Michelle Dade: New Report Identifies Tech as infrastructure’s tipping point

The innovative power of 3D printing, commercial drones, self-driving vehicles, electricity storage, and the Internet of Things are pushing the North American infrastructure market toward a tipping point, according to the latest study by the nation’s preeminent infrastructure advisory firm.

CG/LA Infrastructure’s Building Prosperity: 2015 Strategic 100 North American Infrastructure Report identifies those strategic projects, all incorporating transformative technologies to unleash $376 billion in infrastructure opportunities over the next 18 months.

Benjamin Snyder: India releases list of 98 'Smart City' candidates

India’s government has just announced the names of nearly 100 cities that are expected to become “smart,” according to the Economic Times.

There are 24 state capitals included with the 98 cities selected for the program. The Times reported that 13 of those cities fall in Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state. There are also 12 cities in Tamil Nadu, 10 in Maharashtra, six in Gujarat and Karnataka and four in West Bengal and Rajasthan, according to the publication.
There are two more cities that still need to be decided.

Robert Bierwolf: Management Challenges of IoT

Much has been written around a number of related themes such as the Internet of Things, Smart Industry/Industry 4.0, Smart Energy, Smart Cities, Smart Health Care, Smart Homes, Smart Transport, Big Data, Cloud and Anything as a Service. But there is more than technology that meets the eye.

Join us, get inspired, debate, discuss with some specialist speakers covering multiple angles from this Future Internet, our future.

Irene Lopez de Vallejo: Art in the IoT roundtable

When - Monday 7 September from 2-5pm
Who - This event is an initial scoping exercise to work out what role the Digital Catapult can play in bringing together the thriving Art, Design and Internet of Things communities across the UK, to share experience and skills. 
What can we do to influence and support the design of next generation IoT products and services? 

Building up from a successful 2014 Event, Meet IoT is a major event where to see IoT innovations, interact with IoT leaders and learn specific technologies.

Meet IoT is a primary location for raising awareness on specific topics related to IoT, demonstrating how theoretical advances and research on different technologies can be leveraged by applications and services.

Building up from a successful 2014 Event, Meet IoT is a major event where to see IoT innovations, interact with IoT leaders and learn specific technologies.

Keith Kohl: Internet of Things to Save Oil and Gas

With the tumultuous market lately, it really shouldn't be shocking to learn that companies are striving to find new ways to save money while keeping up production and revenues.

Of course, one huge strain for companies is equipment maintenance, specifically on-site human maintenance for storage and hydraulic fracturing-chemical facilities. The cost of hiring someone, giving them a company truck, and sending them out to the site to manually update the asset's wellbeing... Things can get very costly costly.

Dr. Manos M. Tentzeris: Independent power to boost the Internet of Things’ lift off

General Dwight D. Eisenhower is reported to have said that “you will not find it difficult to prove that battles, campaigns, and even wars have been won or lost primarily because of logistics.” Without proper supply (e.g., ammunition), catastrophe looms. It has even been argued that “at worst, military disaster may be the price of logistics neglect”.

Robin Wauters: One of the world's biggest airlines just invested in an internet of things startup

Dutch 'Internet of Things' startup Undagrid has raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from KLM (Royal Dutch Airlines), Amsterdam airport Schiphol, Rabobank and the Delft University of Technology - who together manage an investment fund dubbed Mainport Innovation Fund (MIF).

Undagrid basically offers a platform to connect devices with each other and the Internet.

Lorna Goulden: A new meetup group Eindhoven Internet of Things has been created

A new meetup group Eindhoven Internet of Things has been created.

Aimed at bringing together anyone currently active or interested in building, creating, designing, sharing and also critically reviewing and steering developments in this area. 

And to also to practically add to this by finding and building a community interested in connecting Eindhoven to The Things Network.

Jon Fingas: Malaysia will use RFID stickers to track vehicles

If you're planning to drive in Malaysia in the next few years, don't expect to maintain a lot of privacy. The country plans to implement RFID-equipped road tax stickers that will help authorities track all vehicles, whether they're local or foreign. It'll start with a pilot program at a border checkpoint this October, but it should expand to cover the whole of Malaysia by 2018. And don't think of trying to take the sticker off -- it'll shatter and transmit a warning if you try to tamper with it.


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