Extended deadline: The Internet of Things Philosophy, York 3-5 July

3rd - 5th July 2014 York St John University, Lord Mayors Walk, York, UK, YO31 7EX The Internet of Things (IoT) is an umbrella term used to describe a next step in the evolution of the Internet. While the first phase of the web can be thought of as a combination of an internet of hyper-text documents and an internet of applications (think blogs, online email, social sites, etc.), one of the next steps is an Internet of augmented ‘smart’ objects – or ‘things’ – being accessible to human beings and each other over network connections. Propose a paper or video.

The Sixth International Conference on Intelligent Networking and Collaborative Systems (INCoS-2014)

INCoS-2014 covers the latest advances in intelligent and adaptive solutions for social networks and collaborative systems. The ultimate aim is to stimulate research that will lead to the creation of responsive environments for networking and, at a longer-term, the development of adaptive, secure, mobile, and intuitive intelligent systems for collaborative work and learning.

Yves de Montcheuil: How to make the most of the Internet of Things

Source: „David Cameron's announcement of an extra £45 million to develop the Internet of Things is great news – that's £73 million that the UK has earmarked in funding research in this space. The announcement highlights a growing understanding at the highest levels of government of the huge potential, both commercially and from a consumer perspective, presented by the vast volumes of data that connected objects are generating every day.
Some of these objects have been in existence for decades

Wilson Ng: Internet of things

Source: „ONE of the fastest growing segments will soon be Internet and technology being embedded in things like glasses, thermostats, cars, watches and everywhere else. They call this the Internet of things.
Among this is what people call Internet wearables. This week, Google Glass, the company’s much anticipated innovation that allows an eyepiece to take commands and give you a viewer as well as a video camera, goes on sale. With Google Glass, you can check your e-mail, check references, surf the Internet and take videos or pictures.

Barb Darrow: Yes, the internet of things will be great, once we get the mess untangled

Source: „For IT veterans who still smart from the integration and data-sharing woes of the client-server era, the internet of things poses huge new challenges and they’re not just about technology.
If you thought the in-house data silos of the client-server era were a nightmare, get ready for the hairball that the internet of things could engender. As tens of billions of “things” — sensors, machines, mobile devices — get connected to the internet and to each other

Chris McMahon: Internet of Things: Changing the Insurance Value Chain

Source: "The rise of the Internet of things could change every link in the insurance value chain, according to “The Internet of Things and the Insurance Value Chain,” from Celent, creating new business opportunities for early adopters and saddling late adopters with adverse selection.
Donald Light, director of Celent's Americas P&C insurance practice, explains that the Internet of things (IoT) consists of three interdependent components: things with networked sensors, such as automobiles

Dean Takahashi: Watch Dogs really lets you hack your way through a smart city (hands-on preview)

"Pearce uses his smartphone to hack into ctOS, the city operating system that controls the infrastructure of the realistically rendered Chicago. He breaks into neighborhood control centers and then uses the infrastructure for his own purposes. He can get access to everything. He can intercept phone calls, listen to voice mail, hack bank accounts, or use security cameras to spy on bad guys. When cops are chasing him, he can activate road blockers that the pursuing vehicles will crash into

The Technium: A Conversation with Kevin Kelly: Technology is anything a mind produces

Source: "My definition of technology is anything a mind produces, so I have a very broad scope of technology, and I would say that the first technologies actually came from animals. In a certain sense the collective mind of an anthill or termites can make a skyscraper. It's kind of like the external phenotype. You can have birds weave. They do weave. They weave nests. Beavers engineer dams, and that just as we had an external phenotype that we made with our own minds,

Steve Range: Internet of things and wearables drive growth for ARM

Source: „Interest in the internet of things, wearable devices and enterprise networking have helped boost profits at chip designer ARM. The company said 2.9 billion ARM-based chips were shipped by its customers in the first quarter of this year, up 11 percent year-on-year, and said it had seen strong year-on-year shipment growth especially in enterprise networking and microcontrollers which grew 150 percent and 40 percent respectively. Revenues hit $305m for the quarter,

Jon Xavier: McAfee VP on zombie switches and security in the Internet of Things era

Source: "Security in the current era of computing is about locking down a relatively small number of devices: your PC, your phone, your tablet, and the router you use to connect all those things. Yet defending just those four devices is a problem so large that a $4 trillion worldwide industry has sprung up around it.
But in the era of the Internet of Things, when each device from your toaster to your garage door is connected, everything will need to be secure: your house, your car

Rich Quinnell: Join a live chat at IoT World on Security and IoT

Rich Quinnell: Join a live chat at IoT World on Security and IoT:
"I have often wondered about the risks of open source software with regard to security for the Internet. In particular, the Internet of Things.
I have scheduled a live chat on this topic for Wednesday the 23rd at 8am Pacific time. Like EETimes, you have to be registered on the IoT World site to post, but you can come "listen in" without registration as well.

How the Internet of (Wearable) Things is Driving Healthcare Innovation

Source: "Eugene Borukhovich How the Internet of (Wearable) Things is Driving Healthcare InnovationEugene Borukhovich is an international expert on healthcare information technology innovation. He is the founder and organizer of Health 2.0 NYC and Health 2.0 Amsterdam and is a leading advocate in healthcare consumer issues and open health data. He currently serves as VP Healthcare, European Markets at SoftServe, Inc., and can be followed on Twitter at @HealthEugene.

Krithika Krishnamurthy: Talk, Play, Assist: Startups design gadgets for 'internet of things' space

Source: „Shoes, rings and watches are now not just fashion accessories but aids that enhance mobility for the blind, improve gaming experiences and control smartphones and other household devices. These devices, which can be operated with a few flicks of the finger or taps of the toe, are some of the newest offerings from young companies in the 'internet of things' space,

Duncan McLeod: PCCW to connect Modderfontein ‘smart city’

Source: „PCCW Global, the international operating division of Hong Kong Telecom (HKT), will build the network and provide the technology infrastructure that will support a planned R84bn urban development at Modderfontein, north-east of Johannesburg, the company said on Tuesday. The project, the brainchild of Chinese national Dai Zhikang – who is the founder and chairman of the Shanghai Zendai group – involves the development over the next 10-15 years of 1 600ha land on the East Rand previously owned by chemicals group AECI.

8th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI 2014)

6th International Work-conference on Ambient Assisted Living (IWAAL 2013), Belfast, Northern Ireland,  December 2-5, 2014. The paradigm of Ubiquitous Computing as originally envisioned by Weiser in 1991, has recently evolved into a more general paradigm referred to as Ambient Intelligence (AmI). AmI represents a new generation of user-centred computing environments which aim to find new and innovative ways to obtain an improved level of integration


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