Michael Bielawski: Readin’, Ritin’, Radiation

Source: „Last Dec. 10, the Troy City School District Board of Education approved an $8.4 million technology initiative that includes installing wireless Internet in 250 classrooms. The move echoed a $10 million initiative at Shenendehowa School District in 2012. With the new Common Core State Standards Initiative being implemented in at least 35 states (including New York) this year, it could be inevitable that all schools, including those here in the Capital Region, will

About 6tisch

This list is for discussions relating to the development, clarification, and implementation of IPv6 access and meshing over deterministic (scheduled) MAC with specific interest in IEEE 802.15.4e TSCH. Focus is on issues related with time slots awareness at L3, time slots allocation and distribution, and the eventual mix of centralized and distributed operation for routing and resource allocation. The list should facilitate exchanges between opensource implementers, share on the applicability of the technology and address the gaps in existing IETF specs from RPL and 6LoWPAN.

Mark Morelli: Is the Internet of Things Really the Next Apple Product Category?

Source: "Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL  ) hasn't moved into a new product category since the iPad was released in 2010, and the masses have been clamoring for another big thing to come out of Cupertino. An opportunity arises at the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference. Will an announcement be made?
Over the last few years, the rumor mill has indicated that a smart watch, a mobile payments platform, and an expanded Apple

Derek Du Preez: US and European cities are signing Internet of Things deals – but will they be used?

Source: „I recently attended a Cisco event in London, where the networking company put out some research stating that the Internet of Things, or the Internet of Social Network InterfaceEverything as they called it, is going to be worth an estimated $19 trillion by 2020. The piece I penned off the back of the event was not about the amount of money up for grabs – although certainly not a trivial amount – but about who was going to make

Lee Schafer: 'Internet of things' has huge potential

Source: „On the Texas Instruments eStore it takes only $19.99 to jump into “the Internet of things” by purchasing a Connected LaunchPad unit to bring an everyday device onto the Internet.
Better be patient, however, because they are sold out.
“They are perpetually sold out,” said Hans Rempel, CEO of the Minneapolis start-up Exosite, which will have its data management software on TI’s LaunchPads when they eventually do ship.

Shawn Drew: The Internet of Things: Why Midsize Businesses Should Embrace it Now

Source: „The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) is attracting more attention from IT departments, but its sheer number of potential options and opportunities can make it sound impossible to manage. A mountain of data that only the largest IT departments could hope to handle is a tall order for a midsize customer. But IoT is actually much easier to grasp than it seems, and produces a variety of advantages depending on how it is employed.

Hikari Matsuo: An Introduction to The Internet of Things

Source: „Imagine a world where devices, household objects, and even people are connected on a series of wireless networks. A world full of constant communication and limited privacy is closer than we may think. Earlier this month, the Pew Research Internet Project released a research report regarding the future of the Internet and its applications. The report specifically focuses on the newly adapted “Internet of Things”, or otherwise known as the “Cloud of Things”. Pew Research Center

Chris Gonsalves: Partners Must Find Their Own Way With Internet of Things

Source: „As we reported last week, the hyper-connected future known as the Internet of Things is poised for popularity among businesses of all sizes, even if nobody is quite sure exactly how to make money with it yet.
The report, sponsored by AVG technologies, came at an opportune time since one of the industry’s biggest Internet of Things cheerleaders, Cisco Systems Inc., was wrapping up its Cisco Live

Alex Hamilton: Does the Internet of Things spell doom for the datacentre?

Source: „The Internet of Things’ millions of devices spin data that companies will have to process, but can they handle it?
The Internet of Things could spell doom for the datacentre, with enterprises and service providers struggling to match their capacity with the possible untold potential it holds.
By 2020 there will be around 5,200 GB of data for every person on the planet, according to CIO strategy advisor Tim Crawford. In the future, the

Roger Kay: Will Apple Play Nice On The Internet Of Things?

Source: „Rumors are flying with some vehemence that Apple AAPL +0.28% will introduce smart home technology at its Worldwide Developer Conference June 2.
While Apple fans and investors have been hoping for something to punch up the brand for years now (pretty much since a couple of years after the iPad introduction, which would be about 2012), this latest foray may not be the thing.

Alain Louchez: Aging Workforce Will Drive Internet Of Things Progress

Source: „Countries like Germany, facing worsening demographics, are embracing smart manufacturing. Here are three ways the US can help its manufacturers do the same. Here are some cold, hard demographic facts. The population of some manufacturing powerhouses is projected to shrink between 2010 and 2050 -- Japan (-15%), Germany (-13%), and Italy (-1%), for example. Other countries' populations will increase only marginally

Fred Wilson: The Internet Of Things

Source: "Nice intro by Benedict Evans in his most recent post: My grandfather could probably have told you how many electric motors he owned. There was one in the car, one in the fridge, one in his drill and so on. 
My father, when I was a child, might have struggled to list all the motors he owned (how many, exactly, are in a car?) but could have told you how many devices were in the house that had a chip in. 
Today, I have no idea how many device I own with a chip, but I could tell

Tomas Diez: The very first digital fabrication innovation contest!

The very first digital fabrication innovation contest! Being organised by the Fab Foundation in collaboration with the World Bank and USAID.
Distributed and collaborative fabrication has been spreading over the world in recent years. From Nairobi to Amsterdam, and from Tokyo to Lima, Fab Labs, MakerSpaces, HackerSpaces and other facilities are providing access to technology for people to innovate and create solutions and projects which are changing

Yolande Kolstee: The AR Lab is excited to announce that the final and fifth issue of AR[t] magazine

The AR Lab is excited to announce that the final and fifth issue of AR[t] magazine, the magazine about Augmented Reality, art and technology is available online, now! Click this way - AR[t] 5 - to read all about our and guest contributors' ideas of the future of AR, its future is bright! Although, we're sad that AR[t] 5 is our final issue, we're also proud of what we have achieved with the magazine series.

Franck Le Gall: IoT Week Hackfest

The IoT Forum and the European research cluster on the Internet of Things (IERC) are pleased to invite IoT experts, designers, developers, entrepreneurs, and researchers to its first IoT Week Hackfest Serie.
Participants will be offered with access to state of the art IoT infrastructure provided by leading European research projects and initiatives. In addition, participants will benefit from crash courses provided by the project engineers.
4 challenges will be presented: 


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