IoT Nexus Content Series : detailed reports from senior decision makers

We have a series of detailed reports from senior decision makers from the Internet of Things industry, covering the key challenges for any business taking IoT seriously. 
White paper 1:  Are MNOs ready to enable the internet of things?
White paper 2:  Standards in Emerging Technologies
Webinar Big Data in IoT: Unlocking Hidden Value 

Minda Zetlin: 5 questions every CIO should ask about the Internet of Things

Source: “Like cloud and big data, Internet of Things, or IoT, is one of those terms you can't get away from, and it covers a lot of different technologies and use cases. And while refrigerators that tell you when the milk is going bad or living rooms that know when to turn on the lights may get a lot of the consumer attention, the Internet of Things can also bring huge benefits to the enterprise. "The Internet of Things is all about enabling process efficiency within an organization," explains Yasser Khan, founder and CTO of Connect2.Me, a free global database of IoT devices and APIs.

John Hagel and John Seely Brown: How The Internet Of Things Can Enhance Human Relationships

Source: “A white-coated primary care physician walks into an exam room and greets a waiting patient, who promptly lists his symptoms. The doctor listens attentively and maintains eye contact while the Google Glass device she is wearing records the patient’s words. As the patient speaks, the doctor can also see his vitals from the last two visits as well as recent test results and current prescriptions. A blood pressure cuff and heart-rate monitor feed data into the doctor’s field of vision, allowing for comparison with previous monitoring. The doctor notices a pattern that might

Quentin Hardy: Tim O’Reilly Explains the Internet of Things

Source: “Tim O’Reilly has been at the cutting edge of the Internet since it went commercial. In fact, he helped take it there: In August 1993 he released the Global Network Navigator, a web page containing information, catalogs and a marketplace, which may have been the first site with advertising.
In 2004, he popularized the term “Web 2.0.” The idea was that, far from being just a vehicle for the dot-com bust, the web was a new kind of platform for software development, in which crunching data to manage crowds of developers and customers would be a critical skill.

Zack Miller: Move Over Internet of Things, Here is Pixie's Location of Things

Source: “Last week, a colleague and I hosted an event describing investment trends for 2015. One resounding technology theme for 2015 and beyond is something called the Internet of Things (IoT). In the future, everything will be connected — your car, your fridge, and your AC will all hook up to the Internet. But, so will smaller things, like your car keys, your wallet, and your passport. You’ll be wearing clothing and accessories that beam your health data up to the cloud and your house will be connected to the information grid.
That’s what the Internet of Things is all about.

French Senate passes bill to add precautions to wireless networks and mobile phones

Source: “The French senate has passed a bill in an attempt to introduce additional precautions for the use of wireless networks and mobile phones, such as, turning off wireless networks in primary schools when they are not in use and requiring new mobile phones to include specially designed hands-free kits for children. “This amendment takes into account the rights of parents to be informed when their children are exposed to electromagnetic fields. It also follows the principles of common sense in switching wireless networks off when they’re not in use,” Joël Labbé, Greens Senator for the department Morbihan in Western France, said.

Sudhir Chowdhary: The Smart City’s bedrock

Source: “Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s desire to build 100 smart cities across the country has stirred the technology industry into action, with numerous vendors showcasing their offerings with an eye on the vast market opportunity. Traditionally, the various systems that serve a community—from government, energy, utilities, transportation, building management, and more—have operated more or less independently, making it difficult to view or determine logical ways to improve overall efficiencies. “The basic objective of a smart city is to make life smoother for its residents using technology,” said Vivek Varshney, vice-president and Global Head, Telecom Practice, UST Global.”

Marcus Kirsch: Post Mortem Industries (1): Automotive The 4 phases of industry innovation and automotive

Source: “I decided to write a number of articles for some of the industries in flux, both to clear my head and to filter some ideas through my new approach using infrastructure, glue and human behaviour as the main reference areas for the proposals and views. Automotive had a strong year 2014, full of partnerships with big connectors like Google, Apple, AT&T, etc. But the connectedness with the driver’s phone and the self-driving car to reduce accidents feels like

Julie Sartain: Internet of Things could be key to IT's response to climate change

Source: “Scientists announced last month that 2014 was the planet's warmest year on record, sparking renewed debate in Washington about the causes of global warming and what to do about it. But global warming isn’t just a political issue, it’s an IT issue as well.
No matter what your personal beliefs are, IT execs would be remiss if they didn’t think about global warming in the context of disaster recovery, just as you would if your company were located in a region prone to hurricanes or earthquakes.

Shelly Dutton: The Power Of The Internet Of Things Is Greater Than You Think – Here’s Why

Source: “Whether we knew it or not, data has been collected about our lives for decades. Think about it. For over 30 years, we’ve made purchases on credit and debit cards. And of course, there’s the government gathering tax and census information on a consistent basis. 
Then everything changed when the world’s first connected device – other than a computer – was a modified Coke machine at Carnegie Mellon University that reported inventory and temperature of loaded drinks.

Eric Hal Schwartz: The Internet of Things and Social Media Turn the Super Bowl into a Shopping Frenzy

Source: “The Super Bowl halftime show will be a high-tech shopping experience this year thanks to the Internet of Things and social media. Katy Perry and Lenny Kravitz may be upstaged by the "Hyped for Halftime" show that will let people buy what they see on their screen as they appear using smart TVs and Twitter. The Super Bowl is always as much about advertising as it is about football, but new technology makes the connection between ads and purchases all but instantaneous. Ad-tech developer Delivery Agent

Warren Olivier: Will the Internet of Things bring new data availability challenges?

Source: “The move towards the “Internet of Things” (IoT) – in which everything from fridges and TVs to running shoes and wristwatches are connected to the Internet – will create new data availability challenges for individuals and companies alike.
Worldwide, IDC says the adoption of IoT products and solutions will grow dramatically in the next few years from $1.9 trillion in 2013 to $7.1 trillion in 2020. Two-thirds of consumers plan to buy connected technology for their homes by 2019, and half plan to buy wearable technology.

The FIWARE ASSOCIATION has made a first non formal and non peer reviewed review of the FIWARE Generic Enablers

The FIWARE ASSOCIATION (soon on fiwareassociation. org .com and .eu) has made a first non formal and non peer reviewed review of the FIWARE Generic Enablers part of the official FIWARE Architecture in their Open Spec. Green: Generic Enabler which are available under Open Source License. Red: Generic Enabler not available - catalogue links are broken / missing

Froma Harrop: The Internet of every darn thing

Source: “Federal Trade Commission head Edith Ramirez put the matter plainly: "If I'm wearing a fitness band that tracks how many calories I consume, I wouldn't want to share that data with an insurance company." In a study last year, the FTC found that 12 mobile fitness apps shared information with 76 enterprises. Face it; personal gadgetry tied to the Internet is selling data about your habits to businesses -- and in ways you have no idea about. These devices range from home-burglar alerts to apps that turn off the porch light to toothbrushes. As of this year, there will be 25 billion such things.

Jahangir Mohammed: How Connected Cars Have Established A New Ecosystem Powered By IoT

Source: “Not long ago, after you bought a new vehicle, the manufacturer had very little contact with you for years until it was time to sell you another car. The Internet of Things is changing all that. The IoT-enabled “connected car” turns the vehicle itself into a hub for an entire ecosystem of connected services that offer consumers a wealth of benefits including enhanced safety and security, a richer user experience and a new suite of product offerings. From the manufacturer’s perspective, this also helps establish an ongoing


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