Tony Smith: IoT needs hi-tech carrots rather than government sticks

How will Europe lift itself out of current and future economic woes - and help save the planet while it’s about it?

According to chip giant Intel, with hi-tech carrots rather than government sticks. So said the head of Intel’s European R&D operation, Martin Curley, this week at the chip company’s European Research and Innovation Conference – Eric to its friends.

Steve Lynn: Expert: Smart city movement losing steam

The evolution - rather than revolution - of making cities more efficient or "smart," must come from city officials, businesses and citizens, Aoun told an audience at the NetZero Cities conference in Fort Collins on Thursday.

The conference addressed ways cities could plan better to solve problems related to challenges such as population growth and climate change.

Bas Overtoom: An open discussion on the impact of Big Data

An organizations’ ability to become ‘data savvy’ and integrate data analytics within the core of its company will become one of the primary elements for success in the modern world. This ‘shift’ will lead to significant changes within the organization, and that is why we need to try to answer the following question: ‘How should a manager integrate data and data analytics..

Stacey Higginbotham: The FTC is set to investigate rules for the internet of things

The rise of such connected devices essentially takes the established privacy framework the FTC adopted for web data and throws the problem into three dimensions. The FTC had established several categories of “sensitive data” in its 2012 Privacy Report, including Social Security numbers, precise geolocation data, financial records..

Addy Dugdale: Starbucks Joins The Internet Of Things With Smart Fridges That Know When Milk Has Gone Bad

Source: "The fridges and coffeemakers at Starbucks are about to get a whole lot smarter. Within the next year, the coffee chain reportedly plans to connect its devices to the Internet of Things. Specifically, fridges will now tell employees when a carton of milk has gone bad, and cloud-based Clover coffeemakers...

Kristin Jellison: Internet of Things Becoming Reality

Source: "... The Internet of Things makes a huge difference for the patient. She receives personalized and responsive healthcare. But this technology also helps the businesses involved. The healthcare provider achieves a competitive advantage in its services. The hospital benefits from cost savings through more accurate treatment and better application of services. All of this, in turn, translates into savings on insurance claims.

Cherokee Nation monitors air quality

Source: "Cherokee Nation Environmental Specialist April Hathcoat checks real time air quality data collected from the tribe’s air monitoring stations from her Allen Road office in Tahlequah.

The Cherokee Nation was among four Oklahoma tribes to receive part of an $847,097 grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to help monitor air quality on tribal lands.
Cherokee Nation Environmental Programs received $437,785 in funding.

The Internet of Things looms, are you ready?

Source: "Gartner are predicting by 2020 the Internet of Things will create an additional $1.9 trillion for the economy. The Internet of Things is the eventual merging of the explosion of smart devices, from smartphones through to sensors within a kitchen fridge, and the connectivity of the Internet. As the cost of connecting devices decreases and the ubiquity of an Internet connection increases the number of connected “things” shall continue to rise to,

IBM and Libelium create an Internet of Things Starter Kit


Created by IBM scientists and Libelium engineers to ease application development, testing, and scalability of wireless sensor networks (WSN), the new Internet of Things Starter Kit integrates Libelium's Waspmote wireless sensor platform with IBM's Mote Runner software and 6LoWPAN, which allows every single sensor and device to connect directly to the Internet using the new IPv6 protocol.

The Connected Home through Connected TV?

"The connected home will ultimately expand beyond the tech community when mainstream consumer brands get involved and introduce solutions that drive adoption among regular consumers. Over the next 12 to 18 months we will see a new wave of solutions that will push this technology to the mainstream, which will provide significant benefits to consumers, as well as the innovators who develop them and the investors who back them."

IDC Launches First Composite Index Ranking of Countries Based on IoT Opportunity

A new International Data Corporation (IDC) ranking of G20 countries based on suitability preparedness for the IoT opportunity helps vendors by creating a weighted, single, ordered point of guidance for vendors looking to globalize IoT.

"The market potential from the increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions is not a regional phenomenon," said Vernon Turner...

Michael J Koster: A Modular Open Source Platform for Web Scale IoT Interoperability

Source: Interoperability for the Internet of Things: "Previous articles in this series discussed architectures and approaches to provide meaningful interoperability. Protocol interoperability allows any application to interact with any connected thing using any M2M protocol. Interoperability also provides for reuse of software components, allowing a common platform..."

Lawrence Solomon: The Internet of Total(itarian) Things

The highway getting a bit too congested? No problem. In the world envisaged by the regulators in the U.K., the government will simply take control of your steering wheel to take you to an off-ramp and then an alternate route. Are rubberneckers slowing down traffic as they gawk at an accident by the side of the road? That same government will maintain cars at an even speed, as if the drivers’ feet never eased up on the accelerator.

Mirko Presser: The Business edition of the IoT Comicbook

A business edition of the “Internet of Things!” comic book has just been published. The new issue of the comic book targets people that may never have heard of the subject before. More specifically, it targets politicians, the general public and business managers who might have a stake in IoT. The comic book gives the target audience a broad understanding of the advantages and potential risks associated with IoT.

Li-Fi to speed up IoT?

Under the new discovery dubbed as 'Li-Fi', a light bulb with embedded microchips can produce data rates as fast as 150 megabits per second, which is speedier than the average broadband connection in China, said Chi, who leads a Li-Fi research team, including scientists from the Shanghai Institute of Technical Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences..."Li-Fi is a new paradigm for optical wireless technology to provide unprecendented connectivity"


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