Iñaki Vazquez

Dr. Juan Ignacio (a.k.a. Iñaki) Vazquez is CEO at Symplio, a recently incorporated start-up devoted to "connect atoms to the Internet". Symplio prototypes products that bring the Internet, specially social activities, into real-world experiences. He was formerly head of R&D on Intelligent Environments at DeustoTech, a research institute associated to the University of Deusto in Bilbao, Spain. He received his PhD (Doctor Europeus mention) with a dissertation titled “A Reactive Behavioural Model for Context-Aware Semantic Devices”, having spent three months in the Embedded Interactive Systems research group in Lancaster University, UK. His main research focus was smart objects connected to the Internet (Internet of Things), especially when involving interactions with Web 2.0 sites ("using real world objects as a means for people to socialize with other people through the Internet"), and their integration with smart environments, TUI (Tangible User Interfaces) and wireless sensor networks. His current efforts are also oriented to help companies to create new product concepts based on this approach. Currently he is also starting up a company called Symplio to create Internet-based products for personal lifestyle, well-being and entertainment.