Melissa Jun Rowley: How the Internet of Things is aiding the garbage crisis

Anyone who keeps track of how many material items they toss in the garbage can on a daily basis is somewhat aware of how much waste they generate. This isn’t a fun activity to engage in, and let’s face it—other than the supremely environmentally conscious—most people do not measure their waste, nor do they manage it. In some parts of the world, such as India and Lebanon, this is propagating a garbage crisis, which is the cause of a number of environmental problems and public health issues.

Simon Johnson: Google and the War of the Clouds: IoT Isn’t the Point

At London’s recent Cloud Expo, Barak Regey, Google’s director of cloud platforms for Europe, recommended that cloud companies simply abandon trying to predict how their data and cloud capacity needs will evolve over the next five years.

The cloud expert stated that with the explosion of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the pace of innovation and change in the technology industry, cloud organisations simply won’t be able to calculate and prepare for how much cloud capacity they’ll need.

David Hamilton: Thinking of Delving into the Internet of Things? Here are Four Key Considerations

The Internet of Things (IoT), which promises to connect more devices, presents new challenges ranging from technology standards to ethics. Like any emerging technology, there’s a lot of excitement around the possibilities it presents, but this should also be tempered with some caution.

This post will provide a few of the major considerations that cloud professionals should keep in mind when connecting smart IoT devices to their applications around the topics of privacy, security, lifecycle, and legal and regulatory requirements.

Houston Chronicle: The Internet of Things is a real thing in Germany

I spent nine days as a guest of Germany's foreign trade and inward investment agency to see how that nation has embraced Industry 4.0.

That worldwide initiative, conceived in Germany, aims to develop standards and protocols for integrating the Internet of Things with cyber-physical systems, data collection and analysis, machine learning, and the Internet of Services.

Judd Gregg: The great disruption

Everywhere one turns, changes are occurring that will affect the fundamental processes of our society and of world politics. Technology is the largest driver of these changes. We hear a lot these days about “the internet of things” but really what we have now is “the internet of everything.”

Communication, education, work, healthcare — virtually every area of activity is now being fundamentally changed by technology in general and by the internet in particular.  

We are just beginning to see the effects. 

Kedar Grandhi: London startup raises £3.2m to introduce the Internet of Things to more kids

May 2, 2016 12:0SAM Labs, the educational electronics kits maker, has raised £3.2m (€4.07m, $4.68m) from a group of investors led by Imperial Ventures, an American institutional investor group. The London-based startup will use the funds raised to further develop its products and on marketing activities so as to reach more kids both in the UK and overseas. The funds will also be used to enable SAM Labs sell its kits to STEM-oriented schools around the world.

The 2nd Annual IoT Global Innovation Forum, June 14-16, 2016 in Barcelona

By 2020, the amount of Internet-connected things will reach 50 billion, with $19 trillion in new profits and cost savings coming from IoT over the next decade, according to Cisco Systems.* These IoT devices will generate a staggering amount of data and stimulate tremendous business opportunities for companies across a range of market verticals. Now is the time for organizations to position themselves for success.

Rasmus Blom: Radical Transformation..? No, thanks.

...Changing our inner workings is not something that people organisations like; butterfly cells might, but not us. Some might be better at handling the change than others, but deep down we have evolved a genetic preference against it.
While many of us still, as organisations, are fulfilling or catering to the same core need for our customers, the way we fundamentally do it is changing. Big time.
The bigger the organisation – the harder it is.

(2013) The Societal Impact of the Internet of Things: A report of a workshop on the Internet of Things organized by BCS

The Societal Impact of the Internet of Things: A report of a workshop on the Internet of Things organized by BCS – The Chartered Institute for IT, on Thursday 14 February 2013. The Chairs were Jeremy Crump (BCS) and Ian Brown (Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford).

Ben Ice: Internet of Things a household novelty, true potential lies in commercial use

As we continue to hear about how the appliances in our homes will become more and more connected, many objects remain useless beyond their normal function – ‘connected’ or not.

Big brands are marketing their connected appliances as new household communal hubs – heating, cooling and lighting systems connected to our smartphones, so we can control them without getting up from our favourite chair, or even before we arrive home. But it’s becoming clear that real potential of the internet of things (IoT) lies in the application in commercial settings.


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