The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision. It is being built today. The stakeholders are known, the debate has yet to start. In hundreds of years our real needs have not changed. We want to be loved, feel safe, have fun, be relevant in work and friendship, be able to support our families and somehow play a role - however small - in the larger scheme of things. So what will really happen when things, homes and cities become smart? The result will probably be an tsunami of what at first looks like very small steps, small changes. The purpose of Council is to follow and  forecast what will happen when smart objects surround us in smart homes, offices, streets, and cities.

Laura Brown: Samsung acquires ‘Internet of Things’ startup SmartThings for $200 million

Source: Samsung has just announced that Samsung Electronics has acquired an ‘Internet of Things’ technology start-up SmartThings, reportedly for $200 million. The so-called SmartThings used to build and sells various home automation kits for the customers. SmartThings sell automation kits that come with motion sensors and also with moisture sensors; these sensors used to send all information to a central hub. Users can monitor their home via the central hub

Tina Amirtha: Why The Internet Of Things Won't Look The Way You Think

Source: „This story contains an interview with Ed Konowal, network engineer for the Lee County School District in Florida and creator of the Internet SteamGauge.
An IT guy, Ed Konowal, wanted to bring a bit of the analog world back to his office; he stared at computers for too long every day. So, rather than tracking his clients' Internet usage on digital graphs for hours on end, he created a system called the Internet SteamGauge, to let him track bandwidth on an antique steam pressure gauge

Theo Priestley: Everything Is Hyper Connected in the Internet of Things

Source: „While there’s the typical human obsession over the size and scale of the Internet of Things (Gartner says 26 billion connected devices by 2020, Cisco says 50 billion, Morgan Stanley says 75 billion) the focus shouldn’t be on the Things or the Internet, but on the Data that’s going to be generated. The Data itself is the key to unlocking a number of benefits, and how we act on that data. For those who have been involved in business and IT transformation projects before,

Dara Kerr: Samsung snaps up SmartThings, embracing Internet of Things

Source: „Samsung is treading deeper into the Internet of Things with the announcement Thursday that it has agreed to acquire SmartThings, an open platform for smart home devices.
"This idea of connected homes or smart homes is something Samsung has been thinking about for years," David Eun, head of Samsung's Open Innovation Center, or OIC, told CNET. "It became obvious to us [that] this idea of creating a really open platform

GLOBAL ADVANCED RESEARCH JOURNAL OF Engineering, Technology and Innovation GARJETI)

We are please to inform to you that our July 2014 Issue  is out. The Global Advanced Research Journal of Engineering, Technology and Innovation (GARJETI)’ is a multidisciplinary peer-reviewed journal GARJETI is seeking energetic, qualified and high profile researchers.
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Submit a paper to Internet of Things (IoT) Track and others in AmI-14 conference: Aug. 22, 2014

Important dates. This year's event focuses on nine featured themes each attracting a growing community of Ambient Intelligence researchers. AmI-14 welcomes innovative, high quality research contributions advancing the state of the art in Ambient Intelligence, addressing one of the featured conference themes: Internet of Things (IoT) Chair: Rob van Kranenburg

Heather Ferguson: The Internet of Things: an investment opportunity?

Source: „The number of 'things' connected to the internet now exceeds the number of humans on the planet. This is expected to increase to 50 billion devices by the end of the decade.
The internet as we know it has been primarily created by information recorded and uploaded by people. It is now in the process of evolving and will soon be dominated by data created by things, without human-to-computer interaction.

Tom Foremski: Multimedia pioneer Marc Canter launches ThingFace venture for authoring Internet of Things apps

Source: „Marc Canter, a leading pioneer of multimedia technologies with his work at Macromedia 25 years ago, has launched ThingFace, a startup focused on authoring mobile apps across all major platforms.
Canter says he hopes to emulate the power and popularity of authoring tools he helped develop at Macromedia

Roger Strukhoff: Our Six Rankings


We measure things in many different ways. 
1. Our core Tau Index (TI) is a multi-variable integration of several technology and socio-economic factors to create a relative look at how well the 102 nations we examine are building their national ICT infrastructures given the resources they have.

  Read more about Roger Strukhoff: Our Six Rankings

Galen Gruman : The 3 ways the Internet of things will unfold

Source: The three key segments of the real IoT are on different paths, so don't think of them as one entity.
The Internet of things is hot. Practically every tech vendor is using the label for some of its products. Cisco Systems and PwC both predict that the market will be worth trillions of dollars. The Internet of things is also the tech industry's latest overhyped technology -- most of what is called IoT is not IoT, and the IoT market will never be worth trillions of dollars unless you declare that IoT includes anything that uses

PSFK Labs: Tending to the Internet of Things Like You Would a Thriving Garden

Source: „User-friendly controls and simplified interfaces are allowing more people than ever to program multiple objects and devices together into personalized experiences.
From botanical to the hanging variety, every garden in the world shares one thing in common – they exist because someone cares. Dedicated individuals attend to them who know not to plant mint in the same plot as basil,

Steve Tobak: What the Internet of Things Means to You

Spurce: „At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, Cisco chief executive John Chambers said the Internet of Things (IoT) will generate $19 trillion in revenue by 2020. He went on to say, “It will be bigger than anything that’s ever been done in high tech.”
This from a CEO and a company desperately struggling to stay relevant.
Not to be a buzz kill, but overhyping the next big thing isn’t exactly new to the tech industry or the media that covers it.

Martin LaMonica: Electric Imp Raises $15 Million to Go Big on Internet of Things

Source: „Electric Imp is among the companies trying to build the technical plumbing to make the Internet of things work securely and reliably—and make money doing so.
The Los Altos, CA-based startup today said it has raised $15 million in a Series B round, which brought in new investors Foxconn Technology Group, PTI Ventures, and Rampart Capital. The Series A round of $7.9 million in 2012 from Redpoint Ventures and Lowercase Capital

Mike Dano: Untangling the business opportunities in the Internet of Things

Source: „It's no secret that the Internet of Things has generated a significant amount of buzz in the wireless industry. Indeed, the Internet of Things is now at the peak of its own hype cycle, according to research firm Gartner. (For comparison, the M2M market has already peaked and is on its way toward a "plateau of productivity" while virtual personal assistants are on the firm's pre-peak "innovation trigger" slope.) But its top position on Gartner's hype cycle graph

Chris Speed: Producing Data: Practices, Materialities, Values

Source: The term 'data' is ubiquitous across our homes and workplaces, academic and mainstream media, political discourses and ethical disputes. Sometimes its presence can take the form of representations of various facets of our lives, such as statistics or visualisations of figures. Data is a part of the contracts that we make with each other, companies that we deal with, and the fallout of the devices that we use. Our positions within these relationships change our competences Read more about Chris Speed: Producing Data: Practices, Materialities, Values


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