Stuart Corner: Australian Government set to tackle Internet of Things

Industry body Communications Alliance has called for Australia to develop a National IoT strategy to drive IoT leadership, awareness and opportunity.

The recommendation comes from a draft report prepared by a Comms Alliance IoT think tank established in March this year. Details of the draft were revealed at a Comms Alliance seminar in Sydney.

Co-author of the report, Geof Heydon, from marketing consultancy Creator Tech, said responsibility for developing a national strategy should sit within the Department of Communications.

Jacob Brogan: If You Think a Wi-Fi Enabled Toaster Is Ridiculous, This Twitter Account Is for You

Describing a world in which every object—refrigerators, thermostats, toilet seats, and more—is connected to the Internet, the concept’s proponents promise that it will make our lives easier. In reality, it creates a pervasive cyber security nightmare: If your refrigerator can go online, your refrigerator can be hacked. Not only is the term itself silly, it also promises a world that hardly seems desirable.

Laura Fagan: How To Sound Smart When You’re Talking About The Internet Of Things

Someone starts talking to you about the Internet of Things (IoT). Do you smile and nod along, with no idea what they are referencing, or do you have something to add? Do you fall somewhere in the middle? No matter where you are on the spectrum, we’ve put together a few talking points you can use to sound not only smart, but also ahead of the curve, next time IoT comes up in a conversation.

First, give a brief history lesson.

Elizabeth Weise: Intel's coming-out party for the Internet of Things

SAN FRANCISCO — There were dancing robot spiders, death-defying feats with BMX bikes and a major shift in emphasis at this year's Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco.

The annual conference was something of a coming out party for Intel's focus on the Internet of Things, the hip term for an arena it has long been active in, back when it was called embedded computing.

The emphasis was small, ubiquitous connected devices, powered by Intel chips, that the company hopes developers will find ways to put everywhere.

Dan Rowinski: Smart Dust May Become The Pinnacle Innovation Of The Internet Of Things

A cloud of nanoparticles washes through a field. Tiny sensors gather data on variants in air current, moisture and temperature. The pH balance of the water and the soil is constantly monitored and the growth rate, health and sustainability of the crop is continually assessed. The dust of nanoparticles—some may call it smart dust—can detect invaders in the field, be it a disease infecting the crop, small animals or humans and dispatch another cloud of dust to combat the threat.

Larry Darrell: Google Inc New OnHub Router Paves The Way For Internet Of Things

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced its latest home product, the OnHub RouterGoogle, yesterday in an official blog post by Group Product Manager Trond Wuellner. The router has been developed in collaboration with TP-Link, and Google hopes the new router will address issues users face with traditional ones.

Stacey Higginbotham: Like everyone else, Intel is betting on the Internet of things to boost its marketing mojo

Intel has always been good at marketing. Remember the dancing factory workers in their multi-colored bunny suits? Well, a new reality show produced by Mark Burnett, the guy behind The Apprentice and Survivor, will star people using Intel chips to make Internet-connected devices. It’s just one example of how the chip giant is focusing its marketing muscle on the so-called Internet of things, the emerging technology category that involves connecting locomotives, coffee makers and factories online.

Thomas Ricker: The Internet of Things hype generator

The promise and reality of the Internet of Things couldn’t be farther apart.

Here’s the promise: a "system of systems"

Here’s the reality: "Connecting you with your trashcan like never before"

Things are so bad that Gartner — one of tech's most respected research and advisory companies — called the Internet of Things the most hyped emerging technology of 2014:

Alexander Hellemans: Jeremy Rifkin on the Internet of Things and the Next Industrial Revolution

In 1973, the American sociologist Daniel Bell, in his book, The Coming of the Post Industrial Society [pdf], predicted that advanced societies would change from being based on manufacturing of goods to ones in which knowledge workers would occupy a central position.

This did happen, but because of the meteoric rise of information technology, the development of the Internet, and the widespread adoption of cellphones, the change has been far beyond expectations. These technologies are changing not only society, but the economic models on which society is based.

Tove Danovich: How Ambient Sound Can Keep Your Data Safe

Want to get money out of an ATM? You'll need need both a PIN number and your debit card. In many stores, credit card purchases require an I.D. Both of these are well-accepted forms of two-factor authentication that people use without issue.

But when it comes to the Internet, many users would rather rely on a simple password than deal with the hassle of needing an extra code either written on a piece of paper or sent to their phones via text message. Who can blame them?

Cadie Thompson: 4 technologies that could kill the password

If the barrage of data breaches and hacks over the past few years has taught us anything, it's that passwords alone provide a pretty weak security system.

The problem is that a string of letters and characters alone will always be relatively easy to hack or steal, especially through trickery like phishing attacks over email. And to make matters worse, many people use the same password for more than one account, making it easier to get hold of all kinds of valuable personal information.

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