James Wallbank

Currently CEO of Access Space Network, for more than a decade James has developed and led action research exploring the impacts of creative digital engagement on personal development and community regeneration. He has an MA in Art & Design and is a self-taught LPIC1 Engineer. James has worked with partners locally and internationally, to seed community digital engagement projects. He has consolidated Access Space Network's research profile, working on projects with Oxford E-Research Centre, Sheffield Hallam University and Sheffield University's IRiS (Interdisciplinary Research in Socio-Digital Worlds) Centre. He has authored several influential documents, including "Lowtech Manifesto" (1999), "Grow Your Own Media Lab" (2008) and "The Zero Dollar Laptop" (2010) which has spawned an international network of practice. James is experienced in working with diverse groups, including young people, adults in danger of social and economic exclusion, artists, designers, people with disabilities, professionals and technical experts. He is a frequent presenter at research conferences, universities and digital media festivals and delivers technical training for enterprises and community organisations.