Jerome Rota: How to Bring the ‘Internet of Things’ to Life

The Federal Communications Commission is considering bids for its latest spectrum auction, of licenses to transmit in the 600 megahertz band, now that the March 29 application deadline has passed. Though it might seem arcane, the resale of this enormous swath of airwaves, freed from TV broadcasters by Congress in 2012 and now pitched toward wireless carriers, is hugely important. That’s because the 600 megahertz band could finally bring a techie buzzword, the Internet of Things, to fruition.

Barry Libert, Megan Beck Fenley and Jerry (Yoram) : Network Revolution: Creating Value Through Platforms, People and Technology

Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum, stated earlier this year that he believes we are experiencing the fourth industrial revolution. This is a revolution of networks, platforms, people, and digital technology that is “blurring the lines between physical, digital and biological spheres.” Our research supports this theory. We believe that digital networks are the key differentiator, which tie together these spheres in a way that enables new forms of sharing, distributed intelligence and value creation.

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Eliot Brown: Alphabet’s Next Big Thing: Building a ‘Smart’ City

Google parent Alphabet Inc. has legions of Web developers. Soon it might be in need of real-estate developers.

In coming weeks, top executives at the Mountain View, Calif., technology giant are set to weigh a pitch from Alphabet’s urban technology-focused subsidiary, Sidewalk Labs, on a plan to delve into an ambitious new arena: city building.

Aaron Tilley: Samsung Launches Cloud Service Just For The 'Internet Of Things'

Samsung is well known for its manufacturing might, but the company still hasn’t figured out software. That’s not stopping the South Korean electronics giant from trying to push into one of the most strategic areas emerging in software: cloud services.

On Wednesday at the Samsung Developer Conference, the company announced Artik Cloud, a cloud service specifically made for connecting “Internet of Things” devices.

Amir Nasr:Senators Prepare the U.S. for the Internet of Things

A bipartisan group of senators expects to advance a bill Wednesday to prepare the United States for the Internet of Things, “smart” devices such as self-driving cars or Fitbits. They believe that turning everyday objects into smart devices by connecting them to the internet and each other carries incredible possibilities, but will also require intense preparation.

Siemens, the first company on the Holodeck, but "Wir lassen unsere Kunden nicht alleine”.

Siemens is now the first real Internet of Things company. It has achieved full consistency between virtual and real production worlds. It is easy to read and write this but you have to experience it yourself at this year's Hannover Messe. Of course for Siemens to be called this is not really relevant or interesting. It has done #IoT when it was called ambient intelligence, pervasive computing, ubicomp. Siemens does not follow trends, it sets the bar. It has done this in a consistent analogue world.

Joon Ian Wong: Nokia is betting big on the internet of things, with a $191 million acquisition

Nokia just spent €170 million ($191 million) on a major move to become a new kind of consumer devices company—based not on the venerable mobile phone business it pioneered, but on wearables and the internet of things. Nokia announced that it acquired the French wearables and IoT company Withings today (Apr. 26) in an all-cash deal.

Maria Deutscher: What you missed in Big Data: The Internet of Things rises

Last week saw the connected universe return to the analytics world’s agenda after Teradata Corp. formed a new business unit dedicated to helping organizations take better advantage of their sensory data. The group will focus on complex use cases like predicting industrial equipment failures that the average enterprise can’t implement on its own, or at least not in any reasonable time frame.

Ryan Matthew Pierson: How the Internet of Things helps build brands

Brands are poised to benefit greatly from the Internet of Things (IoT) over the next several years, as companies are being connected with their consumers in ways they never could before.

Engagement is at the heart of IoT. It isn’t a dusty server sitting in a back office, it isn’t your laptop or even your smartphone. It is a concept built around connecting the various items we interact and engage with throughout the day in a way previously only reserved for what we would describe as computers.


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