Marius Ghercioiu: Buildings as Live Entities

Marius Ghercioiu: "A weather station is a measurement device containing a large variety of sensors placed outside a building to measure environmental parameters like temperature, atmospheric pressure, air humidity, light, wind, etc. A novel approach to the weather station application is to consider an environment where buildings have their own identity in the Internet of Things (IoT) space and this enables them to participate in “conversations” with humans and other objects. For this vision to become reality, we need the IoT connected building to have a combination of “skills” which, besides being able to interact with the surrounding environment, would also allow it to express and display “feelings” by using images and/or sound. Two of these skills are presented in this article."

First, we need the building to be capable of displaying information on its walls. Building walls made of glass become interactive displays of information sourced by Cloud based Services or simply from the Internet. There is a very good YouTube video describing this idea.

Second, we need a technology like Multi-Sensory Moving Art which associates and connects images (and potentially sound) to sensor measurements and by that enables buildings to express “feelings” describing their interaction with the environment.

Inside a live building, Jennifer is using a bedroom glass wall to enter her favorite clothing store, which recognizes and welcomes her back. The store gives Jennifer access to a menu of choices but also, and this is very personal to Jennifer, the wall displays current temperature outside Jennifer’s home as an artistic image that matches Jennifer’s aesthetic feelings of the moment and this makes Jennifer very happy and more in the mood of visiting the store today. This image illustrates a progression of temperature from morning to night as a cross-pollination fantasy (by artist Alana Perlin with Marius Ghercioiu-2011, original presentation)



Jennifer is visiting her favorite clothing store.
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