Chris Celek: Marketing in the Era of the Internet of Things

Thirteen billion “things” are currently connected by digital sensors and transmitters. That number is projected to grow to 39 billion by 2020. The expected impact on the global economy by 2025: $6.2 trillion. However, the rapid growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is neither the full story nor the real opportunity for marketers in the manufacturing space.

Internet of Things stock you’ve never heard of just rose 500%

New York: A little-known stock listed in London has become a trade of choice for investors looking to profit from the technological megatrend known as the Internet of Things.

Telit Communications Plc, which sells hardware that lets everything from vending machines to rental cars transmit data wirelessly, has surged almost sixfold since the end of 2012. This year alone, shares of the company have rallied 37 per cent, far outpacing its main industry rivals.

The Hindu: Two labs to be set up soon for Internet of Things

The Department of Electronics and Information Technology (DeitY) and the National Association of Software and Services Companies (Nasscom) will launch labs to research the Internet of Things (IoT).

The centres would be established in Bengaluru and Chennai and preliminary work was on, said K. Purushothaman, Regional Director of Nasscom. He was addressing a gathering of researchers, academicians and technocrats from industries at the launch of the Conclave on Internet of Things at VIT University, Chennai campus, on Friday.

Richard Werner: Moving towards action: Setting up Community Banks in the UK

Goal: Introduction of public-benefit oriented, not-for-profit local community banks creating credit for productive purposes, mainly to SMEs

Modelled on the German local public savings banks and local co-operative banks (Sparkasse, Volksbank)

  • Hampshire Community Bank launch 2016.
  • No bonus payments to staff, only ordinary, modest salaries
  • Credit mainly to SMEs, and for housing construction (buy-to-build mortgages).
  • Owned by a charity for the benefit of the people in the county of Hampshire

See attached pdf.

Lou Frenzel: Will Noise and Interference Throttle the Internet of Things?

If the projections for the volume of the Internet of Things (IoT) actually happen, we will have tens of billions of devices, mostly wireless, vying for spectrum space amongst what will be an increasingly noise environment. That’s the bad news. The good news is that the IoT movement is going to be good for most players in the electronic industry. How do we deal with the potential bad news?

Gordon Hun: 5 ways the internet of things will change your everyday life

The internet of things (IoT) is both present and future, as the explosion of sensors rockets ahead. But, for the uninitiated, what aspects of life will be affected? Well, pretty much all of them.

Alarm clocks will be synced up to weather and traffic apps, reflecting what time we need to get up and into work. Heating systems will time it so that we have hot water in time for our shower, while lights will be synced up to turn on only in the rooms we frequent at ungodly early-morning hours.

Robert Matthews: Internet of Things: the future is smart but is it safe?

Internet of Things (IoT) technology will connect us like never before, but the cost to our privacy and security remains to be seen.

Imagine a world where parking spaces know when they are free and tell your car how to get to them – or where your TV is so smart you can ask it to suggest some movies for the evening.
Or how about a world where your location is known every moment of every day and where your TV can report everything it hears, but you have no idea who is listening in?

Ajit Jaokar: Welcome to the world’s first course that helps you to become a Data Scientist for the Internet Of Things.

Only for October – now with a new part payment plan for last few places.
The course starts on Nov 10

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This niche, personalized course is suited for:

  • Developers who want to transition to a new role as Data Scientists
  • Entrepreneurs who want to launch new products covering IoT and analytics
  • Anyone interested in developing their career in IoT Analytics

CONNECTIONS™ Europe 2015 Agenda

CONNECTIONS™ Europe is part of the CONNECTIONS™ Conference Series, hosted by international market research firm Parks Associates. These interactive events host 100-125 executives in an intimate setting to learn, network, and address key issues relevant to digital products and services for consumers.

The CONNECTIONS™ Europe Summit Series features high-level discussions and analysis on best practices for growing revenues now and in the future. Topics include:


Martin Spindler: The Prisoner’s Dilemma of the IoT Standards Wars

Time and again, you hear calls for a unified Internet of Things standard. The argument is essentially this: the value of the Internet of Things does not lie in the individual products themselves, but in the connections they can make, the network they can tap into. Without a universal standard, these products will live in “walled gardens”, restricting the network size, and following Metcalfe’s law, will restrict the total value of the network, as the number of connections between nodes is handicapped.

Greg Bensinger: Amazon Dives Into the Internet of Things Inc. introduced a new service for its fast-growing Amazon Web Services division for what’s known as the Internet of Things, or IoT.

The service is designed to allow developers to link Internet-connected hardware devices to communicate with other devices as well as applications stored in remote servers. That means devices such as smoke alarms or fitness trackers can communicate with one another, store data or take commands from computers without the help of a live person.

Meghan Ottolini: Why Partnering In The Internet Of Things Makes Sense -- And Money

At the recent Xively Xperience 2015 conference, the focus was all on how to profit from the futuristic Internet of Things technologies. During a panel discussion on the subject, Albany, N.Y.-based Twin Technologies’ CEO Ben Elmer pointed out that the decision to partner is one of the most crucial steps toward making real money from IoT products and services.

Ben Rossi: Could blockchain power the Internet of Things?

One of the most disruptive technologies in computer science today is not a sexy smartwatch, a high-resolution screen or a driverless car – it’s a distributed public database that maintains a growing list of transactional records, protected against tampering or revision.

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Dogecoin have blockchain to thank for their rise in prominence. By building a decentralised ledger that allows legions of globally networked computers to act as a sequential spreadsheet of transactions, blockchain has kick started a revolution in banking and business.


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