The Internet of Things (IoT) is a vision. It is being built today. The stakeholders are known, the debate has yet to start. In hundreds of years our real needs have not changed. We want to be loved, feel safe, have fun, be relevant in work and friendship, be able to support our families and somehow play a role - however small - in the larger scheme of things. So what will really happen when things, homes and cities become smart? The result will probably be an tsunami of what at first looks like very small steps, small changes. The purpose of Council is to follow and  forecast what will happen when smart objects surround us in smart homes, offices, streets, and cities.

Mohana Ravindranath: GE brings the ‘Internet of Things’ to the factory floor

Source: „At a General Electric factory in Schenectady, N.Y., tens of thousands of tiny sensors are quietly collecting data about each step in the manufacturing of a battery. The sensors know, for instance, how humid the factory floor was on a certain production day, and exactly how much pressure a machine applied to a particular battery component. If polymer parts come out slightly thicker one day compared with another, sensors communicate this to the operator,

Peter Hoddie Talks About His Internet of Things Construction Kit (Video)

Source: „You remember Peter Hoddie, right? He was one of the original QuickTime developers at Apple. He left in 2002 to help found a startup called Kinoma, which started life developing multimedia players and browsers for mobile devices. Kinoma was acquired in 2011 by Marvell Semiconductor, whose management kept it as a separate entity. 

The latest creation from Peter and his crew is the 'Kinoma Create,' AKA the 'JavaScript-Powered Internet of Things Construction Kit.' Read more about Peter Hoddie Talks About His Internet of Things Construction Kit (Video)

Lucas Evers: Open Call for Project Stories

Send us your story before August 18 2014. iMinds and Artshare are running the ICT ART CNECT study for DG CONNECT - European Commission. The study aims at characterizing and connecting artistic communities of ICT researchers at all levels. From this analysis, recommendations will be drawn for a DG CONNECT strategy to engage more broadly with the arts in Horizon 2020 - the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.
Therefore we need your input on our website !!

The IEEE IoT-J solicits original work

The IEEE IoT-J is now available in IEEE Xplore. The IEEE IoT-J solicits original work that must not be currently under consideration for publication in other venues. Topics will include IoT system architecture, IoT enabling technologies, IoT services and applications, and the social implications of IoT. The fields of interest include, but are not limited to: • IoT architectures such as things-centric, data-centric, service-centric architecture, CPS and SCADA platforms, future Internet design for IoT, cloud-based IoT, and

Beth Bacheldor: RFID News Roundup: EU Commission publishes standards to alert consumers to RFID use

Source: „The European Commission (EC) has announced new technical standards designed to help organizations that employ RFID-enabled smart chips and systems comply with the European Union's data-protection rules, as part of the EU Data Protection Directive and the EC's 2009 recommendation on RFID (see European Privacy and Security Standards). A "data protection impact assessment" process has also been agreed on, according to the EC. Read more about Beth Bacheldor: RFID News Roundup: EU Commission publishes standards to alert consumers to RFID use

Michael Wolf: How The Internet of Things Is Reinventing The Kitchen

Source: „Ok, say you were to rank all of the important activities of life: work, play, exercise, sleep, sex, eating.
While the results may vary by age (though I have a sneaking suspicion what you Tindr-loving twenty-somethings would rank at the very top), there’s no doubt that most of us would put partaking in food and drink as one of the most important. After all, not only is eating necessary to live and something

Matthew Moran: The Internet of Things & Paradigm Shifting Hyperbole

Source: „IT professionals have been using hyperbole since the beginning of time!
(queue chuckles) But the truth is, to follow online discussions and watch the stream of articles - even here on CIO - you’d think there was a paradigm shifting technology every other month. I don’t find the changing/shifting face of technology to be mind-boggling. I find the talk of mind-boggling change to be mind-boggling. The Internet of Things seems to be the latest term to be

Ken Sinclair: Seeking Youth for the IOT Journey of our Industry

Source: „This is a request for input to help map out an online process for gathering thoughts, suggestions, and action on how we can attract young minds to our global large building automaton industry. Help me focus on recruiting Young People to advance our industry and help us in the transition of smart automated buildings into the Internet of Things “IoT”. I find it interesting that, in the blur of technology,

Adrian Bridgwater: Are we confusing the Internet of Things with embedded, already?

Source: „Surveys are the most important, most informative, most insightful and most expressive means of understanding what is going on inside the Information Technology industry -- right?
Well, let's assume that you are reading this because you're not fooled by manufactured un-spontaneous survey contrivance.

Team GoGrid: Unpacking “The Internet Of Things”

Source: „If you’ve paged through a business or technology magazine in the past several years, you’ve definitely come across the term “Internet of Things” while looking for news on Big Data. But what does it actually mean? Unpacking the term can be a hefty but necessary task to push the cloud computing concept into the zeitgeist, which many believe will happen in the near future.
What is it?

Brian E. Walsh: Internet of Things growing closer to use in everyday life

Source: „Most small businesses, when they're focusing on the near future of their technological improvements, often think of these changes as being simple, like improving their Internet service or using social media to better market themselves. However, there's a new business sector, predicted to possibly be worth trillions of dollars, that these companies should look toward so they can get ahead of the curve.

Gérald Santucci: two European Norms on RFID Privacy Impact Assessment and RFID Signage

Please find attached the link to the Digital Agenda for Europe website where you may wish to find the information published today concerning the adoption and publication of two European Norms on RFID Privacy Impact Assessment and RFID Signage, respectively.
This marks the final success of the standardisation mandate M/436 jointly designed and managed by DG ENTR and DG CONNECT.

Naidu: Smart cities should focus on enhancing quality of life

Source: "The focus of the smart cities project should be to enhance the quality of urban life through an integrated approach to urban planning and execution besides ensuring ‘inclusivity’, Minister of Urban Development and Housing & Urban Poverty Alleviation M Venkaiah Naidu said on Tuesday. Naidu was chairing a two-day brainstorming session to discuss and review the progress on conceptualisation of the ‘Smart Cities’ initiative.

Suzanne Jacobs: A Batteryless Sensor Chip for the Internet of Things

Source: „As the Internet of things grows, so will its energy demands. The promise of the Internet of things is, in a sense, passivity. Our homes and offices will monitor us, and respond to our needs without instruction. But for tiny wireless sensors all over us and our things to really be feasible, we’ll have to replace today’s power-needy devices with more self-sufficient alternatives. A new kind of ultra-low-power microchip design could help make this possible. Read more about Suzanne Jacobs: A Batteryless Sensor Chip for the Internet of Things


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