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Source: “The Internet of Things is changing how people and technology interact. With 1.9 billion devices connected today and an estimated 50 billion projected by 2020, the opportunity to gain efficiencies, enable innovation and increase agility through connected devices is massive.
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Stephen Mraz: The Internet of Things: Our Inevitable Future or a Pipe Dream?

Source: “Among today’s technocrats and thought leaders, few concepts are more popular and appealing than the Internet of Things (IoT). In general, it refers to a future in which networks of low-power sensors, some say a trillion of them and most of them wireless, on every “thing” from bearings to motors to patients to appliances, will provide petabytes of information. This information will let people better manage factories, airports, hospitals, homes, and their everyday lives, sometimes without them even knowing it. That’s because computers and actuators will also be on, or networked,

Sophie Curtis: Who will pay for the Internet of Things?

Source: “Cupboards that order groceries for you when you're running low, cars that automatically drive to the nearest available parking space, and central heating systems that warm up the house and have a hot bath waiting for you when you get home from work – this is the vision of the Internet of Things (IoT). The term has been bandied around for years, but now the hype is reaching fever pitch. According to some forecasts, there will be 50 billion everyday objects connected to the internet by 2020, and the UK Department for Business, Innovation & Skills claims the global market

Chris Neiger: How The Internet of Things Will Change Your Life

Source: “You think you know the Internet pretty well, right? You go online every day, maybe watch some videos on your phone, upload some pictures to Instagram, and message your friends and family.
That's a good start, but it's a just a fraction of the Internet's influence over your life.
Over the next few years, and even now, the Internet is connecting parts of our lives in ways we never could have imagined just a few years ago. It's called the Internet of Things (weird name, I know), and it's going to transform the next 10 years of our technological lives.

Q & A with Patrik Kloz, CEO of blueberry wall

The blueberry wall is the world’s first photo wall that lights up when your loved one thinks of you. Yes, that’s right. It is a high quality photo print showing 9 photos of your choice. It is not a screen or a tablet but a real photo print. It hangs on your wall and when you touch it it will send messages to your loved one. 
Let’s say you touch the picture in the upper left corner then your loved one will know that you are looking back at this moment right now. Your partner has the same photos on the phone. When your love touches one of the photos on the phone then your photo wall will light up.

4YFN Builds on Success of Inaugural Event with Expanded Programme Targeting Europe's Mobile Investors and Entrepreneurs

Barcelona, 26 January 2015. – 4Years From Now (4YFN), the international event for mobile startups presented by the Mobile World Capital Barcelona and GSMA, expects to double the number of entrepreneurs, startups and investors who participated in the first edition.
With this goal in mind, the organization presents a lineup that will include the presence of Andrew Creighton, president of VICE Media; Mike Ng, director of Mobile Sales and Operations at Twitter

Lily Hay Newman: The Internet of Things Is Getting a Rule Book

Source: “The Internet of Things definitely has data privacy and security issues. With so many devices communicating all the time, it’s more likely that there will be a weak spot somewhere. So on Tuesday, the Federal Trade Commission released a report detailing its best-practice recommendations for the Internet of things. But not everyone agrees with the agency’s approach. The major message from the FTC is that companies should be self-policing their security measures, their transparency with customers, and—perhaps most controversially—their data-retention decisions. In a press release,

Victoria Woollaston: ’Internet of Things' gets watchdog: Report calls for extra security to prevent hacking of smart gadgets in homes

Source: “One of the biggest concerns about smart household gadgets is how much data they collect and share about you and your home. 
And, with this in mind, a US government consumer watchdog has laid out guidelines that call for increased privacy and security across connected devices, for fitness, smart homes and other uses.
At the moment, the guidelines are only suggestions and 'best practices' that companies

Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments

New Journal for 2015: Journal of Reliable Intelligent Environments focuses on theoretical developments and lessons learned in the deployment of Intelligent Environments.
The coverage is broad, open and flexible, embracing all types of techniques which can increase confidence in Intelligent Environments systems.
Covers intelligent environments of any scale, ranging from smart materials and wearable networks in clothes, to smart buildings and systems of geographic scale, such as smart cities and geosensor networks.

Joe Curtis: Can HyperCat win the battle of IoT standards?

Source: “Councils are using HyperCat to share data with third parties, but can it overcome tech firms' proprietary standards?
Councils are using a new Internet of Things (IoT) standard to share data with third-parties as they try to overcome information silos.
Both Milton Keynes Council and Bristol City Council have embarked on IoT projects with HyperCatCity, an initiative based on a new IoT standard developed by a consortium of 40 UK companies.

FTC Report on Internet of Things Urges Companies to Adopt Best Practices to Address Consumer Privacy and Security Risks

Source: “In a detailed report on the Internet of Things, released today, the staff of the Federal Trade Commission recommend a series of concrete steps that businesses can take to enhance and protect consumers’ privacy and security, as Americans start to reap the benefits from a growing world of Internet-connected devices. The Internet of Things is already impacting the daily lives of millions of Americans through the adoption of health

Adrian Bridgwater: The Big Data Mistake In The Internet Of Things

Source: “The next strategic inflexion point for software application development today is the Internet of Things (IoT); at least that’s what people say. It is hugely fashionable just now to “partner on an IoT initiative” and you will see these tech industry love-ins cropping up every week now.
But do all these firms think about what programmers in the IoT zone really need at the heart of the matter and are we forgetting the real secret locked inside? After all, the secret to the IoT is just “data” itself, isn’t it?
German softwarehaus Software AG has partnered with Indian software integrator

Ben Rossi: Gartner predicts 250 million connected vehicles with automated driving capabilities by 2020

Source: “’The connected car is already a reality, and in-vehicle wireless connectivity is rapidly expanding from luxury models and premium brands, to high-volume midmarket models'
By 2020, there will be a quarter billion connected vehicles on the road, enabling new in-vehicle services and automated driving capabilities, according to Gartner.
During the next five years, the proportion of new vehicles equipped with this capability will increase dramatically, making connected cars

Ben East: How to Fly a Horse: The Secret History of Creation, Invention, and Discovery review – Kevin Ashton’s recipe for success

Source: “In the first few days of 2015, the CEO of Samsung promised that the Internet of Things – where everything is connected to the internet – was coming. That there really will be a day where a fridge can detect what we’re running low on and order it for us online. A great idea… except Kevin Ashton was proposing the internet of things in 1999, which meant the British tech pioneer swiftly became something of a superhero for the TED set. He still is: as he admits in his preface, his talks end up

Bruno Berthon: The Human Impact Of The Industrial Internet Of Things

Source: “Will digital technology be positive for workers and jobs? Amid today’s public debate about the consequences of artificial intelligence and advanced robotics, along comes the industrial Internet of things (IIoT). Little understood but potentially very significant for multiple industry sectors, this next wave of technology will create more jobs than it will destroy, according to the majority of business leaders Accenture has surveyed.
The industrial Internet of things is a fast-growing network of intelligent connected devices, machines and objects.


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