Federico Bonelli (fredd)

Federico Bonelli (fredd)
lives in Holland since 2002
His expertise is “creative research”, a term without boundaries. 
Has a theoretical background as philosopher of science with thesis on deterministic chaos and complex systems in 1995. After he studied science, history of mathematics and art. He likes to cultivate practical skills along with his major interests and have experiences in different fields of hacking, media research and creation. 
Federico passionate interest is to create teams for non conventional media productions that dates back to 1995. He has by now experience in most fields of media: project wiriting, analysis, dramaturgy, media, installation, design, and has worked in many different type of production, from low-budget film to Documentary to Opera.
He oves to craft situatons were highly skilled collaboration can spark, and to feed these environments with ideas. He has been the initiator and artistic director of a mini-festival concepts called cinema solubile and one based on radio called "radio oltranzista"
Currently animates a laboratory for the study of site-specific, media rich performance, off the grid, called trasformatorio