Christina Mulligan: The Online Trust Alliance aims to secure the Internet of Things

Security for the Internet of Things (IoT) can be a huge hurdle for those trying to develop embedded devices. Instead of just having to worry about the software, developers have to worry about the software, the data, the device, the application and the back end. To help improve IoT security, the Online Trust Alliance (OTA) has released its Internet of Things Trust Framework.

update from IP EXPO Europe: The Future of Cloud’ keynote panel featuring Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure and Barak Regev, Head EMEA Cloud Platform, Google.

“Due to unforeseen circumstances, Edward Snowden will now not be speaking at IP EXPO Europe 2015 at ExCel in October. There will be further keynote speaker announcements in due course, but in the meantime we are proud to announce ‘The Future of Cloud’ keynote panel, to take place on Day One, featuring Mark Russinovich, CTO, Microsoft Azure and Barak Regev, Head EMEA Cloud Platform, Google.

Doug Peeples: Vehicle-to-grid energy storage: One step closer to reality in Europe

Endesa, a Spanish subsidiary of Council Lead Partner Enel and car maker Nissan, which manufactures the popular Leaf EV, are working together to bring vehicle-to-grid (V2G) to Europe in a big way. The two companies hope to be the first to introduce the energy storage technology throughout Europe.

While the Endesa-Nissan V2G partnership  isn't the first attempt to transform EVs into rolling energy storage systems, the two companies already have conducted a number of successful demonstration projects, according to a Guardian article.

Peter Jones, Tim Lyons, Sharon Rowe | DLA Piper: The Top Six Things You Need to Know About the Internet of Things: A Legal Perspective

IoT is discussed in the media more and more frequently. It has important social, economic and legal implications, most of which are yet to be fully understood.

The following sets out a brief list of things you should know about IoT from a lawyer’s perspective.

IoT is here and it’s changing the way we live and interact with each other. It will change the way consumers interact with suppliers, businesses interact with their employees and each other and government interacts with its customers, employees and contractors.

Charlie Osborne: Internet of Things device security degrades over time

The security of smart home devices must become sustainable to keep consumers safe, the Open Trust Alliance has warned.

The Internet of Things (IoT) and the concept of the connected home is an emerging industry. IoT devices can make our daily lives more efficient, but manufacturers are yet to get up to speed when it comes to security -- and a constant stream of research concerning smart systems has revealed just how easy it can be to exploit vulnerabilities and manipulate these kinds of devices.

PR Rocket:Jason Hope Comments on CIO Report about how Congress Continues to Probe Internet of Things Privacy

Lawmakers continue to look at ways to make the Internet of Things more secure, as billions of sensor-enabled devices are hitting the market each year. Jason Hope expresses optimism that the government is going to get things right. has published an article about a recent House hearing addressing the security concerns surrounding the Internet of Things. Jason Hope, futurist and entrepreneur, believes the hearing was profitable in pointing out the danger of too much regulation, while still encouraging some movement towards improved security.

Sriram Ramamurthy: The Internet of Things: Part II- Uber is Driving to Where IoT is Headed

Let’s look at a current real-life example of an “Internet of Things” application so we can think about how such systems will work in the future. Most IoT examples are along the lines of the “smart coffee cup” example in the previous blog, or intelligent appliances. While these are certainly valid examples, they are also very narrowly focused on “Things”, which is only one part of IoT.  The real game-changing aspect of IoT is not so much the “Things”, as it is the systems that reason about things and that cause those things to act.  

Jonathan Matus and Stefan Heck: Understanding The Future Of Mobility

We recently had the opportunity to participate in two important conferences focused on the future: one on the on-demand economy (On Demand Economy 2015) and the other on mobile communications (Rutberg Future Mobile 2015).

While each conference covered a range of fascinating topics, if taken together, one can develop from the conversations and presentations a clear picture of the future of mobility. This future, creating both great opportunities and economic dislocations, is being driven by established tech players as well as a new generation of innovative startups.

Announcement: Latest IoT Breaking News Update Paper and Special IoT Session submissions.

The IEEE World Forum on Internet of Things 2015 is an event devoted to worldwide  researchers, scientists, engineers, and practitioners in which to present and discuss the latest research results, findings, ideas, Proof of Concepts, applications, implementations and deployments in the several problem domains of the Internet of Things. The conference will host keynote speakers of global relevance as well as invited presentation of well-known experts in the fields of IoT. The WF-IoT solicits new timely contributions in all fields relevant to IoT.


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