Jessica Davies: Hadoop Public Cloud Service, Couchbase Updated: Big Data Roundup

Big data-as-a-service provider BlueData embraced the enterprise. NoSQL database provider Couchbase rolled out a new version that bridges the relational and NoSQL gap. Samsung bets big on IoT research in the US. Dell has sold Statistica to a private equity firm. Find out what you missed in this week's Big Data Roundup.

Jim Ryan: Making a Play for the Internet of Things? Think Big and Win Big

Device makers worldwide are feeling the crushing pressure of globalisation and commoditisation. The world is flat. Competition is everywhere. Prices are falling. And it would seem that the only way to survive is to take a bunker mentality by cutting prices and pruning to streamline operations and create new efficiencies.

Dan Richman:, a DevOps vendor for the Internet of Things, scores $9M from Ericsson, GE and others, a Seattle-based startup that helps Linux-based developers more easily update the software in internet-connected devices, has received $9 million in funding from Aspect Ventures, DFJ, Ericsson and GE Ventures.

The company will use the money to expand its open-source efforts, add functionality to its products and increase the number and type of devices it can control, said founder and CEO Alexandros Marinos in an interview.

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Paul-Noël Guély: Why Brexit Won't Call Time On The UK's Tech Boom

The UK votes to leave the EU and concern spreads throughout both its technology companies and the investors backing them. So went one argument made by ‘Remain’ advocates prior to the referendum, and not without justification. The overwhelming feeling this morning around the Silicon Roundabout and countless other British tech hotspots will be one of disappointment and uncertainty.

Simon Martin: New Battery-less IoT Transmitter the Size of a Quarter

For over 30 years, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation has been developing advanced embedded system solutions for engineers in industries ranging from industrial applications to medical products. Naturally, as the world of automated devices and the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to grow at an exponential rate, the company has found itself in the middle of the intersection between out-of-the-box thinkers and disruptive markets.

Martin Pot: A smart? city history by independent interior-architect

The interplay between city evolution and technological advancement

An upcoming theatrical performance based on the beautiful short story by E.M.Forster: ‘the Machine Stops’, written in 1909. The main character - Yuno - finally escapes from an underground city in a post-apocalyptic world in which all individuals live in standardised cells while technology facilitates and supplies all they ever need. Connectivity to the natural world is impossible; it is the machine that frames and determines one’s daily life and ultimate destiny.

Richard Scheinin: Global Smart Buildings Summit Shows Infrastructure’s Upcoming Revolution

There's a revolution in the commercial real estate universe, where the "Internet of Things" has come home to roost.

(TNS) -- The official description of this week's Realcomm conference is heavy on industry jargon. It purports to be about "the intersection of technology, innovation and real estate operations."

But Lisa Woods added juice to the jargon, snapping it into perspective.

David Curry: Can an energy “Network of Things” defeat grid instability?

Energy management firm Blue Pillar’s latest update to its Aurora platform, which connects businesses to a single energy system, may help secure energy access to allow them to avoid power outages — while also boosting energy efficiency.

Aurora – billed by the firm as an “energy network of things” now has end-to-end encryption and logs records for business to react to threats before they occur.


David Curry: U.S. state department wants IoT to save them money

The Department of State has announced plans to deploy an Internet of Things (IoT) energy platform to conserve more energy, identify potential issues quicker, and monitor the department’s sensors.

It will be working with C3 IoT (formerly C3 Energy) to deploy the IoT platform to hundreds of thousands of “data points” over the coming years. This may include foreign embassies and treaty rooms, which the State Department control.



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