COUNCIL France meets in Paris on Dec 1st

Council meets at la Maison des Metallos in Paris:

  • those who invent and experiment the Internet of Things (IOT)
  • entrepreneurs, researchers, creators...
  • those who do or will use it: Cities, industries, service companies, etc.

Council in Paris will propose a scene that privileges involved participants inventing testing and experimenting.

  • - devolve a  time slot to question new possibilities
  • - with people meeting around needs for concrete responses, already existant or quickly usable and adaptables

The debate is not only on functionality, infrastructure, and communication protocoles, the in progress revolution is on the
human side.

Networking our many data engenders a possible mutation of our daily environment, and certainly multiplies social transformations. Therefore creators and creatives are currently appropriating those new tools and through critical viewpoints transform this subject in an experimental space rooting a number of tranformative viewpoints.

10h - 13H : Conférences

4 interventions and 8 to 10 concrete projects to discover understand and get immersed in IoT 
interview, démonstrations, sms : dynamic interventions to reinfoce interaction

14h - 19h30 : Workshops

10 hands on workshops to share knowledeges

20h - 23h : RADart «I oT»

An open evening around 4 in progress artists projects

Public is invited to help both technically and conceptually

Council is co-organised by Nod-A, MCD, FING

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