Ann Light

Ann Light is professor in Northumbria University’s School of Design, with a background in qualitative research exploring the impact of current and future design choices. Her fascination with digital mediation led to study of websites and online discussion in 1995 and, more recently, a focus on networked and ubiquitous contexts. An important element of her work has been looking at design globally - with projects in Ghana, India, Chile and Uganda, workshops on six continents, and a role advising the European Union on the future of the Internet.

Her work brings together participatory processes, community development and the future of design. She was director of research for the Fair Tracing project (http://www. fairtracing. org, 2006-9), which explored the potential to link small producers in developing regions with consumers interested in ethical purchasing, looking at the socio-technical context for an automated value chain with joined-up stories of provenance. She also devised Democratising Technology (, 2007-8), a project to find means of introducing the idea of the Internet of Things to those normally excluded from design discussions. She works extensively with arts organisations, grass-roots community groups, older people and marginalised communities, focusing on meaning-making, identity, inclusion and experience of technology as networks spread. She is currently researching the potential for Digital Interdependence, global participation in the design and deployment of digital technologies to help build social structures and sustainable lifestyles.