Charalampos Doukas: IOT, Cloud and Jelastic

Blog Jelastic: Charalampos Doukas, author of Arduino, Sensors and the Cloud: "In the last few decades, especially in the last 10 years, the ability to not only tag and monitor but also control uniquely identifiable objects has grown at a tremendous pace. Everything generates data, from natural networks to human networks to computer networks. Up until recently, it really wasn’t possible to keep track of all this data and then on top of that, actually do something with it. This new, all encompassing network—The Internet of Things (IoT)—is now possible due to the emergence of Cloud computing.  Within the IoT, objects in the real world also have virtual representations, allowing us to interact with them through the Internet.

The IoT relies on Cloud computing for provisioning the appropriate resources. Connecting devices with each other and with the Internet, allowing users to manage their data online and programming them remotely, requires web applications that a) expose lightweight, open and easy to use interfaces for data exchange with the devices, b) can handle the frequent requests by numerous devices that participate in the IoT network, c) can be easily extended to provide new functionality and also be able to accept new device members of the IoT network.

I consider Jelastic (PaaS) one of the most appropriate platforms for hosting Web applications that serve IoT networks. It provides web developers all they need to quickly and easily deploy scalable applications that can manage sensor data online. For me, as a developer working with Java, Jelastic is the best solution since it provides complete access to the application server environment, the option to create and use your own database and even access to the local file system (as opposed to the Google App Engine), which was quite essential, especially in one of the projects presented in my book (reprogramming your Arduino remotely)."

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