Telematics Munich 2014: Analyse the Connectivity Demands of Gen Y Drivers (video)

Connectivity and the Generational Divide. This video roundtable has been released in association with Telematics Munich to offer a greater insight into how generational technology gaps provide an opportunity to streamline the car as a moving, financial services vehicle for different market segments.
Telematics Munich, now in its 12th year, continues to bring together the innovators that stretch the boundaries of the telematics, CE and M2M community.

Internet of Things a key focus at the 2014 International Microwave Symposium

"Virtually every topic at the IMS has some impact on the future Internet of Things, including 4G/5G wireless technologies, biomedical sensors, automotive radar and navigation systems," said IMS Technical Program Chair Sanjay Raman. "The pressing need for more bandwidth to support the increased data volumes generated by the Internet of Things requires innovative approaches to wideband and reconfigurable RF and wireless systems, positioning our industry for further growth."

Anuj Sharma: The Tech Behind Internet of Things

Source: „IoT is expected to be the next big revolution after the World Wide Web. It aims to create a seamless network of billions of wirelessly identifiable devices that can communicate over the Internet. These devices could be anything, right from things that we encounter in our daily lives, like different types of machines and appliances, to the buildings that we live in, the cars we travel in and so on.

All these things can become effective members in business, information and social processes where they can connect and communicate

Bug Labs: collaboration between PubNub's Real-Time Network and freeboard.

"Having been fans of PubNub for many years, we are please to announce a collaboration between PubNub's Real-Time Network and freeboard.
Now any PubNub user can build simple and beautiful dashboards for their devices and share them easily with friends.  Click here to watch a short video on how it works. More great news - freeboard users can now purchase "locks" which can be used to make freeboards private."

Marissa Tejada; The Internet of Things: Connectivity and Convergence

Source: „The Internet of Things (IoT) is impacting the way businesses run and the business models they follow. A new study from market research firm Frost & Sullivan took a closer look at how IoT devices, from personal robots to 3-D printing to wearable gadgets, are slowly creating a new digital future. This future is accessible to midsize firms, but it requires considerable thought and planning. In the company's press release on the study, the IoT is described as the driving force

A balance between IoT in Cloud and intelligence at the edges of the network (robots)

Christopher Mims: Forget 'the Cloud'; 'the Fog' Is Tech's Future: „I’m as big a believer in the transformational power of cloud computing as anyone you'll meet. Smartphones, which are constantly seeking and retrieving data, don't make sense without the cloud, and any business that isn't racing to push its data and software into someone else's data center is, in my view, setting itself up for disruption by a competitor who is.

Klint Finley: „Why Tech’s Best Minds Are Very Worried About the Internet of Things”

Source: „The Internet of Things is coming. And the tech cognoscenti aren’t sure that’s a good thing. For years, the prospect of an online world that extends beyond computers, phones, and tablets and into wearables, thermostats, and other devices has generated plenty of excitement and activity. But now, some of the brightest tech minds are expressing some doubts about the potential impact on everything from security and privacy to human dignity and social inequality. 

#Tweetchat on the Internet of Things with the Internet of Things Council

Q: How can we encourage a more bottom-up approach to IoT applications and innovation?
Q: What effect will data collection and smart devices have on privacy and personal autonomy?
Q: What are the main drivers for the IoT revolution?
Q: How can we integrate IoT technology into future cities to ensure the primary benefit is for citizens?
Q: What are the main obstacles to creating truly connected homes?

John Holden: 3D printing and the Internet of Things

Source: „The internet is awash with tales of engine parts, full-scale bicycles – and of course the obligatory scare stories about firearms – being produced by 3D printers. Global media from the Economist to Forbes have heralded 3D printing as the manufacturing revolution of our time. Now it seems the most advanced 3D technology will soon be available to one and all in Ireland. TechShop is a US-based workshop network which provides access to creative tools, software, space and expertise. Anyone interested in using professional

Roger Strukhoff: Live from New York: The IoT!

Source: „The IoT is inundating my world like a monsoonal energy wave this year. No doubt many of you are experiencing the same thing.
As we enter the final run-up to @thingsexpo in New York on June 10-12, I am lining up interviews and meetings over what I can see will be an insanely busy week.
I serve as Conference Chair of this event, as well as Co-Chair of the overall Cloud Expo that week. I'll be making introductions, moderating panels, and talking to IoT leaders on SYS-CON.TV.

Arqiva: We are building and running a national Internet of Things (IoT) network, starting with 10 of the UK’s largest cities.

Source: „We are building and running a national Internet of Things (IoT) network, starting with 10 of the UK’s largest cities. To enable this we have partnered with SIGFOX, a pioneer in cost-effective, energy-efficient Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity.The new network, which will use SIGFOX technology and connect the UK to the SIGFOX global IoT network, will unlock substantial economic benefits and support innovative

Daniel Edwards: Are we ready for Internet among the trees?

Source: „What appeared to be a simple press release from Parks Canada has turned into a conversation piece filled with varying opinions as citizens debate do we really need Wi-Fi in Canadian parks?
The City of Calgary recently announced that city parks will get Wi-Fi this summer due to a partnership with Shaw Communications, while Parks Canada estimates that 50 parks could be internet connected within the next year thanks to Wi-Fi in the forest. Having internet accessibility while hiking

Ben Schiller: The Newest Piece Of The Sharing Economy: A Subscription Service For Washing Machines

Source: "Cheap washing machines are cheap in the beginning, but don't always stay cheap in the long run. A high-end model hurts at checkout time, yet could produce up to five times more washes over its lifetime, according to one analysis. In the end, the "expensive" model might cost half as much per washing cycle as the "cheap" one.
The problem is a lot of us can't afford expensive washing machines

John Rash: The Internet of Things' is already a thing shaping society

Source: "But it’s striking that 83 percent of the 1,606 wise women and men Pew and Elon University’s Imagining the Internet Center canvassed agreed that the Internet of Things

— broadly defined as “a continuing proliferation of tech screens, wearable devices, connected appliances and artifacts, ‘smart’ grids, and environments full of sensors and cameras” —

will have “widespread and beneficial effects on the everyday lives of the public by 2025.”

Rich Trenholm;: Internet of Things' network connects parking spaces and smartwatches

Source: „British company Arqiva has revealed plans for a low-power, battery-preserving network to connect up smart devices in 10 UK cities next year. Smartwatches, smoke alarms and parking spaces will soon be talking to each other over a new network designed for the "Internet of Things". British telecom company Arqiva has revealed plans for a network to connect up smart devices in the UK -- a sort of Wi-Fi for wearables, you might say -- and it's coming to 10 cities next year.


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