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6 Levels of Autonomous Driving: An Insight into Machine Intelligence in Autonomous Vehicles

22/02/2017 - 17:50

The ultimate goal in autonomous driving, is for the car to have the ability to understand driving conditions to the degree of a normal driver. The vehicles will have to learn not just the basic rules of driving, but also the ethical implications, which is where machine learning is applied. The degree of autonomy in which...

Rosalie Chan: For IoT Devices, Think Beyond "Wow, That’s So Cool'

22/02/2017 - 09:17

Consider the privacy you are giving up. In September, an Ohio man’s house was destroyed by fire. He told police that he packed his suitcases and threw them out the window before escaping. Unfortunately for him, his heart monitor sold him out when police found that data from the monitor was inconsistent with his alibi. In January, he was indicted...

Maciej Kranz: Building The Internet Of Things: Beyond The Hype

22/02/2017 - 09:14

Like it or not, the Internet of Things will change your organisation unlike anything before. Granted, to date most of Internet of Things (IoT) deployments have been incremental and evolutionary, streamlining an existing process here, cutting some costs or improving productivity there.That, however, is about to change as IoT ramps up, as standards are adopted, and as...

Howard Forryan: RFID’s role in manufacturing logistics

22/02/2017 - 09:12

One of the key elements of Industry 4.0 is the role of ‘manufacturing logistics’ which can be defined in terms of challenging the existing supply chain management model by using intelligent systems to implement functions such as supplying the line with discrete and accurate quantities of materials; ensuring goods flow on a just-in-time schedule, and faithfully tracking assets...

Maarten Ectors: The Internet of Old Things

21/02/2017 - 06:20

Feb 20, 2017—You can't walk into an electronics shop without seeing all of those nice and shiny Internet of Things devices. Control your lights, vacuum your floor, open the door, set your room temperature and many more goodies are just crying for you to take them home. In your home, they will be plugged into your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or fixed network just like… wait a minute! What about the Internet of Old Things...

Thor Olavsrud: How to develop an internet of things strategy

21/02/2017 - 06:18

The internet of things (IoT) may present the biggest opportunity to enterprises since the dawn of the internet age, and perhaps it will be bigger. Research firm Gartner predicts there will be nearly 20 billion devices on the IoT by 2020, and IoT product and service suppliers will generate $300 billion+ in revenue. Successfully leveraging that opportunity — bringing together...

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Council brings you news on Internet of Things. It aims to offer the latest on technical building blocks but also tries to put this digital transition into a social and circular economy context.

Council is a Media and Knowledge Partner with IoT events. As Media Partner we use all our channels (web, social media, newsletter) to promote you among the target audience. As Knowledge Partner we help you program the content and speakers.

Council is a bottom-up IoT ecology accelerator with a large number of early innovators, startup and SME as members. Members exchange information about platforms, applications and services on the Council list.


Iot Council started the IoT day on April 9. 2010. Council proposes to hold small #iotday meetings anywhere in the world on April 9. Since then, every edition has been a huge success. Check #iotday on Twitter and

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A large number of hands-on experts in Council can guide you in strategic discussions to produce a working document that inspires everybody in the company.

Our current position text is "The Internet of Things Council defines Europe’s involvement in the smart technology of tomorrow, its effect on everyday life and the development of a new world order."  Pan European Networks 2016.

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We’ve been around for over ten years, back when the Internet of Things was called ubiquitous computing or ambient intelligence and the iPhone was far, far away. As an independent network of specialists, Council, just like the Internet of Things includes skills and expertise from hardware and software engineers, to designers, strategists, entrepreneurs and even policy makers. This is a challenge for everyone involved or considering using what the Internet of Things has to offer for their products, services and business in general. We want to make this simpler and help you de-risk potential investments.

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Are you interested in co-creation workshops with endusers? Do you need a speaker or a moderator for your seminar, conference, or workshop? Do you want advice on the cultural context of #IoT?

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Early 2010 Council proposed to hold very small Council meetings anywhere in the world on April 9. These can vary to having a cup of coffee with someone and talk about the Internet of Things or hosting a dinner at your place, or going for a walk on the beach, as long as it is on April 9 and about IoT. No matter where you are in the world, you can participate on #iotday on April 9th, 2017. Submit and share the details of your event at

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