Consultancy by Council

What we offer is forecasting through prototyping (term by Ben Russell, author of Headmap), focusing on ther granularity of experience of input models, devices and experiences of people with the devices, and the quality of output that we measure in terms of real innovation in everyday life, not in a lab or ‘Living lab’. Are you ready for the Internet of Things?

The changing balance in the roles of citizens, industry and government is hard to map in white papers. They are running behind actual practices the very moment of reading.You pay for expertise, but maybe expertise itself is no longer leading in the network. It is only one of the key factors. Timing is perhaps even more important.

The way the network is going, the way we as citizens are becoming smarter means we will see different organizational models in the western high tech states or authoritarian regimes. If we have consultancy and rapid prototyping and foresight - however near- an approach that focuses on tools for organizing the huge space of informal networked citizen initiatives springing up will be the new agency, not only in design, but also in politics and power.

We set up seminars and conferences on specific ambient issues and deliver the full range of possible positions and stakeholders on that issue. We arrange meetings with key players in widely divergent fields. These can be one on one. In our workshops we can offer simulations of what the Internet of Things means for your practice, business and ways of working. This environment is running parallel to yours and if you feel that it is helpful, it can become your real theatre of operations. This way you can work up an attitude towards a world of extreme connectivity this is beyond the hype.

It takes time to figure out what the added values are for ordinary people to be living in a world where all things potentially talk to each other.

Are you ready for the Internet of Things?

  • We look at your backend and level of integration with wireless standards.
  • We look at what data you will be handling because of IOT that you cannot recognize as data now. This will determine whether IOT will be disruptive or facilitating for you.
  • We look at the new connections and relationships throughout the network you will be able to make once everything you possess, move around, keep, give away, stock has either an RFID chip, a 2D barcode or semacode or active tag.
  • We look at the amount of agency an end user has in your system. The higher the agency the more meaning will be traded.


The workshops we offer are indicative of the kind of questions and themes Council wants to address in 2011/12. We think the keywords will be home and neighbourhood, decision making tools, tools to share things with and a broadening of the term media education to encompass attitudes of dealing with a 'total connectivity'. This education will be directed at institutions themselves and at us, who as clients/users/people seem to handle these newly gained agencies pretty well, but fail to integrate them in an elegant way into our daily family lives.

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