closer look at the impact of IoT in enterprises

I am Sandeep today we released an infographic on "Internet of Things in Enterprise". I am sure you have observed how IoT is playing a disruptive role in the enterprises today. We thought of taking a closer look at the impact of IoT in enterprises and found that IoT is fast becoming a critical priority for businesses cutting across industry verticals. 

John Parkinson: When Will We Be Able to Trust the IoT?

If you had an unlimited budget and little need for sleep, you could attend most (but not all) of the dozens of Internet of Things (IoT) events scheduled around the world in 2016. You’d not get much actual work done, but you’d hear a lot about what’s possible when everything gets “smart and connected” and the new business opportunities that IoT will enable.

Jason Griffey: How libraries can save the Internet of Things from the Web's centralized fate

Everyone thinks libraries have a positive role to play in the world, but that role differs greatly based on whether you’re talking to a librarian or a patron. Ask a patron what libraries have in common and they’d probably answer: they share books with people. Librarians give a different answer: they share a set of values. It’s time for libraries to step up to those values by supporting access to the Internet and taking the lead in fighting to keep the Internet open, free, and unowned.


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