Alessandro Bassi

Despite being tempted by other disciplines, Alex decided to explore the esoteric world of computer science, mainly because of his tension between creativity and mathematical rigour. He enjoyed his stay in Milan, where he attended its world famous University, and became passionate of artificial intelligence, soft computing and software engineering. After serving his duty in the army, as many of us, he lent his abilities to the private sector, and joined Amadeus in 1997, to become -against his will- an expert of Unisys OS 2200 assembler. He then managed to unchain his spirit again and joined the University of Tennessee in summer 2000, where he was involved in the seminal work and development of the Internet Backplane Protocol. After surviving "Nax-vul" for 18 months, he managed to get back to Europe, and in particular to Lyon, where he had a position as Research Visitor at the Ecole Normale Superieure. For two years, he developed the relationship between the novel storage concepts and active networking. He then worked for RIPE NCC, working on project regarding the whois database such as the AfriNIC creation, and after one year of rainy A'dam in November 2004 he moved to the sunny south of France, to integrate the Hitachi Sophia Antipolis Labs. There he got involved in various projects, regarding Grid and Cloud (with particular regards to data aspects), Autonomic Communications and RFID. In 2007 he became chair of the then RFID (now Internet of Things) Working Group of the EU Technological Platform EPoSS, and from 2010 he started his own company, Alessandro Bassi Consulting, acting as a Technical Coordinator for the Internet of Things Architecture (IoT-A) FP7 IP project for Hitachi, Ltd.