Council needs your help!

Dear all,
We would like to start a questionnaire in the main newspapers in the countries where you all are.
And we would like to then start a good relationship with the editor to do quick and dirty surveys on a regular basis.
Can you send this to the IT editor or general editor of the biggest newspaper in your country?
Dear Madam, Sir,
Council is the number 1 Thinktank on a topic that may have come across your desk recently, the Internet of Things.
We recently set up IoTDAY with our partner Postscapes and we received a lot of feedback from citizens and not only developers and IT experts.
Also some 50% of respondents to the recent EU Public Consultation fall into the "interested citizen" category rather than belonging to a particular industrial, academic or other sector. 
Internet of Things is something that everyone will be affected by but many will not realise it.
We therefore want to start a series of quick and dirty questionnaires and polls on a recurrent basis and we would like to partner up with you on that.
This could lead to a joint yearly event for example, but it will surely lead to informed articles.
More importantly it will create a public debate.
Our first three questions that we would like to start with and ask you to rework from your expertise to put to your audience is:
Have you heard of Internet of Things?
What do you think it is?
What do you think it will bring you?
Greetings, you
(and cc or feedback to kranenbu at