Marie-Noéline Viguie

Born in 1977 in Paris, Marie-Noéline Viguie is an expert in facilitation, cultural mediation, management in contributor spaces and their interactions, as in animation of plural working spaces in Silicon Sentier to prefigure and launch “La Cantine”.La Cantine, first French space of co working for emergent technology is a new type of area. It associates working spaces, competence rising period of communities and project design crossing art creation, research and innovation: She’s worked in projects such as spreading of “Cantines”, Palais Brogniart project, CENTQUATRE incubator, design and animation of first French event gathering of all actors around fluid interfaces. Her background: economy, cultural mediation and work social psychology. To original transmission promoting messages, knowledge, link and risky meetings and collaborations. Artists and company salaried employees, artists and elderly, public and private, most of projects designed or carried out by Marie-Noéline are centred on this concept of crossing and interdisciplinary. She’s set up several workshops, conferences and working groups. Marie-Noéline founds with Stéphanie Bacquère in 2009 Nod-A to experiment innovation by digital creation.