IoT Semantic Interoperability Workshop 2016

With the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT), interoperability becomes more and more important. Standards-developing organizations have done a tremendous amount of work to standardize protocols to simplify implementation and to lower the cost of IoT products. As a result, new protocols were developed, existing protocols were combined in new ways, and lightweight profiles were defined.

Joseph George: #WorldGovSummit: Welcome to Internet of Things, says Ahmad bin Bayat. ‘Technology has taken us from hibernation to imagination’

Ahmad bin Bayat, Chairman Du, spoke about how the UAE has achieved phenomenal growth in the last four decades. “Leadership in technology has taken us from hibernation to imagination”

Talking about the impact of technology and the power of the internet, he said, “Today we know a lot about taking risks and being agile. Welcome to the internet of things!”

Angus Loten: IT Spending Cuts Spare the Internet of Things

The shaky economy and uncertain global markets are taking a toll on corporate IT spending, resulting in slashed technology budgets and job cuts, as CIO Journal reported Monday. Across the board, IT spending had already dropped by 5.8% by the end of 2015, compared to a year earlier, according to researcher Gartner Inc.

Yet despite the cuts, Gartner predicts global spending on the Internet of Things to jump by 22% in 2016, to $235 billion. It expects the bulk of the gains to be driven by business spending on external services to design, install and operate IoT systems

Jaap van Etten: Shanghai government compensates losses startup investors

Yes, you read that title correct. To promote ‘mass entrepreneurship and innovation’, the Shanghai government will compensate local investors for their financial losses. Investment firms can get a compensation of up to 60% of their losses due to investments in seed-stage technology-based enterprises, and a maximum of 30% of losses in early-stage startup investments. The compensation for each investment project cannot exceed RMB 3 million, and the annual compensation for each investment firm is capped at RMB 6 million.

Jerry Fishenden: Internet of Thieves - Government must take a lead in Internet of Things security. It's time governments helped us regain control of our personal data

We live in an amazing age. Almost every day we witness a new breakthrough or disruptive business model enabled by digital technology. We have the convenience of Hailo, disruption of Airbnb, democratising impact of social media, power of Google search, on-demand logistics efficiency of Amazon.

Cyber Physical Systems, CPS: The USA moving towards a cybernetics


Sokwoo Rhee, associate director of the Cyber-Physical Systems Program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology:

The requests coming from the end users are not exactly aligned with the problems that these companies are solving today. So the important thing is to have an end user and a company communicating, and include government from the beginning of the product design and deployment process. That way, whatever effort they put in is not wasted.

The Internet of Things: Why Success Lies in Services

The Internet of Things is a fast-growing phenomenon in which formerly dumb devices get chips and sensors to become smart gadgets, connected to a network as part of various cyber-physical systems. Sokwoo Rhee, associate director of the Cyber-Physical Systems Program at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, is one of the government’s chief overseers of this rising trend.

DLA Piper’s Internet of Things group invites you to the fifth session in our series of one-hour webinars focusing on eHealth.

The eHealth market is expected to generate massive revenues in the next few years, becoming a major component of the Internet of Things. However, such growth may be hampered by regulatory restrictions and liabilities that arise from rules drafted before eHealth existed.

AFI 360° Summit 2016

AFI 360° Summit 2016 will gather experiences and innovative ideas from recent developments in the Future Internet infrastructure and main application areas.

Its aim is to coach involved people on the whole path between research to innovation and all the way through to commercialization of ideas, projects and technologies.

Siemens MediaService: Enjoy perfectly grilled meat with Logo! Cooking pulled pork from your cell phone

From barbecue parties, barbecue accessories, seminars and books to the purchase of meat for barbecuing, Axel Kähne and Markus Mizgal- Wetter, the Ruhr/Germany. Grilled meat is eaten regularly in both summer and winter, while smoking, a traditional American barbecuing technique, is increasing in popularity outside the US. Smoked meat is cooked slowly for up to 20 hours under exposure to smoke.


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