JP Vasseur on Internet of Things

JP Vasseur, a Cisco Fellow,  is part of the Engineering organization and in charge of different technologies, especially technologies related to the Internet of Things: "The Internet of Things is not about things connected to the internet, it's about reusing two decades of technologies we defined for the internet in order to connect small objects, such as sensors and actuators and enable new services. So the history of the Internet of Things is quite interesting. We've been talking about it for the past 10 years and up to 5 years ago it was very siloed, very proprietary. What changed the game dramatically was this the momentum, you know, in using, reusing actually internet technologies and standardizing protocols based on IPv6 in order to have the building blocks and that's exactly where we are today."The reason why I am so passionate about it is because when you think of what it means, connecting new objects, it really allows you to change our day to day life by enabling new services. That's going to change the way you drive your car, the way you save energy, the way you manage healthcare, and so on and so forth, and so the number of services is basically endless. It does impact the end user because of a user experience and the ability actually to deploy large-scale networks without costly, expensive gateways in between, because you have now an IPV-6 end to end network and you can actually enable new services and innovate. The possibilities are absolutely endless, bounded by imagination and that's the very beginning of a very exciting journey."

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