Jim O’Reilly: The Internet of Things: Not So Scary (Securities not security)

Source: „IoT will increase the flow of data, but should be manageable with proper attention to WiFi requirements and security.
Whenever the Internet of Things (IoT) gets mentioned in the press, there is a sense of an awesome monster about to be unleashed on a poor, unsuspecting IT industry. Billions of devices, more big data than we have ever seen (maybe we need to call it bigger data), and computing up the wazoo!

John Kuhn Medill: With ‘Internet of Things,’ your fridge will know when milk is low

Source: „Americans are adapting to a world in which virtually everything _ from cellphones and cars to washing machines and refrigerators _ is going to be connected to the Internet or networks. Many of these devices will _ and do _ “talk” to one another via tiny sensors that function almost like human senses, logging information such as temperature, light, motion and sound. Theoretically, the sensors

Tom Chinnock: Following our recent 5th Annual Internet of Things European Summit, I am now pleased to provide you with a summary

Following our recent 5th Annual Internet of Things European Summit, I am now pleased to provide you with a summary of the discussions that were held over the course of the two day event. The summary has kindly been compiled by the event's two knowledge partners, Council and the Center for Policy on Emerging Technologies and is available for download here.

SocIoTal: Creating a Citizen-Centric Internet of Things

Source: (p. 270) Abstract—In this paper the vision and the main objectives of the FP7 SocIoTal project are described together with a description of the initial activities and results in relation to the scenario definition. Contrary to the general approach of creating Internet of Things (IoT) services from a business perspective, the project addresses the design of citizen centered IoT solution. For this, it is required to create new IoT solutions from the citizens' point of view and for the immediate benefit of the citizens without necessarily involving

DATE 10th-11th December 2014 (TRONSHOW EXHIBITION 10th - 12th)

We are pleased to announce 

2014 TRON Symposium,

the 30th TRON Project Symposium to be held on 10th - 11th ofDecember 2014, in Tokyo, Japan. The Symposium, with technical co-sponsorship of IEEE Consumer Electronics Society, will feature presentation sessions of papers, poster sessions, panel discussions, tutorial sessions and an accompanying exhibition, TRONSHOW (10th-12th December.)

Smart AgriMatics 2014: The future use of ICT and robotics in agriculture and food business

Smart AgriMatics is ready to welcome you with a very exciting programme of speakers and workshops that is now available at our website. Speakers come from large, leading agricultural and ICT companies (e.g. BASF, AGCO, Atos) but also from many smaller companies and start-ups. Together they will interact in a rich palette of workshops ranging from ‘farming in the cloud’, supply chain digitization to ‘smart food awareness’.

Patrick Gray: Innovation and the Internet of Things/Size does not matter

Source: „The Internet of Things (IoT) is often associated with huge companies with vast R&D budgets. Here's how a small business with a passion for innovation uses connected device technology to stay ahead. 
I have been in the market for a new grill, and was considering purchasing both a standard gas grill and a smoker, the latter as I've become more interested in barbecue. I was intrigued to discover "pellet grills," a niche I was not previously aware of.

Aimee Chanthadavong: Internet of Things on top of agenda for Singaporean CIOs

Source: „Three-quarters of Singapore CIOs said their organisations are well ahead of technology investments, citing digital transformation as an extremely important or important contributor to their companies' worldwide strategy, a recent survey from NCS' SURF Emerging Technologies Maturity Index 2014 revealed.
The study, which polled 240 senior information technology executives, indicated 50 percent of respondents expressed they

BIOCOMP'14: The 2014 International Conference on Bioinformatics and Computational Biology

BIOCOMP is an international conference that serves researchers, scholars, professionals, students, and academicians who are looking to both foster working relationships and gain access to the latest research results. It is being held jointly (same location and dates) with a number of other research conferences; namely, The 2014 World Congress in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, and Applied Computing. The Congress

Amy-jo Crowley: BT and networking startup Neul are supplying the technology to Milton Keynes.

Source: „Milton Keynes is looking to make itself more intelligent by rolling out a network that will connect a variety of devices, sensors and applications via the Internet.
Known as the Internet of Things (IoT), the project is being implemented by Cambridge-based networking startup Neul and BT over the next eighteen months.
Neul's Weightless base stations will be installed across Milton Keynes to provide coverage for mobile and static sensors

Katie Humphrey: Experts predict a thriving 'Internet of Things' by 2025

Source: „The milk jug in your refrigerator may not have special Internet powers yet — but just wait. One day it may send you signals, say a text message, when you need to buy more.
That may sound far-fetched or unnecessary — it’s not that hard to remember the milk — but such Internet-connected objects are a big topic these days in the fast-moving tech world. The buzz phrase “Internet of Things” encompasses everything from wearable tech to connected home devices, plus stuff that hasn’t yet been imagined.

Francesca Bria: Digital Social Innovation Interim Report

Interim Report: "We highlighted 5 areas that capture key dimensions of the phenomenon under investigation: 
(i) New ways of making including the Makers movement and open hardware projects like Arduino that is recoluzionising open design and manufacturing; 
(ii) Participatory mechanisms and open democracy featuring new projects pioneering direct democracy and citizens paretcipation such as Open Ministry

Michele Nati and Dionysia Triantafyllopoulou: The second Sociotal IoT Meetup in Guildford

The second Sociotal IoT Meetup in Guildford  drew over 30 participants again to the Keystone. Organizers Michele Nati and Dionysia Triantafyllopoulou again found an attentive and expert audience and good discussion. After the first two Meetups mainly focused on providing an overview of Internet of Things (IoT) and what IoT could do for community and industry, what was asked for the next time is some kind of success story

Tristian E. Lacroix: IndoorLBS invites you to download the free iBeacons Market Report brief

IndoorLBS invites you to download the free iBeacons Market Report brief that showcases the "Rise of the iBeacons - Micro Location and Proximity Revolution; it outlines 100 iBeacons vendors and over 20 Retailers and venues that are deploying IOT infrastructures. IndoorLBS.com was launched in 2003 to promote indoor location positioning and indoor mapping technologies, which today enable solutions such as "Store Mode." 

Matthew Jarvis: Intel: 'The Internet of Things is changing the retail landscape'

Source: „ Intel has encouraged retailers and resellers to embrace in-store retail technology, as consumer expectations rise and prices fall. Speaking on 'The future of in-store technology' at PCR Boot Camp 2014, Philip van de Mortel of Intel Embedded said: "Customers and consumers are becoming more tech savvy – they have raised expectations." Van de Mortel highlighted the changing form of consumer engagements as driven by connected devices and big data. "The Internet of Things is changing the landscape


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